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on 21 November 2015
During his career I knew the name of Andy Morrison but reading the story I can see why he was seen as a hero/cult legend. There are a few bigger character than him. Some stories of his career as a player and assistant manger are unbelievable. Great read and is on kindle Unlimited as well
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on 5 April 2017
Brilliant read from start to finish. Finished it inside 2 days if was that good. Would recommend to anyone with an interest in football.
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on 1 November 2011
An amazing story of a man who is brutally honest about everything that has happened in his career and his life. There isn't much written about the other side to Morrison, which I am certain must be there, as he talks about being a good husband and a good father. His football career was blighted by injury and alcoholism and the level of violence in the story is just off the scale. How he has never been to prison is just down to good luck and circumstance. Some of his decision making makes you worry about him - playing Sunday League football in Winsford, never mind following a car full of players back to their pub because they had been winding him up. I couldn't put it down and think it's fascinating how Morrison was just below the pay bracket that would have made him a wealthy footballer - always just one contract away from his team mates etc... and yet he did literally drag Man City up from Division two and was under contract when they were back in the premiership. I loved him as a player and find the honesty of his story eye opening.
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on 31 October 2011
This is a no-frills autobiography that's told in a way that the writer would recount it over a pint, although given alcohol plays such a massive part in the story, probably best to buy Andy Morrison a coke! I admired Andy as a player who gave everything and expected the same from everyone else and it's such a shame that his career was blighted by injuries. Great memories for City fans BUT any football fan will appreciate this as the majority is NOT about City. Hard-hitting, as the previous poster said, is an understatement - read it but don't let the kids read it!!!
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on 5 July 2017
Who wouldn't want a player like this in their team mad bad and committed ...ignore the drinking ignore the fighting it's the heart and fight when wearing the shirt
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on 7 March 2012
Bland is not the word for the majority of football life stories.A bit about childhood,a bit about mum and dad,career and then some jumbled bit about what is wrong with the sport and you finish it and think twenty quid for that?
That is certainly not the feeling you get after reading this book it drags you into a world of organised bare knuckle fistfights at Plymouth docks to brawls in nightclubs and numerous drunken escapades that defy belief.
As well as this there is a football career of some repute with his exploits at Manchester city being the zenith of his career without a doubt.
Morrisons honesty and straightforward approach to life shines through on every page and you go away with a feeling that despite his off the field problems he at least made a significant mark (no pun intended) particularly at the then struggling Manchester City.
A must buy for ANY football supporter regardless of affiliation!
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on 19 April 2017
Interesting read, just proves nothing is impossible if you really try.
Hope he has success and gets his wish to manage at a higher level
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on 9 November 2011
I knew a fair bit about what had gone on, but there was so much more. Very open and honest, and possibly cathartic in the writing. It'll make you laugh and cry and think what can go wrong next. I turned the pages almost apprehensively. A cracking read that you won't want to put down. A must read for Argyle, Blackpool, Huddersfield and Man City fans as well as the general supporter.
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on 28 October 2011
Had Andy Morrison not played for City then I wouldn't have bothered with this book. However, I am glad he did for both reasons as it is an astounding read. The level of violence encountered throughout his life is quite incredible and there is some umbelieavble stories of the extent he went to to settle scores with people both inside and outside of them game. I'd definitey recommend it whether you support any of the teams he played for or not and you certainly won't read a football biog like it again as it is somewhat different to the usual bland rubbish you get from premier league players these days. Hard hitting would be an understatement!!!
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on 21 December 2014
Andy Morrison's book is an account of punch ups,drunkenness and bad behaviour with a bit of football thrown in now and again for good measure. If it had been like some of the "Hoolie" books and he'd come across as proud of himself and thinking that gave him some kind of respect or hardman image it would be pretty disgraceful.As it is he's fully aware of what he's done,the people he's hurt and possibly the lost opportunities his boozing and brawling have resulted in. Bravely he tells reveals the source of his inner Demons which makes his tale one that is tragically far from unique.
While hardly an avid Plymouth Argyle fan I used to take in the odd game when Morrison was playing for them so have first hand knowledge of his aggressive style of play,the book also reveals the reasons certain "elements" of the home support would shout abuse at him,something that baffled me at the time.
Living in Plymouth and being out and about in clubland during the period Morrison talks about I can confirm that the place was like Dodge City at weekends and you didn't need to look for trouble to find it,rough old town and during his playing days Morrison lived in what is still the worst part of it.The casual reader not acquainted with Plymouth's well deserved wild west reputation might well think he's exaggerating or making things up but I know the people he mentions,the pubs,clubs and areas and it was that bad,still is in the parts not touched by urban regeneration.
While not always pleasant reading Andy Morrison is very honest and doesn't try to excuse his behaviour,he knows the root of his anger,addiction and even self-loathing but doesn't glibly say,"so that's my excuse".
Andy's been a very bad boy,he's upset,let down and hurt people.He knows this and holds his hands up to it.
A very good book written by a man who makes no excuses and has had the guts to look hard at himself and tell a tale that might well help others confront similar problems,respect.
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