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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 24 July 2017
A good quality read at a great price. Highly recommend
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on 19 May 2017
I have read this cover to cover and am cherry picking through the recipes, everyone is a winner.
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on 10 July 2007
This book is wonderfull. I thought that the only downfall was that it doesnt have any images showing how the food should look like, but the descriptions are good enough to imagime what they should look like.

Any vegan out there, bored of thier recipies? this is the right book for you!
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on 22 September 2007
The recipes in this book are fantastic and I recommend it highly. However, if you can, I have to recommend the US version over this one. This version does not have any pictures, whereas the US version has a section with full color pictures of the prepared recipes. Worse is that in this version the typography is awful. The letters are orange and and red and the typeface is much too wide. This makes the instructions hard to read (thankfully, the ingredients are set in a more conventional typeface), and it makes the book look a bit cheap. The fact that some pages have a reddish tint near the top adds to the cheapness.

A benefit of this version over the US version for European readers is that this version measures the ingredients by weight (both grams/liters and oz's) instead of by cups, so if that is important to you, I still recommend this version. Be aware that the conversion from cups to grams can be a bit off sometimes. For example, one cup of flour is converted to 115 grams. In my experience, a cup can also be 140 grams, depending on the type of flour.

Either way, the recipes are wonderful and I liked the personal touch of the author.

Edited to add that I do not agree with the two negative reviews that have been written after mine, and I was surprised to read them, because actually what I like most about the book is that many recipes are so easy to make (there are some exceptions, of course) and that there are not many pasta/pizza dishes. Also: I guess they are a staple in vegan cookbooks, but I don't own them and never had a decent vegan pancake before, so I liked those recipes as well. There are four waffle and four pancake recipes, I would hardly call that "ad infinitum". Your meaning may vary of course. My current favorites are the carrot soup and the braised cauliflower, and the coconut cupcakes were a big hit with all the non-vegan people that ate them. The chocolate pudding is so easy to make and tasty, I don't think I'll ever buy chocolate pudding in a store again.

I recommend people to check out the "look inside the book" feature on the amazon.com (not uk) website to check out some recipes and see the table of contents, so that they can decide for themselves.
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on 18 September 2010
GREAT things about this book:

* The recipes work and are unusually good. In my experience a lot of vegan cookbook recipes tend to be fairly bland and/or just don't work (like the ingredient quantities are made up), Easy Vegan Cooking: Over 350 delicious recipes for every ocassion: Over 350 Delicious Recipes for Every Occasion being a good example. This book is VERY different. The author has obviously made all the recipes herself and is a real foodie. Best recipes: Morroccan tagine with spring vegetables, Sweet potato crepes with coriander-tamarind sauce and Spanakopita are all out of this world and were definite winners with herbivores/omnivores alike at my house.

* I found the "punk points", which are basically food preparation tips, REALLY useful. How to cut up a butternut squash and mango with minimum fuss, for example. The sorts of things my Mum might have taught me if these foods were as popular/available in the 80s!

* The quirky, humourous personal touches and auto-biographical stories in this book. It's not just a cookbook, it's a little peak into the Brooklyn/New York alternative punk scene and this lady's life. Let's face it, food isn't just fuel, it's culturally important to most of us. I really enjoyed reading the author's food-related memoires.

* The info on veganism in general (e.g. net resources) and on how to veganize other recipes. I have a LOT of cookbooks and have used the tips to veganize my favourite recipes.

NOT-SO-GREAT things about this book:

* NO PICTURES, AAAAARGH! I have never eaten a knish in my life and have no idea what it looks like. This goes for a lot of the other fabulous, often ethnically diverse recipes too. Next edition: please include photos!

* The colour scheme (orange, brown and white) coupled with lots of capitalization and vertically oriented titles. Difficult to read and all a bit seventies, macho and too contrary. The block-text contents page was also highly user-unfriendly.

* Difficult to get hold of ingredients. It was hard to get ground flaxseeds, nutritional yeast, hijiki, cremini mushrooms, wheat gluten and the like when I lived in the UK. And has anybody EVER seen "liquid smoke" in the UK?!

* Expensive ingredients. Now I live in Norway I can't even find arrowroot powder or sliced almonds, and if I do find any of the quirkier ingredients required in this book I have to remortgage my house to buy them... OK, most readers don't live in one of the most expensive places on Earth like I do, but many of the recipes require lots of ingredients such as herbs, spices and flavourings, as well as tropical fruits and vegetables. It's why they're so yummy. But for the budget-conscious this could mean cutting back.

