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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

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on 11 September 2016
Great - full of delicious recipes and really useful information about eating seasonally.
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on 12 March 2012
I received this book as a gift, it is exciting, informative and easy to follow. Marlene's enthusiasm for her subject is apparent on every page. There is no jargon, it is easy to read and understand. It is truly inspirational. The recipes I have tried so far are tasty, easy and quick to make. I feel and look so much better already and it's only been a couple of weeks. I would recommend this book to anyone.
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on 26 August 2012
Please take a look at some of my you tube clips (link above)showing you how to cook many recipes in my book 'Macrobiotics for all Seasons'. These short clips will give you an idea on how to create fantastic health by adopting the principles of eating with the seasons.

Over 200 recipes split into seasons with an array of soups, grain and bean dishes, vegetables from land and sea and naturally sweetened desserts. This book also has home remedies and medicinal teas for each season to keep you in tip top condition all year round.

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on 17 March 2012
I've tried several wholefood-type regimes over the years but I never lost 2 stone until I tried macrobiotics! I was lucky enough to attend one of Marlene's courses, felt the difference within days and converted my husband too. We've been eagerly looking forward to this book to expand our menu, as many of the recommended ingredients are a bit unfamiliar and even once you have one recipe it's hard to know what else to do with them. A previous macrobiotic book I bought seemed to be for people who had never so much as boiled broccoli before; this is well pitched, enthusiastic and reassuring without being patronising, and calls on a huge range of flavours and nutritious ingredients.
There's all the background here that a novice (or improver) might need on food and health, very persuasively presented, plus a selection of "home remedies" for particular types of ailment, eg. a tea for high blood pressure and another for joint problems.
Once you venture into a health food shop and find that they have miso paste and 4 types of seaweed (sorry, sea vegetable) there on the shelf it becomes less daunting. They're not cheap, but I find the cost is largely offset by not buying meat or processed food (and less alcohol!). Macro Paella is really delicious and Greek-style Lentil Burgers very tasty - will be trying the salads and dressings once the weather actually warms up. The season demarcation is quite strict, reflected in the index which lists recipes alphabetically, but separately under each season - so if you're being naughty and eating out of season, you may have to skim through all 5 sections to find the dish (summer is divided into 2).
Barley cakes for tea tomorrow - can't wait!
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on 16 May 2012
Macrobiotics for all Seasons is a great introduction to understanding our connection with nature and how to eat and live with the changing seasons. The author recognises that many of us, in our busy modern lifestyles do not and gives fascinating insight into how we can keep our bodies healthy with great explanation on disease prevention.
The book is very well presented with beautiful coloured photographs sporadically placed throughout each chapter that offers comprehensive information in five parts which encompass the seasons of spring, summer, late summer, autumn and winter. Each Seasonal chapter contains cleansing teas and home remedies for the specific organs relating to that season, delicious recipes of which I have tried many, general ways in which to live in accordance with the seasons and how you will become increasingly energised by doing so.

It is a very enjoyable book to read and the first 5 chapters in particular are for me the most impressive self-help book I have ever read. The book relates all this information in such an easy to understand format. Whilst it is great for people who want an introduction to the practices within, it is also appropriate for people who already have knowledge of Macrobiotics. I recommend this book as it contains plenty of tips, and suggestions for diet, weight loss, healthy living and lifestyle.
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on 24 April 2012
I have a number of Macrobiotic cookery books but this is the one that I use all the time. I still meet people who seem to think that all I eat is plates of brown rice, steamed vegetables and seaweed. A few minutes spent browsing this book would soon destroy that myth as it is packed with delicious, and easy to make, recipes. These include soups and starters, main courses and desserts but also a range of healing drinks to address specific complaints, aid weight loss and stay energised and vibrant. The book is beautifully presented, well laid out and easy to use with lots of tempting colour photographs.

But it is also much more than a collection of recipes. Until very recently people had little choice but to eat locally grown, seasonal food and that is what our bodies have evolved to do. The recipes, and healing teas, in the book are organized according to season to help us do this so that we are working with nature. There is also clear and easily understandable information about the theory underpinning macrobiotics which is all about the energy of food and how we can use it to keep in balance - and thus to allow the body to heal itself (I have Type 2 diabetes. In the first 4 months of eating macrobiotically I lost 2 stone and my blood sugar levels are now almost normal and still falling).

Whether you are new to macrobiotic nutrition or already a convert you will find this book a delight to read and to use.
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on 17 December 2012
I was given this book as a gift when I started getting interested in macrobiotics and I love it. Marlene has such a passion for health and wellbeing and it really comes across in these recipes. I have never felt so calm as when I eat Marlene's food and I think it is all to do with being balanced - the meals make me feel like I am having a big hug. I like the drinks and home remedies and I love it how you can still make cookies a which taste great without sugar! With the holiday season approaching this is the perfect gift for anyone looking to keep balanced and healthy without missing out on great tasting food.
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on 12 July 2014
Wow! What a life changing book!! Macrobiotics for all seasons has everything you could need to begin, maintain and grow your macrobiotic lifestyle! Full of amazingly easy to follow seasonal recipes ( that also have videos on you tube ) and wonderful home remedies for lots of ailments-you will be wondering what took you so long! Highly recommend by me and repurchased many times as gifts
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on 3 December 2013
I was recommended this book by a friend after hitting a real crisis caused by the food I was eating. I have always been vegetarian but knew that the food I ate such as dairy were causing me grief! I am not a fan of processed foods or meat substitutes so any old vegan cook book was never going to hit the mark.
This book is awesome for so many reasons. it explains the philosophy of eating and makes so much sense. in the western world we readily shove any old rubbish in our mouths and most of the time its not even proper food!
It has amazingly tasty simple recipes for which I have had absolutely no problem finding any of the ingredients. The food is filling yet light.
the recipes are written in a chatty way which I personally find great.
the author has so much expertise you know you can trust her.
have just ordered two more copies, one for my daughter and one for a friend.
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on 28 November 2014
I suffer from chronic pain and have had enough of taking an abundance of medications with horrible side-effects. I have been looking into a more holistic way of dealing with my pain and have been recommended this book by lots or people. After first reading I am actually surprised at how well written and comprehensive this book is. There is lots of knowledge to be gleamed as well as recipes structured for the 4 seasons so I won't have to search for loads of items not in season costing a fortune which have travelled thousands of miles. I am looking forward to cooking the meals and starting to make positive changes.
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