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on 25 April 2017
I just can't put these books down with each book I'm getting deeper and deeper in the story. Each book as been a pleasure to read and well worth every penny. 5***
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on 15 April 2017
Loved everything about this book. Hard to put down
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on 21 February 2014
this book is a great read I have not put it down since started reading it. would definitely recommend to others
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on 22 July 2011
Hunted is the fifth book in the best-selling House of Night series written by the Mother and Daughter combination, P.C. and Kristin Cast. The books in this series follow an on-going plot so don't start from here. I recommend reading the books in series order, beginning with the first book Marked.

After reading the previous novel, Untamed, and finding it a great read, I was looking forward to reading Hunted; excited in fact. However, after completing the book I was left with feelings of disappointment. I just don't feel that this book lived up to the expectations I have grown to have with the House of Night series. Where with previous novels I've struggled to put them down and even read the majority of them within one sitting. Yet with Hunted I could have happily stopped reading and would have been in no hurry to continue. Hunted didn't capture me into the magic of the House of Night which in the past has been nothing less that exciting and engaging.

Hunted picks up from where the events in Untamed left off. Protagonist Zoey Redbird recounts how she and her friends escaped the House of Night and have come to hide out in Tulsa's prohibition era tunnels. A brief recap is expected in order to refresh the readers minds of the previous events. It allows the plot to bled together and follow on in a coherent manner. The word brief is key here and this wasn't the case in Hunted. Throughout the entire story, almost all of the characters repeated everything that has happened to each other. I grew tiresome of reading the same explanation over and over in different words. I believe a BRIEF explanation from the protagonist would have sufficed and would have saved from focus being taken away from the plot.

The time frame is, as has come to be expected with the House of Night books, short; Hunted takes place over two days. As a result the plots have been fast-paced and action packed in the previous books. In Hunted however, not much was happening in the first part of the book. As well as the constant retelling of the previous events, the book is pretty much all about Zoey being unable to decide which boy she wants to be with. Zoey, who I have liked reading about up until this point, obsesses over which of the many boys who want her she wants. After awhile this becomes boring to read. As a sideline to the main plot this would be fine but it becomes, in parts, the main plot. I didn't like this and it made me begin to dislike Zoey as a protagonist. Rather than focusing on the real problems such as the danger her and her friends are in, her romantic relationships take forefront. I like the protagonists in books to have their priorities straight. I'd much have preferred the Cast's to have included more development of the intriguing mythology they've included in the novels so far.

The plot does pick up towards the end of the book but for me it was too little, too late. It didn't save the book and in comparison to the prequel novels, Hunted was a let down. It won't deter me from continuing to read this series as I know that the Casts can produce much better work than this, however I am hoping that the next book in the series, Tempted, redeems itself for this instalment.
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on 1 December 2009
I have been enjoying this series of books. I find PC and Kristin's style of writting fast paced and easy to read.

But with book five I am really starting to struggle. I find myself yelling at Zoey.."JUST PICK ONE!!!" She keeps refering to herself as a 'ho' and I am begining to agree. To have feeling for so many different boys/men in the space of a few weeks is getting beyond belief.

I am on page 207 and after racing through books 1-4 in four days, this one is becoming a little bit too much effort. When you get to the stage where you are wishing the heroine did get killed... just to shut up her moaning, it may be time to leave the series behind, which is a shame as book six is in the post.

As for the twins, they make me feel a bit nauseous. Come on, do teenagers really talk like that?
I think by far the best character in the books at the moment is Aphrodite and I did not think I would say that after book one!

So come on guys, get back on track and round this series up. Isn't it better to finish on a high than drag it out until we all walk away?
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on 4 May 2012
Hunted is the fifth book in P.C. and Kristin Cast's House of Night series. The story takes up hours after the events of Untamed, as such this review may contain spoilers. The storyline of Hunted kept me really entertained, and whilst it didn't have me quite as hooked as Untamed it wasn't far off.

At the end of Untamed everything went to hell, this book is about trying to fix it. Of course, it can't be smooth going so there are a few twists along the way. Zoey just can't seem to help herself. Or maybe she just doesn't want an easy life? To be fair not all of her stress is her fault, but still I think my earlier statement stands.

Aphrodite rocks again in this book. She is definitely a firm favourite of mine, although I do have a little bit of a soft spot for Zoey ;) She, Stevie Rae, Damien and the Twins are all brilliant in their support of Zoey in this book. As Aphrodite calls them, the nerd gang is definitely back (and they are awesome!). Boy trouble is definitely one of Zoey's biggest issues in this book. She's taken a step forward, and yet she doesn't seem to have got anywhere.I have to admit that I was surprised by the return of a character, but their return actually contributed to the plot and helped it move forward. I also liked the role Stark played in this book. He was the archetypal bad boy, and yet somehow he worked brilliant.

