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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
MAN-MONKEY - In Search of the British Bigfoot
Format: Paperback|Change
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on 23 March 2018
Great read. Excellent material covering and linking in well with the main story. I'm I great fan of the mysterious Cannock chase and this has certainly hit the mark.
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on 30 August 2016
Good book
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on 5 June 2015
good quick service. would buy from again.
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on 19 July 2015
A great read. Glad I bought this.
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on 15 December 2008
I found Redfern's 'Three Men Seeking Monsters' enthralling, so had high expectations for this book. However, with its much narrower subject matter it didn't quite reach those heights, but it was nevertheless an absorbing read. The subtitle is `In Search of the British Bigfoot', which is slightly misleading in that the `man-monkey' sightings he reports seem to be wholly supernatural rather than relate to real animals that are hiding in the woods. However, a few of the sightings seem to be of a kind of `Bigfoot ghost', seen in the countryside near Newcastle, Aberdeen and Dundonald Castle, and ghostly `Bigfoot hands' affecting the steering of cars and motorbikes in Devon. Curiously there is no mention of the `Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui', a famous `Bigfoot ghost' candidate, and I have also read of a Peak District sighting that he does not include, so the book cannot be said to be quite a comprehensive survey. Perhaps a second edition could address such omissions.
The main subject matter of the book is a roughly man-sized `man-monkey', seen mainly in Staffordshire, in particular near a stretch of the Shropshire Union Canal and on Cannock Chase. Many of the sightings include harassment of vehicles on roads. Some are associated with suicides, and he puts forward a theory that the man-monkeys are inhabited by the tormented souls of these people, and are occasionally able to cross over from another dimension to wreak havoc, as has been alleged with demonic black dogs. He reports evidence of ritual slaughter of animals by occultists, possibly to conjure up these demons for foul purposes. Mermaids, werewolves and giant eels are also touched upon, relating to a shape-shifting theory.
As you might expect, the number of sightings is not huge, so neither is the book, at about 150 pages. There is a not-very-informative location map of Staffordshire, and about 30 black-and-white photos, mostly of sites. Some of these haven't reproduced too well, perhaps because they really need to be on glossy paper as is standard in most books. There is no index, but that's forgiveable in a short book. As with other CFZ publications it has over-large, bold-typed, lined-off page headings, which frankly they should drop as they look rather odd and unprofessional.
Anyway, I'm being hypercritical as most of the drawbacks are presentation issues. Redfern is a gifted writer and the book is a fascinating and enjoyable read, with some convincing evidence. It will make some readers nervous about being out in the Staffordshire countryside after dark.
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on 8 January 2008
Cryptozoology needs books like this. Intriguing, sinister and complex mysteries that go beyond the standard fair so often regurgitated in today's market. Nick Redfern has finally investigated one of the UK's most baffling enigmas, the possibility that a Bigfoot-like beast once roamed the wilds of Shropshire, alongside other very weird phenomena.
Redfern delves into the history of high strangeness in the county, uncovering all manner of peculiar characters, man-beast sightings, further mystery animal reports and general oddness.
Like all Redfern's work, this is well-written without taking the reader off the shadowy path.
'Man-Monkey' is a glimpse not just into the dark woods but a torch beam flitting into the murky void of 'zooform phenomena', where the things that should not be clearly have been for many years, eluding man and rational explanation.
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on 18 January 2015
Couldn't put this book down. Certainly not the usual Bigfoot book but fascinating all the same. Will look for other titles by the author
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on 9 January 2008
I've read nearly all of Nick Redfern's books and would recommend every one of them! I'm a sceptic and although I may disagree with some of Redfern's conclusions, that in no way diminishes my enjoyment of his work. You can't fail to savour his description of the very odd and rather unpleasant Fletcher. I don't know many authors in his field who could mention cheese and Branston pickle sandwhiches in such a book, brilliant. His writing stands up on it's merits regardless of your own beliefs or opinions. Redfern writes with with humour and ease, he also succeeds in bringing some mystery and strangeness and into what has become a rather dull and tedious world.
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