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on 25 April 2012
I have seen Jeffrey Smith's video 'Seeds Of Deception' after which I decided to buy this book and explore in greater detail what is going on. I am shocked, absolutely stunned by the amount of deception, corruption and the rest of it that is taking place behind closed doors. I have never been the one to buy lightly into any old rubbish but ever since I started reading about GMOs I am coming across a mountain of scientific evidence that is just overwhelmingly proving for GMO not only to be unsafe but to be dangerous. What I find absolutely amazing is the level of ignorance in USA towards GMOs. Luckily, GMOs are banned in Europe but there isn't a shadow of a doubt on my mind that Monsanto and US government are plying their dirty trade in the background applying the pressure for GMOs to be legalized in Europe. Well, over my dead body. I read all reader's comments but they all lack one thing... 'what am I planning to do' section. We absolutely MUST stick together. I am writing emails to Sainsbury's telling them that I am refusing to buy product so and so as I am not convinced it is GMO free. I wrote a letter to Baxter's asking them to remove modified maze starch from their lobster bisque and guess what, they did. I am not saying that my letter made the difference but my letter was one of hundreds that made the difference. The difference in price between organic and non-organic produce is negligible but those extra few pennies can make all the difference in the world. We can make the difference, I am convinced of that. GMOs in USA have caused irreparable and irreversible damage to the countryside. Your guess is as good as mine as to what will be the consequences of that gamble in years to come. Do you want somebody to gamble with your lives and countryside after lessons in USA and Argentina, I definitely don't. Please spread the word around. This is the battle nobody else will win for us, we have to fight for ourselves and if we stick together there isn't a shadow of a doubt in my mind we will win. Thank you for reading.
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on 2 June 2004
This UK edition of Seeds of Deception has a foreword by Michael Meacher, who calls it a brilliant book and I can only agree, as it shines a light on the development of genetically modified crops (known as genetically engineered crops in the US) and their possible health risks to consumers. It is not a difficult book to read; Jeffrey Smith has taken a complex subject and managed to explain it to the reader in a very accessible way. I became concerned about GM foods because of allergies in my family; I now know that there may be far more than allergies to be concerned about. Each chapter takes a different aspect of the genetic modification of food, and each chapter has plenty of revelatory material. And in case you wonder why you are learning many of the facts in this book for the first time, Chapter 7 is titled 'Muscling the Media' and explains that 'it is no accident.'
Interspersed between each chapter is a short story of the wisdom of animals e.g. Wisdom of the Cows, Wisdom of the Geese. Given a choice between GM crops and non-GM crops, it seems that animals prefer the non-GM variety.
This is an important book for informing the public about this technology, and I highly recommend it to the reader.
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on 17 January 2005
This book provides factual evidence of how the biotech giants and governments (mainly US and UK), in pursuit of more and more financial gain, are trying to force this technology on to the public. It highlights what can only be described as thuggery and intimidation the methods which the biotech companies use to prevent any debate to scientifically discuss this technology, hiding evidence which point to the real dangers to human and animal health.
A highly recommended book which everyone who is concerned about retaining their choice to eat non-GMO food should read.
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on 17 February 2010
This is a highly readable and informative book, for anyone who has doubts about the safety of GM food this is essential reading. It leaves the reader in no doubt as to the reliability of the testing carried out on the safety of GM's, It really is a case of the wolf guarding the sheep. Governments throughout the world take the word of the GM companies that these foods are safe, any independent testing is either ignored or lost, highly thought of scientists are dismissed and discredited if they wont go along with the lies told by the multi national Agrochemical companies. Documents are spirited away if they show any doubt as to the research carried out by these companies. Much of the research is proven to be false, but goes unchallenged. This is not a complicated book to read, although it might give you a few sleepless nights. We highly recommend this book to anyone who cares about the food they eat and the environment they live in.
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on 12 January 2011
This book really is essential reading for everyone, it is very well written and really open's your eye's to what's going on in the world. It seem like Jeffery Smith is the only person who is really trying to inform us what's really happening now before to late.This book has been incredibly helpful to me and my family. Buy this book now you won't be disapointed.
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on 18 August 2012
This book is easy to read,well written, well documented, well researched. Everything quoted is referenced. It shows how the Biotech Indutry, Monsanto etc, have hijacked the Food and Drugs Adminstration in the USA, and how there is a revolving door between the Biotech Industry, and the FDA that is supposed to regulate them ! The top people in the FDA come from the industry, pass GM crops as being safe for human and animal consumption, often flying in the face of the actual scientific evidence, often showing that animal die, loose wieght, fail to breed, get cancer, when fed on GM crops or injected with BST ( hormone used to increase milk production - passed in the USA< banned in Canada, Japan and Europe). It shows the lies corruption, and bullying tactisc of the Biotec indutry, in getting its dangerious products into the market.

What is needed is action, we need to organise and say no to the disaster that is happening before our eyes. The GM issues has gone quiet in the UK, but the UK Government are bring it back on the adjenda, We need to wake up, organise and say no. This book provides a welath if information to support that GMO NO campaign !
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on 11 June 2012
This book should be compulsory reading for everyone on the planet. The book explains how the biotech giant Monsanto threatens to destroy the agricultural biodiversity of our world to gain mass profit. It is well written and easy to read making it simple enough for the layperson to understand. It is obvious the company has absolutely no concern for human welfare, happily bypassing crucial safety checks in order to get their horrid toxic products onto the market without concern for the negative effects on human health.

Everyone needs to be made aware of ALL the facts on GM food. We can not take the 'experts' scripted assurances of safety as gospel. On one hand I found it really difficult to read this book as it made me extremely frustrated but on the other hand, we all need to know what's going on because it will affect us all. As previous reviewers have said, we need to spread the word. Not enough people are aware of what these biotech companies are getting away with and doing to our planet. I live in the UK where food labels are mandatory. I feel for those in the US where no such practice is in place. Before being elected Obama said he would bring in food labelling as "Americans have the right to know where there food comes from". Americans do have the right to know where their food comes from. What happened to your promise Obama? Where is the labelling? Spread the word......
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on 26 January 2013
I have given this book as gifts to many people, it opens your eyes and is a fascinating read. I think most of us have no idea what has been going on out there and if you care about what you eat and put in your bodies, you will find it interesting.
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on 15 April 2013
A picture of what is behind the food labels that we do not read or understand.
Many questions pop in your mind as to why these general health issues are not in the headlines....I just wonder...
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It' s an excellent book. It opens the horizons of the situations in the global food market. I think, everybaody should read this book.
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