Untamed is a very hard book for Zoey, and that's part of what makes it such a great read. Neferet is a dark and malevolent presence in the book. Her hatred/jealousy of Zoey is an almost physical force in the narrative. The `big bad' is delightfully manipulative to everyone, and his relationship with Neferet is intriguing. I liked how the Casts resolved the issue of Neferet and the `big bad' in this book.

If you've made it this far in the House of Night series, then you should definitely continue.

Originally posted on [...]
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VINE VOICEon 2 July 2010
I quite enjoyed this book on the whole and am looking forward to seeing where the series is going. My main complaints however is that the Casts seem to think the readers are a bit dim in that they have to remind us who everyone is - oh look these two are gay (yes we know) and the the twins they aren't really twins (we know). I could kinda understand that after in the first couple of books but we are now on book 5. I get annoyed a little bit with Zoey as she goes on and on about her boyfriend problems when it isn't really problems and more the fact that she can't make a decision. All that aside I enjoy the fact that the relationships between the characters and the harry potter stylee of the entire story. I do feel however that the format of each book is very samey and maybe the whole thing is being padded out to get an epic book detail. Maybe that is just me being cynical.
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on 2 March 2010
I enjoyed the first four books, and bought this one because I wanted to see how the story progresses.

Unfortunately, what you get here is a lot of long-winded recounting of the previous stories, I mean really, I have never read books where they take paragraphs to explain what happened in previous books. You could easily cut twenty pages out of the book with the recounting of past books' happenings. It gets very tedious and boring and gets on your nerves. I have read thousands of books in my life and never seen such an unnecessary waste of paper and reader's time recounting past books in a series.

Again, Zoey has the love triangle thing going, and it just gets old to hear this girl string three boys along with the hope and promise of something that she only gave the one guy who didn't even come close to deserving it(Loren). This just got on my nerves throughout the book. She acts innocent, but she is a tramp, stringing along boys who deserve her love and freely giving it to another. The worst part is, each one is the one for her. She is with one boy, and says, oh to Nyx with the others, then she sees the other one, and then oh, forget the other guy...grrr. Just choose one and be done with it and quit wasting our time.

The incosistency in pre-teen writing and the use of swear words pretty regularly is also a gross writing style inconsistency in my opinion and something the publisher should not have allowed in the first place. It just doesn't fit. "Oh poopie" and the F-word should not be in the same book, even if the former is used to give the faux innocence of our young heroine credibility.

The book covers about two days in Zoey's life and there is a lot of promise of action which never really comes to fruition. There is endless chatter about all the trouble they face, and how evil Neferet is, and my oh my, how are we going to survive? In the end, nothing really happens. There is no plot development, and I felt strung along hoping for something that never really happens. The end is a disappointment and I hesitantly bought the next book with the hope of a bit of plot development and real action. Unfortunately it just gets worse...

My recommendation, don't buy it, get it at the library or borrow it from a friend.
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on 6 December 2012
This used to be my one of my favorite of the series as it had a bit more happening in it than just boyfriends and i heart me brown pop-come on just admit its coke-

However reading Hunted this time round i realised that it was more the same as book 4 throw in a new lad who cant miss a shot with his arrows and a few raven mockers that dont really do much and thats this book which is a shame really as the raven mockers were interesting to read and could have made this book far more gripping, the writing in this has became more condescending to the reader than it already was putting the story in an even more teeny language that is well... non existant -seriously who says bullpoopie at the age of 17??-. Teenagers dont even talk like that if they did they would be beaten to a pulp by today's youth.

Zoey is a boring character, her friends try make jokes and have fun and she shuts them up, she is just to serious and flat. The other thing with this series is that all the way through she has been juggling with all the guys that stroll past her not knowing what to do with them. It's so false and unrelatable to so many people i dont quite understand why the authors have made her into a slag and get away with it because she is Chosen b Nix, if i were her fried id not have held back in saying what all the readers by now are thinking. That comment alone proves that Zoey is a completely distant character that not many could relate to.

The book is however an easy read and though it was lacking anything spectacular it did introduce important characters to the only plot in these novels -which is kill Neferet and Kalona- also the addition of Stark who is witty and fun makes the next additions to this series more enjoyable.
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on 12 July 2009
I've really enjoyed reading these books and I do think that most of the plot is great but I had more than enough of Zoey's love life in Chosen and I thought it was all over after she slept with Loren therefore breaking her Imprint with Heath, then Loren was killed so that love triangle was over but once again she likes 3 boys! I couldn't believe it when she drank from Heath again and Imprinted with him - AGAIN! After she got back together with Erik and not happy with that she says she thinks she and Stark are soul mates.. I mean come on! It's just ridiculous. And I have no idea why the boys all put up with it, I seriously don't, she's mucking about with all three of them and as I read on somebody elses preview she always goes on about how the one she's making out with at that moment is the one she should be with but as soon as she's making out with a different one, he's the one for her. If her second love triangle doesn't get sorted out in the next book I've got a feeling I'm going to get tired of this series fast, which would be a real shame as I do like the books.
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