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on 5 March 2001
A breath of fresh air has blown our way, bringing us much more than a white feather. Healer and medium Ian Graham has channelled "White Bull" in trance since 1983. Without self-promotion, he has established a noble reputation among countless seekers of spiritual guidance. These include Princess Irene of The Netherlands, whose foreword explains that Ian has now chosen to become more visible by writing this book to enable White Bull's universal messages to spread to a wider public at a time when we all need encouragement to heal the earth through healing ourselves. The title of this compilation is taken from a typically reassuring passage: "Trust that as your life unfolds everything will happen at the perfect time. Know without a doubt that God is never late but accept that He is never early either!"
White Bull professes to have little interest in discarnate guides, "even though I am one myself". Instead of concerning ourselves with their identities, he advises us to focus on their message or merely trust in their unseen support while we develop a stronger relationship with our own inner guide on our "journey towards oneness with that source of love and wisdom, however you call it". His words are refreshingly direct and valid for our time, and are now being made available in several languages.
White Bull commends the teachings of various masters and frequently emphasises the value of the path demonstrated by Jesus. Commenting on conventional Christianity, he urges us to build a temple for Truth in our heart rather than going to church and allowing ourselves to be controlled by false beliefs of punishment and judgement: "If it had been Jesus's intention for churches to be built in His name He would have spent His life on earth cutting ribbons." Warning against the literal interpretation of many "New Age" prophesies, White Bull suggests that some of the coming earth movements will be more symbolic: "For example, your financial and business worlds are built on a ground riddled with fault lines. And when the facts that are already known in certain quarters about what really took place in your Holy Land two thousand years ago are revealed, which they will be, you can expect a major earthquake to rock your Christian religion."
There is abundant practical advice on personal matters too, such as relationships, families, guilt, poverty, prayer and affirmation. From AIDS and cancer to violence and war, the message is the same: the need for love, compassion and forgiveness, not fear or judgement. Anyone who reads this book will be enriched by it. The timeless wisdom of White Bull shines from these delightful pages as brilliantly as his sparkling humour, leaving the reader glowing in the light of his unconditional love and illuminated by a greater understanding of spiritual evolution.
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on 19 April 2001
''Sharing the wisdom of White Bull:
Imagine a source of guidance and spiritual healing which would take you beyond dogma, towards a universal and genuine peace of mind.
You can encounter this kind of balm of Gilead in the pages of a book, GOD IS NEVER LATE channelled by Ian Graham. Don't miss it.
Being one of the friends of White Bull, after the privilege of having private sittings throughout the last decade, may I now express my lifelong gratitude to Ian Graham, now that his work is available worldwide.
Peace be with you. Fran Barrault. ''
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on 19 July 2003
The most adorable, uplifting book. Just gorgeous! Definitely the words of a truly enlightened being! Not just full of absolute gems but a total delight to read. A perfect 'how to live' book. I hardly keep any books. I like to read them and pass them on. But this one, along with a few other 'diamonds', I am definitely keeping. So you'll have to get your own!
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on 26 September 2001
I was so so lucky to meet Ian and White Bull in the UK over a decade ago...White Bull spoke my heart and has continued to do so ever since...
This is rare and inspiring stuff in a world of New Age and Old Age confusion...
Other books and ideas perpetuate the 10000 things White Bull brings us back to the essence of being ...with his utter simplicity...
I do not know where I would be today without White Bull....no he was not my guru...just a fantastic friend through some very tough years...
Do more than read this book...read it...live it...be it...and then offer it to ALL your friends..Thank you Ian and White Bull from the bottom of my heart...
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on 26 February 2002
This is one of those books that will never be boring. Each chapter is a jewel, a little gem in itself. The only thing lacking from this book is the real experience to be in the loving presence of this wise spiritual teacher, when channeled by Ian Graham. Having this book by your bed-side is the next best thing.
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on 8 September 2014
Grate book, if you beginning to ask questions why you were Nord on the Earth and what he purpose ... I would recommend to read this book.
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on 5 August 2014
Wonderful book - I had read it before and bought this one for a friend.
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