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on 6 May 2012
Someone recommended this book to me a year ago and due to the quite low average amazon rating I decided not to bother.

MISTAKE - After reading the book and many others on nutrition in the past year I conclude that the low ratings this book has received must have been written by a) people who are so brainwashed that they actually think this book is meant to be a joke b) people who are uncomfortable with a conspiracy or c) people who have let their preconceived ideas about nutrition get in the way of reading the SCIENCE that is so well presented in this book.

Highly recommended along with:

Nourishing Traditional Diets: The Key to Vibrant Health. 5.5hr Presentation by Sally Fallon-Morell.
Why We Get Fat: And What to Do about It
Trick and Treat: How Healthy Eating is Making Us Ill
Zest for Life: The Mediterranean Anti-Cancer Diet
Fat and Cholesterol are Good for You

That should get you started!
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on 1 February 2010
Wow, what a read! Totally makes you think about what you eat and what you should be eating. Love Sutters meatwell plate as a way to base your eating - looks much more healthy than the governments eatwell plate.

Would highly recommend to anyone who has ever had any issues with weight and would like t reform their lives. Sutter puts accross a lot of scientific evidence in an easy to follow way and it makes sense!
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on 24 March 2011
This book is very informative about how our government are taking advise on health/diet issues that have not even been clinically tested. I am slightly over weight and have followed the governments information about healthy eating, eat less, eat less fat and do more exercise, I have found it to be a struggle. The book states that statistic show this does not work and uses clinical tested trials from other countries to back this up. If your struggling to loose weight, give this book a read. It's certainly changed my perspective of eating and just how the government have a vested interest in people being over weight.
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on 7 February 2010
How refreshing to find someone to put forward the evidence for and against these diets and to do so in a simple easy to understand book. I have always found a high protein/low carbohydrate diet suits me best - both for weight loss and for good health - but since all government advice flew in the face of this I have tried to eat the recommended low-fat/high-carbohydrate diet - with disastrous results. Over the years I gained 40 pounds and developed arthritis in my hips and knees. Three years ago I went back on the high protein/low carbohydrate diet, lost the 40 pounds and kept it off! I'm 3/4 dress sizes smaller and have no pain in my hips or knees. It is so easy and I was never hungry. My friends thought I was a bit flaky for doing this diet - especially as half of Hollywood seems to be on it - and some warned me it could bad for my liver and kidneys but Hannah Sutter explains why this is not true, with reference to the research that proves it. Now I can defend my diet with rational arguments. Thank you, Hannah. I look forward to visiting the golower site.
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on 4 March 2010
Never was there such an appropriate title for a book, which is factual and pulls no punches.

It is written from extensive research and with clinical precision. This is probably due to the author being a fully qualified lawyer - a profession where everything must be questioned.

I found it all totally absorbing, although some may wish to skip the details and get on to the solution for their weight problem.

The Food Standards Agency and the medical profession in general, promote the low fat diet as the universal panacea for overweight and obese people when in fact, it is this very approach that has caused the problem in the first place.

As an overweight (by about 2 pounds) type 2 diabetic, I was told by medics it was the insulin that was causing the weight-gain and it would be beneficial for me to take a `fat-busting' pill and go on a low-fat diet.

I questioned the validity of this because low-fat foods automatically increase the sugar and carbohydrate content, which would put me into a `catch 22' situation.

If an alcoholic was trying to give up the booze you wouldn't give them an alcoholic drink. So why, when trying to normalise blood/sugar levels, does everyone think the right course of action is to take in more sugar through a low-fat diet?

This is probably the reason why so many diabetics are like the side of a house.

I ignored their advice and embarked on a low carbohydrate regime.

Six months down the line I had LOST over 7 pounds in weight and my cholesterol levels were `normal'. The medic was overjoyed and I just kept quiet!

So, buy the book, read and digest it (pardon the pun) and take action. You won't regret it.
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on 8 April 2016
This is a brilliant book and could change your life for the better. Hannah Sutter exposes the way the public has been exploited by the food companies and misled by the government. In clear persuasive prose, and some of the best and most easily understood tables I have seen in a book, she opens our e, yes to the truth. The government, the Diabetic advisers, various medical and dietary committees are recommending a diet that will make us fatter. There is big money, £billions for the companies, in encouraging the lie that we should eat carbohydrates and that a high fat diet is bad.

If you are overweight and struggling to lose weight I urge you to read this book. You will hears truths that the government committees, often with representatives of the food companies on them, do not want you to know. As for the poor reviews for the book I am cynical. With the kind of searing truths in this book Big Business has its stooges at the ready to rubbish the truth. Hannah Sutter thinks the government should be prosecuted for the damage it is doing to the public. I agree. Hannah herself has performed a high value public service.
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on 5 March 2010
I ordered this book as being a Type 1 diabetic and recently attending a DAFNE (Dose Adjustment For Normal Easting) course have been far more aware of the effects of carbohydrate on my body and therefore wanted to read all I could on the subject. This book spells out in simple understandable language the workings, effects and results of the types of food we eat on the human body. Since reduce carbing myself not only have my Blood Glucose levels stablised to near "normal" scales (obviously I still use insulin), but I am no longer on cholesterol or high blood pressure medication and my levels are again normal.

