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on 24 December 2010
To get the most out of this book you will need to drink every page and practise, practise, practise. It's the 1000+ hours of study that you do afterwards, which will make you money and not the week of dark nights spent greedily reading the Naked Trader. Less than 5% of the people who read this book will go on to become successful investors, while the rest will merely find themselves a seat at the table of the most exciting game on earth. There are many so called experts who claim they can turn you into a successful trader, but what they dont reveal is the shocking failure rate. Sometimes the best way to make money is to not invest at all, that way you can't loose anything. Remember, anyone can place a winning trade, the trick is knowing when to get off, Goodluck.
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on 27 December 2008
To put it in perspective, I'm a 23 year old student doing a business degree (which includes various finance modules - currently corporate finance). I've also traded shares very infrequently over the last few years - recently with markets plunging and my savings interest rate slashed, i've decided to take things into my own hands.

So, with this basic knowledge I bought this book after reading good reviews (bearing in mind, other than academic texts I've not read anything continuously for a long time). I found this book hard to put down, over about 2-3 days i'm well over 2/3 of the way through! It is so easy to read, slightly humourous in places and set out in a jargon-free way that I think would appeal to people with no knowledge at all.

It won't tell you how to turn £100 into £100,000,000 (ie. it won't give you false hope), but it is excellent for identifying and showing how to get rid of those nasty trading habits which will lose you money.

I have started applying the guidelines robbie uses to my current shares - needless to say there are some i am looking to get rid of a.s.a.p!!! He does give you a good idea of what to look for in a company, where to get it from and what to avoid - the things that usually take years of mistakes to learn!

At less than £10, this book could save you hundreds, maybe thousands by gettting rid of those mistakes which you will make if you're just starting out. I've learnt a LOT despite a little experience and studying business, this book will have saved me a lot of £££ by showing me where I am (or potentially was) going wrong
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on 17 August 2012
Basic info about me: Male, from Billericay, Essex, but now living in Nottingham working at Boots.

Browsing interesting books on amazon, I saw yours, but I'd never been interested remotely in trading. I thought why not, it's got a good blurb and reviews. Read it, then knew I'd give it a proper go and read all I could about techniques and philosophies to trading. I then set myself some goals, key being to focus on the enjoyment in it. My cash is small, but not really in relation to other 24 year olds.
Main goal was to remember the enjoyment of trading as recommended by you in the Naked Trader. I've made one or 2 hiccups, but never risk what I can't afford as you say to do.
In personal terms, my balance reached new highs 3 times this week!
Really grateful that you do the crossover book to mass appeal for people like me because it's your book which in my opinion beats all of my further reading hands down (best of the bunch being zulu principle and if it's raining in brazil imo).
You deserve your success and I wish that you inspire more people to demystify the world of money. I'm sure that everyone gets a lot out of this book, so I can only recommend it as above and beyond anything else out there.

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on 15 February 2015
Excellent; bought this book for my 18 year old son who wanted to use his savings and start putting them into shares. This explained an uncomplicated way of safely starting out in trading and explained many complicated points in an easy to understand manner. My son now has a lovely long term plan in place.
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on 8 September 2014
I usually never review things on Amazon as I find everything that has ever been reviewed has polar opposite reviews, but after reading the one star reviews The Naked Trader has received I feel I must write my opinion:

Quite frankly this is a modern day bible for the average everyday guy/gal who wishes to try and make money in the stock market who hates the over complicated nonsense spouted by just about every other clown who writes about the stock market.

I noticed that a lot of people have criticised the book for pointing out that you need some capital to begin with. If you hadn't figured that out for yourself then you're beyond help and should just stick with PAYE. You can't expect to make something for nothing, it's just not realistic. I also noticed all the bad reviews claiming that Robbie is "not a smart guy" have the most spelling and grammar mistakes. Just saying!

This book really does explain all you need to know as a complete novice. There is nothing that isn't covered for beginners and the book is written in a great, light hearted, funny manner which makes it so much more enjoyable to read and not put down.

The only thing I can say is, if you want to get into trading shares for the first time, buy this book. Simple as that!!

Well done Robbie Burns!
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on 26 February 2013
Now I understand trading. That should almost be review enough really. This book is so easy to read that I did 300 of the 375 pages in one sitting (I am quite a fast reader, mind).

If you know nothing about the stock market, this is the book for you. We are all used to looking at those baffling rafts of rapidly changing stock exchange figures in movies and on the news and quite reasonably we conclude that you have to have highly specialised training to be able to operate in that world. I'm sure that helps, but if the expensive public school education, followed by a post-grad job offer with a big City financial institution wasn't laid on for you when you were growing up this book is for you.

Making the complex comprehensible to us mere mortals, Robbie presents his material in an affable and informal manner. Make no mistake though, as relaxed about the whole matter as he appears to be, his approach is careful, considered and above all disciplined. This book just might give you the confidence to take your first cautious foray into the world of trading.
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on 30 January 2013
I previously read the FT guide to Investing which was good but is harder to inwardly digest than this book. This book is written in much simpler terms from someone who has been there and done it - just what I wanted. You have to be a little careful not to feel too carried away when reading it as the author points out a bunch of shares with graphs that made him a very tidy profit, it's good to see the mistakes and horror stories at the end of the book to bring you back down to earth. I've not put into practice yet the advice for buying shares but I'm keeping my eye on a few after researching them (I must be patient!!!). I have though heeded the advice and cut my losses (those wicked falling knives) and applied some stop losses on others (this being much easier in the recent rally). I think I'll keep well away from some of the other things he mentions like spread betting, CFD's and shorting.
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on 28 November 2015
This is a good book, although mix too much with jokes. My personal opinion this book could be better if removing the "funny staff". Easy to read, good examples, cover many areas, useful information. The only but in my opinion the author is connected with one of this trader stocks companies for marketing purposes. Otherwise this book is very good for beginners.
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on 13 May 2013
Okay this book is a clear as day, if like me your concentration lasts a few nano seconds ( unless reading about fishing in my case ) you will have no trouble reading and understanding this book. Also on the other spectrum you consider your self a genius cross bookworm then you will not only be enlightened but surprised at how much very simple yet important information this book has. I do not normally get excited about reading but this book is different, the more I read the more exciting I found it, but it also has taught me to take things slowly and carefully ( not going to my bank to get the biggest loan I could to buy my fav share ) all that aside I would highly recommend this book. Looking forward to trying out what I have learnt. Also it has explained to me why in the past ( pre Robbie Burns - Naked Trader ) my shares did not work out as I had thought, simple mistakes easy made till now that is - Thanks Robbie
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on 21 June 2007
This is not only a great book for the amateur looking to start in trading, but it also goes just far enough to give you a basic understanding of where to go next.

So, for instance, it gives you some good advice on reading charts, warns you of the "Novice" pitfalls and then gives you some texts to read if you want to take your knowledge further.

I particularly liked the style (The are so many poorly written books out there, especially on this topic), it was light hearted but not silly and the book is well structured and easy to read. It really helped me break down a good understanding of the stock market, whilst providing me with some great pointers in how to research, track and buy good stocks.

It also gives you links to great websites, access to the authors website blog with his current and past share trading history and the author is also very contactable on share issues.

I would lastly point out that the book has some really good real life examples of how the author made his own money.

Its a good honest, solid, refreshingly easy to read book that's well structured and useful to refer to.

Would highly recommend
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