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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 5 September 2011
Having read most of the first generation of hoolie books, where the authors always seemed to give a good kicking to every firm they ever met regardless of the numbers, it was refreshing to read an account from someone who wasn't afraid to say he was put on his backside a few times. Nicholls has probably had the benefit of learning from the mistakes of his predecessors and shows some degree of humility in the various tales he tells. This makes for a more honest and believable read than many of the other titles available in this ever increasing genre. Yes there's lots of reference to, '...80 of our top boys were met by 150 of their mob etc' but it never descends into the realms of superhero-style fantasy where he is battering whole firms on his own. The book is well written and gives detailed, and often humourous, accounts of various clashes they had, both on home soil and in Europe, over a number of years. One of the best books of its kind that I've read, and that's discounting the fact I'm an Evertonian!!
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on 2 November 2011
Being interested in the football hooligan topic i bought this book (being a united fan!) to read on holiday. Previously only read Tony O'Neill's i thought i'd branch out a bit. Well worth a money, great read. Doesn't just cover the bog standard hoolie fight, covers the knife epidemic in liverpool, other business ventures, england and lots of other stuff. Andy was dead honest throughout the book, often admitting they were defeated etc, which is a lot more preferrable than the undefeatable cockney versions!

Defintely recommend this book to anyone moderately interested in football hooliganism and the north west in general. Top stuff andy
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on 10 December 2002
I've got to be honest and say along with Soul Crew this is an excellent read from start to finish. I maybe biased in the fact it's about a local club and although I don't actually support Everton it made the read even more interesting. Andy Nicholls has paid a heavy price for telling his frank account and incidents that have occured on his travels of following Everton, he has since been banned by Everton Football Club and Merseyside police are checking every detail within the book to see if any action can be taken as he has been too honest and maybe left himself open to further police action such is the content within the book!.
Stories I had heard locally in the past regarding Everton and supporters travels were regarded as 'fairy tales', Nicholls blows away this myth and provides a murky insight into an element of Everton's support that were intent on causing havoc around the country over two decades and as recently as August this year with a pre season riot in Belgium.
It explains in graphic detail of battles with other supporters and a rivalry with Middlesbrough that lasts to the present day. He touches on the England scene and how Scousers are disliked by most fans in the country and the divisions within the England scene. The Merseyside/Manchester hatred is covered in depth and his dislike of Liverpool FC, although his account of Heysel (Of which he was present himself) was a fair one. I found the book a good honest read, it's not the usual hoolie lies to sell books, he tells it as it was by not making himself out to be a super hero and backs up a lot of stories with photo's and press cuttings to compliment the chapters contents.
Most bookshops within Merseyside are refusing to sell the book such is the uproar over the book, I suggest you buy before it's too late!.
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on 8 April 2012
having never been a part of the hooligan side of football i found most of these types of books over the top,for me football away days have been about the banter the beer and having a laugh not going home to the mrs and kids with black eyes,back in the 80s you couldent help but bump into trouble now again and some of the tales i found to be bigged up but in this book theres a refrence to a game that i was at and in fairness to the author as i remember it he got it spot on and i have no doubts mr nicholls has told the truth hear to the best of his memory so if you read the hoolie books andys has to be the best ive read to date and as you read it you start to feel as you know a bit more about him and i for one am pleased hes found some thing in his life to make him happy,nice andy..
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on 16 October 2003
Andy Nicholls recollection of the life and times of being a
" Scally " is frank, truthful and entertaining from start to finish. Free from the self hype of other hooli books Nicks account is accurate and at times funny yet disturbing. Tales of being an urchin getting legged by Geordies with beards, getting on his bike(literally)at Oxford and accounts of the CRC, Kensington High Street and the return leg meant I couldnt put it down.
Regular battles with the Red Army, Boro, the Cockneys and more are described honestly although I'm sure some may have a slightly different version of events. Southampton at Highbury '84 brought back memories. Missed opportunties - The Naughty Forty, Zulus are also covered. Ending with running the Belgian buzzies at Anderlecht, seeking help to pack it all in after nearly twenty four years at it this is undoubtly one of the best