Everyone should read this book and take on board the message that excessive carbohydrate is the reason the general population is in an obesity spiral and being prescribed all sorts of medication that may not be necessary.

I am encouraging all my family and friends to read this and make up there own minds, rather than accepting what we are told by doctors and the government.
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on 9 October 2010
This is another book which totally flaws the way we are constantly told is the healthiest way to eat. It shows how over time the Low Fat/Low Kcal diet has made people fatter not thinner - with facts to support it.
I didn't buy this book first I bought Gary Taubes' Diet Delusion then both of Barry Groves'. My Doctor can't explain to me why I've lost weight in literally two months and changed from a 24st/52inchwaist person to a 12st/36inchwaist person.
Other people say its just a low intake of Kcals - looking at them they are dead right. But why did i loose it in two months with this way of eating and not doing my doctors diet - which I was also exercising on aswell.
There is only one difference I've cut out the CARBS.
The other funny thing is the more i eat (yes, you did read that right the MORE i eat) LOW CARB though, the more i lose.
If you're interested in this keep on with it you are on the right track. A fat cell is not created by a Kcal.
There is no medical science to prove it and if you still need science,evidence and proof then buy Gary Taube's book it is a brilliant book. Barry Groves' book i should have read before it as Gary's was very indepth, but BIG FAT LIES was another good one as well which my mother's now got which she's enjoying.
Its good that Hannah Sutter was previously a lawyer, as an author she shows you many of the mistakes made by the Government and you can also see why they've done it.
Its like what someone else said with LowFat/HighCarb diets the Food manufacturers love it and people get fat, Fat people get ill and need treatment to get better = drug manufacturers love it. Those people, at both places, will need workers = more people working. More people fat = more food sold, more people seeing doctors.
Plus, to add to this the Governmant can Tax all these people and the list goes on.
I'd love to carry on and tell you more things from Barry Groves' & Gary Taube's books - those i recommend you read BIG FAT LIES is just another book showing you what you've been told is wrong.
The 'Low Kcal' diet has effectively failed the test of time - but the Government won't admit they're wrong, or they made a mistake, instead they'd rather see more people get fat. But haven't enough got fat enough already?
This was another good book to read. Although i knew most of it already from previous books it just shows it is known by many 'medical experts' and it is known out there but they won't admit it/raise concern/highlight it to anyone because of what happens to people who do - If you read the books you'll get a great list of people who have.
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on 14 July 2011
I was recommended this text by a nutritionalist who gave a talk on the most up-to-date methods and research into weight lose and control. The talk itself was eye-opening and she emphasised this book as a way of really getting your head around some of the stats and ideas she did not have time to discuss. This book, only published last year, is quite shocking and something I have initutively known for some time. I am wheat allergic but it also seems to be generally resistant to metabolising starch. The author presents a "legal case" for why we need to really need to think through the dietry advice given to us by our government. It is not a conspiracy theory text (althought I can see room for this type of analogy) it does provide you with some startling facts about what "fat" is, and why we don't seem to get rid of it; especially given the statistics that we as a nation are doing a lot more exercise thesedays. Her argument, research and questions are cogent and the concluded ideas and solutions a bit radical for Brits. I think the Americans were into Ketosis for some time (Hollywood non-carb diets etc). The nutritionalist who recommended the read described how she diagnosed people using bio-signature measurements (which in themselves were pretty full on). It would seem to me that my dietry need for vegetables, nuts and meat with little or no carbohydrates fits the text and the nutritionalists description exactly. I have been eating like this for the last 10 days, already my energy levels and weight loss is showing signs that what both professionals are arguing is the right way for me. I have no bloated feeling and I can feel my energy levels in dance classes, spinning etc are clear and accessible - rather than inconsistent, sometimes sluggish and heavy.
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on 7 September 2013
Hannah Sutter takes on the evidence, the medical profession and the food companies in this important book. As an experienced lawyer she makes her case in very compelling style. OK, in some cases she fumbles with some of the science but the overall review of the evidence - or lack of - for the public health message on obesity is spot on. We need to do a U turn, and fast. We're getting fatter and sicker while following the governments advice on diet more closely year on year. Having said that, Hannah should have stopped before offering to design a new diet for the 21st century. Her lack of sound nutritional knowledge is revealed as she promotes a very high protein diet for obesity without paying proper attention to the levels of fat we need to consume to maintain ketosis - especially for the obese among us. So read the book, open your eyes, and then head on over to The Dissident Diet(Kindle store) to find a diet that will improve your health and help you lose weight fast.
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