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on 4 March 2013
We have been programed to think of psychopaths as violent criminals like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy or movie characters like Norman bates.
Thomas Sheridans Puzzling People explains the real nature of the psychopath, this evolutionary offshoot that walks among us, this small percent of the population have the same symptom, namely a complete lack of conscience. The difference is that the majority with this mental disposition operate within the laws and only rarely get caught but destroying lives in the process. This book that's extremely well written and makes it very clear that psychopaths are not like us, they can not be reasoned with or reformed. This knowledge is invaluable for anyone whose life comes in contact with a psychopath, past, present or future, and gives testimony from victims of psychopaths and also Arouses the curiosity for all who seek to understand human behavior. I passed this great read on to a friend who is studying for a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology & sociology, she passed it on and recommended it to her class mates and lecturers, it got great feedback. Ive read six books on psychopathy and puzzling people is the one i always recommend.
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on 6 March 2013
I bought this book after buying and reading Thomas Sheridan's other two books, Defeated Demons: Freedom from Consciousness Parasites in Psychopathic Society, and The Anvil of The Psyche. This was after finding Thomas Sheridan by chance one afternoon on a Youtube Video with Vinny Eastwood.
We all read good books, some very good, some ok, and occasionally we find a book or an author which stands out from the rest, and in some cases even changes your life. These 3 books by Thomas Sheridan have done just that for me. After suffering from a traumatic break up two and a half years ago, and still until reading these books, I thought it was my fault, I was to blame. This deeply troubled me from the summer of 2010, even more so as a family member was involved. When in point of fact I think i was dealing pr had been dealing with a Psychopath woman hell bent on destroying me.
These books have helped me understand exactly what happened, how it happened, why it happened and more importantly how to prevent being a victim of a Psychopath again...I do not use the word Psychopath lightly for describing what I dealt with, only through these books and listening to Thomas Sheridan in interview have I come to understand and feel confident in labelling my past experience as with a psychopath. I firmly know that everybody should read these books and listen to Thomas Sheridan in interview on Youtube and his website [...]. It could very well just save your life and sanity, quite literally.
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on 2 October 2012
I wasn't sure what I to expect but I have to say this has been the best read in a long time! I would highly recommend it to anyone who has ever come across a psychopath and are at a loss of how to cope with them or how to get rid of them. Thomas Sheridan has done some amazing research and know's his stuff, but the great thing is that he put's it in a away that the general public can get to grips with it, without having a dictionary on standby! Fantastic addictive reading that has been fodder for the Soul...
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on 5 October 2016
A really good, enlightening book which makes you aware that psychopaths though not always murderers are more common in our society than we may think and goes on to tell us how to spot them and avoid them at all costs whether we be living next door to one, living with one as a family member or being influenced by them in the media, in the banking industry and in politics etc.
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on 14 May 2015
This is a pacy, well-written account of a type of character many readers will have known. It helps you to accept that there is no understanding of a psychopath. That they will twist literally everything around without conscience. That with them there is nothing to understand except get out. Some of the traits of character revealed here were uncannily close to one person in particular that I have dealt with. They are everywhere, though. I felt the book got a bit paranoid when dealing with the way human society itself is becoming psycho however, through slowly choking off the individuality and naivety of the human. I sincerely hope this IS just paranoia. Anyway, it took someone who was not an academic or a clinical psychologist to come right out and say psychos are not human. They're more like sharks
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on 23 November 2012
Let's keep things of value supported and this book is of infinite worth - so buy it! Thomas Sheridan also gives radio interviews and his own vlogs - most of which you can find on youtube - I have almost watched them all and these are brilliantly insightful and empower you similarly but in my opinion you really find out a lot more in the books so buy them now because in this case - it's better EARLY than never and it ultimately provides solutions and well-being. How amazing is that By the way - you need to get both books - but if you can only buy one at a time - either will do - a little knowledge goes a very long way. Here's to your empowerment and big love to Thomas, he is one of my greatest hero's - the confidence you have to have to expose this in the face of accepted 'fact' is very admirable - everyone should thank him personally!
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on 15 March 2014
Excellently complied. Though slightly repetitive in places. But hands you much information on identifying psychopaths and protecting yourself and what to expect and understand in the aftermath of such a relationship. Also pointing out government, pharma and all the other agencies and corporations that seeks to control us....not to mention religion. Reclaiming ourselves and being freethinkers is the only way forwards. And as explained....do not believe everything you are told! If it sounds controlling walk in the opposite direction. As someone who lived with a psychopath and had two children by him I am happy to say I left, built a new life and am a strong person and free thinker who is not afraid to speak up. Overall an excellent read for those who are concerned.
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on 11 December 2013
I found Thomas Sheridan's book insightful and filled with good examples as well as sound advice, and a very educational read.
Until we understand the social factors that have brought about the increase of this disturbing phenomenon and the way in which these same structures often seem to allow and even encourage the worst type of people to reach positions of power, or until we know what makes certain people cold, unempathetic, calculating, dismissive of others, worse, they can feign positive intentions and emotions while hiding a pit of vipers in their souls, we would do well to read more about them and guard ourselves against them. As Mr Sheridan shows, our own best qualities can be manipulated against us, our strong values, kindness and care for life and goodness, be exploited, mimicked and sucked out by those who want it only to advance their own interests and without a thought for the truth. As we look around us and into the media and into the organisations that govern the world, we see how a certain type is constantly being bred and that this type has been here before, perhaps always. In place of confusion and mistrust we need specific facts about all those who come into our lives who seem to be one way but are in fact quite the opposite, and a deeper connection to our selves. As the poet Elisabeth Barrett Browning wrote, "grief may be joy misunderstood, only the Good discerns the good.."
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on 15 July 2017
This book really helped me to get a new perspective on how I have been treated in the past. I think that it gives practical help rather than just an explanation of what psychopaths are. However, near the end I felt that it was just re-hashing what had already been covered in the book, as if to meet a word count. Overall, I am glad to have read this book over others I have read on the same subject. This one is the most helpful so far.
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on 29 May 2013
"Dedicated to the Victims of Psychopaths Everywhere.
It wasn't your fault, you are not alone, and you no longer need to suffer"

Amazing words from the Foreword that give an almost immediate emotional release in some way....

This book is the best guide and support in the known universe for help with detoxing , understanding and recovering from an Abusive / Toxic relationship.

Thomas Sheridan is Bringing the Subject of Psychopaths to the Everyday reader, for everybody to understand them, for us to understand what has happened to us when the abuser/user has moved on to the next target.

This book also helps us understand aspects of ourselves... personally, for me, the part explaining infatuation and the subsequent use and abuse leading to the eventual drain and dump rings very true. After reading this I now understand the type of relationships or people that I was attracting , where I may have gone wrong, so now hopefully i'll be able to move on and explore healthier relationships based upon respect. Proper Love is the enrichment of both peoples lives instead of feeling like a servant or underling. There is hope for us all , so don't worry :)

Thankyou for writing Thomas :)
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