All in money well spent - invest in this one !!!!
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on 23 June 2004
After reading every hoolie book to hit the shelves at last one who's author admits he has taken a few slaps and a backward step in his time.
Not for the faint hearted, Nicholls deals with the lot from the blades to the Racists and ducks no issues.
His honesty gets him banned from Goodison Park for life, not such a bad thing and a football banning order to boot.
Covers the 70,s 80,s with honesty that is backed up with newspapers pictures etc and from then on police files on himself prove he was a main player, unlike many of the authors who have written 10th hand stories to make a few bob.
We all have our own versions about numbers etc but this lad gets it just about right. As an Arsenal fan it did not make pleasent reading at times but anyone in the know will admit that when it counted the blue half of the Mersey were up there with the best football crews in the land.
Laugh a page cut short with an act of violence that sometimes makes you shudder.
Buy it if you knew or want to know what it was like.
Leave it where it is if you are a wannabe Burberry hat hoolie!
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on 14 September 2010
Scally is a book about casuals and covers most of the teams in Prem League and some from Scottland. As a reader you get a good insight in casuals' world of violence. Football is not important, it's the violence, fighting and slashing thats gets the adrenaline flowing. Nicholls speaks about fighting with other firms, how they makes agreements on where to meet and which of the firms who are the worst. He also tries to explain why casuals from Liverpool area were so unpopular among other firms, with no intention to hide the facts. Great book, and gives you a good knowledge about casuals from late 70's and to early 00s. Highly recommended.
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on 21 November 2007
This book is a grim and gripping insight into the mad world of football hooligans in the UK from the 1970's to pretty much the present day.

Andy Nicholls is an Everton fan and proudly unveils his tales of back-street battles, tube-station tear-ups and stadium set-to's with wit and a sense of self-deprication and honesty you don't always find in this genre.
Dreadful films like 'Green Street' have muddied the water a bit but this is a far grimmer reality. People really get hurt when these 'firms' tussle and 'Scally' doesn't flinch from describing in detail the horrific injuries inflicted AND sustained in what must be the ultimate male pursuit.

It's not high literature but you don't expect Wyndham Lewis when you're reading about blokes hitting each other as a leisure activity and Nicholls is no PHD; but when it comes to giving a vivid and graphic picture of a dark, crimson-tinted world, it does the job.

Despite much investigation and psycho-analysis, the authorities can't seem to get their heads round the fact that these guys do this for sheer excitement and fun; and although it's much rarer than it once was, as Gordon Browns' nanny state bites harder and harder into people's civil liberties, it's never going away completely.

Jail sentences and banning orders are a good deterrent but pale into insignificance when pitted against pride in yourself and where you come from, the bonding with your friends and the sense of belonging, trust and respect you get from being part of a football clubs 'minority'.
Andy Nicholls tells it like it is.
End of.
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on 10 July 2004
As a life long Evertonian i found it hard to put this book down.
I think it will appeal to Fans of any club due to its truthful version of events that many will remember.
A book that tells it how it was. I admire Andy Nicholl`s honesty one that has seen him banned from every ground in the country.It was brutal,honest and sometimes funny but never boring.At lot of Hooligan related books out there just exist to elevate the author to their own personal fantasy world where they was the "Top Boy". Andy admits to gettin a few good slaps (Wish they were all as honest) and gives credit to the other Firms when due.
Any blue that attends regularly will be able to relate to parts of this book with fond and sometimes painful memories.
Rumours of a Film and follow up book.
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on 4 September 2014
Glad I bought this second hand as I understand the author won't receive any royalties. This guy is an out and out thug. No redeeming features and I failed to warm to him, his stories or his 'friends' throughout the book. Violent criminals should not be allowed to profit from their past, especially when they try and glorify and justify what they have done.

I can't understand why this got such good reviews - are they from 'Scally's' that put this guy on a pedestal? There are far better books on the market by better authors, if understanding football violence is your thing.
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