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on 31 January 2016
To use a Halogen cooker you need to know how to cook with it. The instructions which come with these items are woeful in their information and basic instruction. They leave you with more questions than they answer. When this happens however it is now both possible and in my opinion essential to reach for this cook book. Not only is it a very good price it also talks about Halogens, how they work, what to get and not get and explains what none of the instructions which come with these cookers EVER do!. It is additionally a book which is crammed full of sensible every day cooking recipes and tips and tricks which which when applied suddenly made this new spaceship like gadget worth the investment. Halogen cooking is quicker and much much cheaper than conventional oven cooking and you can cook ANYTHING in a Halogen once you know how. I didn't until I got this book just before Christmas. Prior to having It I had cooked with my Halogen just 3 times and each time as a complete disaster. It was gathering dust and I wondered whether to keep it as I was somewhat afraid and very unsure about how to use it. Having stumbled on this book by chance I now am confident in using the cooker and I do use it almost every day and with total success. I have also tried her recipes and they work very well. Sarah Flower has written a number of these books, I only have this one as it does all I need. Should I decide I want more then her s are the books I shall be buying. Highly recommmended.
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on 30 April 2017
I live on my own and wanted to try out doing various meals. This book will now help me to expand my menu on a daily basis.
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on 26 November 2015
This is the best book if you have a halogen oven! Full of good recipes that use normal ingredients and just general cooking like sausages, bacon etc. Many helpful hints on how to get the best out of your halogen cooker - would highly reccomend it. You don't really need a 'special' recipe book for this type of cooking, but this book is a very useful guide
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on 25 January 2015
If you are new to Halogen cooking this is the book for you. It as an introduction to and description off what an halogen cooker is and guides you easily step by step in its use without being patronising. I have tried a full half dozen recipes out of here and although one or two have needed some adjustment they all work well. The best thing about this type of cooking is you can actually see what's happening without bending down pulling open oven doors and burning your hands trying to lift things out of a conventional oven. This is probably the only book you will need, the recipes are not illustrated so if you are one of those people who likes lots of pictures its probably not for you. On the other hand if you're serious about getting to grips with this great way of cooking you should give this book a looksee. My preference is a "hinged lid" for halogen cookers it just makes life that much easier. Advice varies on the amount of money you can save and the time it takes to cook similar items in a conventional oven but you can save on both that is without question. A serious book for those who will (no doubt) get addicted to their Halogen Oven.
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on 16 January 2013
I don't normally write a review for every book I order, as I order ebooks by the score!! But this particular book deserves as much recognition as it can get. My husband and I bought a nice halogen oven about a year ago, thinking it would save us lots of money and be healthier cooking. As so many other folks have done, we took it out of the box, and put it in a cupboard 'temporarily'. Sound familiar? A week ago, my husband, who is the real cook here, discovered it gathering dust on a shelf. He got fired up with it, wiped off the dust, and placed it on the counter top. It either didn't come with a cookbook, or had been misplaced, so I searched the Kindle ebook store, and found this one! Hallelujah!!! Even I can understand and use this one, and the recipes are superb. It has so many different ways to use the oven, and the pictures give you an idea of what you'll end up with. Also the author will send you out a newsletter which has informative things in it...you just sign up with your email.

So, if you want to start using that wonderful piece of gear that's gathering dust in your kitchen cupboard, then I highly recommend purchasing this cookbook. You'll be glad you did!!!
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on 12 May 2013
Okay,I don't normally write reviews so bear with me if it's a bit boring.
First off I think it's quite a nice looking book despite being a bit lacking in pictures,there are plenty of recipes inside which I intend to try out over the course of time.
So far I have cooked a whole chicken in my Andrew James digital oven which was fine,also chicken breasts and legs,all were cooked properly.I wanted to try the cheese on toast recipe on page 13,following the instructions to the letter I placed my bread on the high rack with my thick layer of grated cheese and turned on my Andrew James digital HO to 250c for 5-7 minutes,so far so good.I After a few minutes the top was bubbling away and beginning to look really tasty,gave it 6 minutes till the top was nice and toasted then removed it from the oven.The top was toasted to a "T" but the bottom of the slice was hardly touched,very disappointing.I think you should toast one side first,then place the topping on the other side and toast that side,lesson for next time!
Time to try baking a cake,turning to page 230, the dark ginger cake looked interesting and not too difficult,(I am a man for Christ sake),so I'm not going to be too adventurous at the start,I followed the recipe 100%,and with the help of my wife wife,(an expert in baking),my first effort at baking was not bad,little bit overdone on the top but nice and light inside,next time I'm going to lower the temperature to 130c and see if I can do the same again but without the burnt,sorry,overdone bit!
All in all I would say it's a good book but there is a lot of trial and error involved in using Halogen ovens.
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on 26 April 2017
Trying out new recipes and cooking different food with this new way of doing things great
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on 23 December 2016
Brilliant book. I could read this just for pleasure. It gives full instructions for everything and has so many tasty snacks as well as full meals which will be perfect for someone alone or in a twosome or even when you don't feel well enough to cook and eat a big meal. It has everything covered. Don't hesitate to buy this book.
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on 30 January 2012
I bought this book at the same time that I bought my first Halogen Cooker (the Argos Digital one, which I also recommend). The book gives a lot more information than the tiny little pamphlet which came with the cooker itself. The recipes I have tried have been successful, including one which I cooked for the first time when I had friends round for supper and it was a great success (FYI, Herb Crust Chicken Parcels). The meal planner/shopping list section looks a great idea, though I haven't used it yet.

Niggles - the dishes are all listed under the main ingredient, not type of dish, which I for one would find useful, not least because all the recipes are grouped according to the main ingredient anyway, so the index simply repeats that anyway.
For many of the dishes you also need to use a hob - for example to fry onions etc - as these ovens are supposed to be able to do everything - such as boiling and frying, it would have been helpful if instructions were given on how to do every stage of the recipe with the halogen cooker alone.
All the recipes in the book are for four persons. It would be quite useful if it was stated which meals can be frozen so that singletons and couples could batch cook and freeze some for later.

Having said all of that, this book gave me the confidence with my halogen cooker that I would never have got if I only had the pamphlet which came with it.
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on 21 October 2015
Good book and I've tried a few of the recipes. Almost invariably though, the temperatures and cooking times recommended are too high/long.
Being able to see the food though means that dishes could be rescued before they burned/dried out. I've made notes on the recipe pages to remind me for the next time I use the recipes.
I found the cooker a big strange at first but the more I use it the more I like it. It's much easier to keep clean than I imagined.
The only thing I don't like about the cooker is its size. I don't have a big kitchen and the cooker take up a lot of room on my kitchen counter. Fine though if you have a bigger kitchen and lots of storage space.
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