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on 16 May 2008
This book is a photograph collection which follows the Bf 110 from its early B series (a few pages are devoted to this model, despite the title) through to the E version. Chapters cover all the variants from the Bf 110 C-1 to the E-3 and there are sections on night fighter variants (which for these early models were almost identical to the day fighter variants) and aircraft modified for towing gliders.

Unlike the excellent recent volumes Classic have published on German aircraft this book shows the evolution of the design purely pictorially. There is almost no text other than the picture captions themselves and no explanation of why the aircraft was created, what role it was meant to fill, why the various models were developed, or how they were used.

The photographs are an interesting and varied collection. A few pictures will be very familiar to anyone who has read anything on the Bf 110 or the Luftwaffe in general, but the majority will probably not be. The quality of the originals is somewhat mixed but all are reproduced very well and informatively captioned. The result is a visual description of the Bf 110 from nose to tail, inside and out, with each chapter showing the modifications made from the previous model in great detail. There are many examples of `composite' aircraft shown, as Messerschmitt seem to have wanted to use up the stock of components from the previous model on as each new version was introduced. Clear and elegant profiles show how features changed with each model. As with all Classic publication's recent books the physical presentation is excellent.

If you want description of the rationale, design and use of the Bf 110 in the same way as Classic's recent volumes on the Me 410, Do 335 or the superb volume on the Natter have done, then I would suggest this book is only going to be of marginal interest. If you are a modeller, or are interested in the minutiae of changes made for version to version, perhaps to identify the exact aircraft type shown in a photograph, then is will be a much more useful book. This is the sort of book the authors have aimed to create and they have done an excellent job at doing so, so on that basis I rate it at five stars.
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on 26 February 2009
A truly excellent book. John Vasco (an authority on the 110) and artist Fernando Estanislau have done a first rate job in producing a thoroughly researched volume on the 110.

Much information on the Bf 110 that exists is either out of date, inaccurate or contradictory. This book clears up a lot of that confusion, and allows the reader in a clear and concise way, to identify the myriad of service life improvements and modifications that were made to the 110 through it's production life.

Dealing with the C, D, & E variants, with a brief foray into the early B model, the book is packed with many previously unpublished photographs and well researched information. These are backed up with manual drawings and official documentation. This is added to throughout by marvellous artwork by Fernando Estanislau, which really makes for a complete package.

With regard to colours and markings on the type, this book is not about that. It does exactly what it says on the cover, "An Illustrated Study- Variants, Weapons, Equipment". What it does do is to provide the reader, whether they be a modeller, historian or like me; both, with an invaluable reference source, that could almost be considered a 'one stop shop' when trying to sort through the variant minefield that is the mid-series Bf 110.

In conclusion, I cannot recommend this book enough. If you are a student of Luftwaffe history, then it is must that you have it on your library shelf. You won't be disappointed.
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on 2 December 2012
Not an aircraft I would profess to know much about , my main interest in ti would be as a nightfighter and the early types - I would have to claim no more than a general awareness of the aircraft and the generally held view that it was no match for a modern fighter.
The authors have to a great extent educated me making sens e out of the various models and improvememnts made as part of its early operational life , explaining how the type came about , its journey to operational service and its life warts and all.
No complaints, this is a very useful book, good value for money from folks who know what they are talking about.
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on 30 May 2013
As always with Classic Publications a really well researched reference book on this aircraft. A wealth of technical information as well as lots of new photos of the variants of this heavy German Fighter. Recommended for Luftwaffe enthusiasts
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on 1 January 2014
Unlike the majority of reviewers I found this book short-changed me. I bought it purely on the info supplied which stated that "Fernando Estanislau's high quality artwork further enhances this study" Unfortunately the colour profiles do not show either camouflage or markings and are all uniformly of aircraft in natural metal finish only. To what end? I know what an ME110 looks like in the raw & twenty plus illustrations in bare metal finish strikes me as needless duplication.
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on 14 April 2013
Excellent informative book but do note that it is what it says in the tin: there are no operational accounts. It's a book about variant development.
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Complete information with detailed pictures and diagrams. A must for modelers.
The main flaw is that the information on the radar types installed in each version is not systematic.
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on 11 August 2015
Bought as a present , he loved it.
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