* The dodgy, annoying and inconsistent page numbering for recipes in the index at the back. E.g. the mango chopping tip is on page 153, not 154. And there are more! Just irritating and almost a bit low-budget.

* High calorie, saturated fat, sodium, sugar and refined carbohydrates in many of the recipes. (Yes, plantfoods do contain saturated fats: coconut, palm oil & cocoa beans.) Probably why so much of it tastes so good! I was trying to lose weight when I got this book and really had to tone down and cut back on some of the ingredients. However, to be fair, the author does give a tip on fat substitutes for cookies and cakes for her chubbier readers :-)

* Complicated recipes. Although the result was ultimately worth the wait, I think it took me a good 2 hrs to make the sweet potato crepes with coriander-tamarind sauce. All those individual crepes to cook, vegetable preparation, blending and grinding took ages!! Plan ahead folks!
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on 28 February 2010
I bought this as my first vegan cook book and to honest i was a little put of by some of the recipes as they can have alot of ingreideints, and are sometimes alittle complicated, BUT
DON'T let that put you off. I have never had a diserpionting result from this cook book. The way the authour explains the recipes makes complicated processes easy to understand and the food is oh so good. (I strongly recomend the morrocan tagine or the mexican chocolate pudding, seriously, they are epic)
There is the slight problem that you get with many vegan cookbooks, which is that the author is American and thus uses several American terms and ingridients, but not so much that it's difficult to understand.
This might not be the perfect book for you if you have only just started cooking, but it will inspire you to stretch your cooking skills and try new things.
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on 11 March 2007
ok, i have the older version of this but I've noticed no-ones given either a review so I'm going to have to tell everyone how good this is. I've been vegan for about a year and a half and am very much into cooking. I have LOTS of vegan books and I'd have to say this is probably my favourite.

Sarah Kramers stuff is good but although theres some great recipes there seems to be a lot of 'fillers', and whenever I've done an Isa vs. Sarah, Isa has usually won hands down. Isa does't have as many recipies but she's obviously been selective. Its quite a fun book as well. lots of silly anecdotes, so it feels like your hanging out with a friend in the kitchen.

For all of those more 'womad' type vegans, dont let the 'post-punk' kitchen thingy put you off. This isn't a anarchist cookbook just 'for the kids' without the food to back it up. This is a quality cookbook with quality recipes. Everthing I've done out of this is great.
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on 29 May 2009
I found the lack of illustrations make it harder to follow(I believe the US version is illustrated)and I'm not a big fan of unillustrated cook books as food for me is a visual thing too! The recipes were full of so many items which would put me off having to cook one of the dishes when tired or after a hard day.Not one for beginner vegans.To be fair I'd say this is more for American vegans.I wasn't tempted by many of the recipes.Catherine Greenhall's "vegans can't eat anything " by contrast is a book I use every day and find simpler.
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on 9 October 2011
well two of my friends were raving about this book so I got it. OH MY GOODNESS! I am so glad I did! I hated tofu, it didn't matter what type or how it was cooked. I just hated the rubbery stuff. My friend invited me to have lunch at her house and when I saw it was scrambled tofu I thought 'oh no I don't wanna be rude but I hate tofu!' I started eating it and it was gorgeous, I have made it loads since... and yes, the recipe was from this book! Even my veggie (but not vegan as he loves the evil dairy too much!) was impressed.
The cookies are so easy and delightful to eat... here is as tip. I use almond essence instead of vanilla for the cookies and it is even nicer!
Not one of her recipes has failed me and believe you me I have loads of vegan/vegetarian cookbooks and have been sorely let down by alot (linda majzlik, that is you!). Isa's recipes are bursting full of flavour, and I just know I don't have to try them before inviting friends over... you just know the recipe will be good.
Only teeny downside is the no pics (but you can work it out anyway as recipes so easy to follow!) and the sweet recipes call for ALOT of maple syrup which isn't cheap here in UK. I think you can just half it as American recipes are waaaaay too sweet.
I would recommmend any of Isa's books to everyone. I have deffo been converted, I am a food follower for life! suitable for beginners or advanced cooks.

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on 8 July 2007
I bought this cookbook on the merit of the chocolate chip cookies that a friend brought to a party (they were AMAZING, every bit as good if not better than the ones I used to buy from cookie bars in my pre-vegan days!) and her recommendation, and I haven't been disappointed, since everything I've tried yet has been just as good!

Both the sweet and savoury recipes in here are outstanding, and there's something for all tastes, from exotic curries to old, pre-vegan favourites like pizzas. As well as great recipes, she also offers tips on having a well stocked pantry and the best kind of equipment to buy and use. It's a great book for beginners and experienced cooks alike.
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