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on 9 June 2005
As a consultant and counsellor / therapist I cannot underestimate the value of the use metaphor in influencing, training and learning and this book is a fantastic source for that. It goes with me everywhere. Nick has collected some wonderful, thought provoking and emotional stories that will make you think, laugh, cry and I guarantee it will affect who you might work with similarly. Not only that, but the stories are cleverly woven into an overarching story supported by opportunities to develop different perspectives through the application of two wonderful world theories. Anyone that works with others in developing learning or understanding will gain from this book. It's in my top 5!
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on 17 January 2005
In this second volume in the Magic of Metaphor series we are treated to more of Nick Owen's collected teaching tales. Further to the first volume, the stories are connected by a meta-story that runs through the whole book. Not only being a collection of very interesting and inspiring stories, the book begins with a short explanation of Ken Wiber's model of "a theory of everything", Grave's "spiral dynamics" (which appears loosely based on Leary's 8 circuit model and Maslow's hierarchy) and the influencer vs. manipulator dichotomy.
These models help us deconstruct the stories and help point to their potential usefulness as well as offering likely interpretations of the messages contained within each parable. Very usefully, a small alternative-contents page lists the stories by theme allowing you to pick certain stories out that explicate various attributes, so if I want a story that shows a single minded trailblazer it tells which stories have elements of this in them.
The book finishes with a few very interesting small sections detailing our useful models, spiral dynamics and 'everything' more closely, examining perspective-shifts within these frameworks, a distillation of the qualities of great motivators and influencers.
I found this book to be a bit of a rarity, very useful yet very user-friendly, quite acceptable bedside table material. It will appeal to everyone.How to Live in the Here and Now: A Guide to Accelerated Enlightenment, Unlocking the Power of Mindful Awareness
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on 17 November 2006
This is a worthy successor to 'The magic of metaphor'. Once again there is a fine collection of stories, old and new, woven around the author's personal story. This is juxtaposed with powerful theories of human development. You can approach the collection in any way you like - read it in linear fashion, dip in and out, read randomly. Whatever you do with this book it will reward you - personally and, if you are an educator, professionally.
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on 6 February 2005
This book is a must for anyone who takes the art of influencing seriously. Nick Owen has a special gift of making the simple dynamic and the advanced comprehendable. The book will provide you with a number of stories to give you greater impact with your audience and to influence them elegantly. At the same time if you desire a deeper understanding of how the world works then you will be greatly enthused by the authors links to both Spiral dynamics and Ken Wilbers AQAL.
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on 24 February 2005
Nick Owen brilliantly introduces Ken Wilber's insightful All Quadrants, All Levels model, which he calls the 4 Box model. He then introduces the Spiral Dynamics model, and combines the two to give us a helicopter perspective of the whole terrain for each of the stories. With each story my mind is stretched and I feel like I'm catapulted up to higher and deeper levels. The stretch makes one feel impatient for becoming a true integral leader.
More Magic of Metaphor offers insight to leaders who want to influence, motivate and bring about change. What talents and resources do I have to make a difference here? What and how can I push here? What contribution can I make?
As an educational consultant I found this concept of challenging and stretching to higher levels very exciting and thrilling. For me it means verticality, going from Horizontal to Vertical Leadership.
If you have your heart set on dynamic and vertical leadership in the classroom and school, then More Magic of Metaphor is an invaluable resource in any integral toolkit. It's a mind-stopper and a mind-blower, packed with stories that tell the importance of being the change you wish to see and be a part of.
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on 2 January 2013
An excellent book - used as a source book for my Management & Training Consultancy.
Provides excellent stories to make a point - a bit like a modern Aesop and subject specific
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VINE VOICEon 4 October 2006
In a book of "stories for leaders, influencers and motivators" I'd rather hoped for inspiring tales from the last two or three centuries of business pioneers, innovators, thinkers and leaders. Sadly there are few of those in this book. The bulk of the sixty stories here are from eastern, African and Asian tradition and, personally, I soon get irritated by the inscrutable wisdom of monks and mullahs. Added to that, the collection is tied together with the tale of a young magician and a talking flying carpet on a quest to discover the nature of leadership. While their insights are, occasionally, enlightening; on the whole I find this approach patronising. Overall then, I found the book a struggle. I wanted a book about striving for success in the modern world; I found a book about camels and ancient wisdom - and a talking flying carpet !. Not for me.
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on 15 June 2016
Must read!! Amazing stories for changing behaviours and moving people.
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on 19 July 2014
really informative.
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on 11 January 2017
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