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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 11 March 2010
5 stars book , but be warned, this is "Definitely not for beginners".
Either you know already what you are looking for or you will found yourself lost after few pages.
It has the this great advantage compared with all the other books on the same subject; in the first part the author gives you the opinions on the same topic of different famous astrologers of the past, without expressing any preference.
The downside is that it doesn't help you to make up your mind, it's up to you to decide which one among the many alternatives given will do the better job in your case, the book will not help you.
The second part is much more useful as "learning tool", there are many exemples of Horary charts solved by the author, with all the necessary how's & why's .
It is a great aid for the astrologers that have already a fairly good knowledge of Horary and need only a way out when stuck into a muddy horary chart (very frequent case) as Horary is made up of thousand little rules that some times interfere and overlap one with each other.
It will disappoint you if you are just learning the first rudiments on horary, but it's a "must buy" if you have been already practicing it for some time, because this is the only book that can give you this huge amount of informations on Horary rules, actually it is like a very good encyclopedia on Horary, the best one to my knowledge.
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VINE VOICEon 21 February 2014
This book is encyclopaedic in its content, and extremely well researched and annotated. It will be some time before there is a better book on horary. There are numerous chart examples. It is however, quite a dry read, and you will need to spend many hours to master the content of this excellent book, which I hesitate to call a text book, it is more a reference and discussion of the approach of many ancient authorities, but with numerous practical examples in the last part of the book (150 pages out of 500 plus) grouped by house. Cannot think of anything in its class.
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on 23 May 2009
Although the book is titled Horary Astrology Re-Examined, in fact Dunn's remit is far wider, as she shows us how the method of assessing the strengths or weaknesses of the planets can be applied to any chart. This is explicitly stated and will be of interest to those astrologers who mainly practice natal interpretation.

This book represents a massive undertaking, as it condenses and reviews ancient and medieval astrological thought and puts it into context for the modern astrologer. Dunn has researched her subject thoroughly and produces a scholarly work.

But perhaps what is most valuable is Dunn's own extensive experience. She has the ability to evaluate the methods of the ancient and medieval astrologers and show us exactly how to put this into practice today.

So, the first part of Horary Astrology Re-Examined is a comprehensive examination of the methodology of ancient and medieval astrological doctrine and sets out the basic principles that many of today's astrologers will be woefully uneducated in and unfamiliar with. An understanding of these would enhance the practice of any modern astrologer, giving them a far more rigorous approach to chart interpretation.

The second part sees Dunn in action.Each chapter starts with the testimonies relating to that particular matter and, building on part one, Dunn shows where she may be at variance with ancient doctrine. She goes on to analyse and evaluate horary charts from her private practice. Taking a step by step approach, Dunn arrives at a final judgement in a clear and simple manner. She also includes details of the actual outcome, confirming that her analysis and judgement were in fact correct.

I would whole heartedly recommend this book. This book makes a unique contribution to any astrologer's library.
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on 25 August 2009
Some existing books may get you so far with horary astrology but fail to clarify queries arising as you begin to understand this subject. For example, I don't believe I have seen in existing horary books comments on what happens if a malefic aspects one of the significators even though there may be an applying aspect between both significators which would ordinarily have lead to a positive answer. This and many other 'points in practise' are are dealt with in very readable detail including copious illustrations of techniques and many observations from Barbara Dunns's own practice. I like the chapters on "The Possibility/Impossibility of the Matter Being Propounded" which serve as detailed checklists of what items in the chart count towards or against the desired outcome - again, this is something I haven't seen in existing books on horary. I like the way also Barbara carefully weighs all the testimonies for and against a desired outcome and only gives a positive 'judgment' when there are not less than two concurring testimonies, a point not made in existing books on horary. If you are a seriously interested in horary astrology or want to practise this professionally, this is the text book you will definitely need!!
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on 15 April 2009
I'm utterly thrilled with this book. It really is a masterpiece; so scholarly and well-researched whilst at the same time being easy to read and understand, and deeply inspiring. I think it is an incredibly important contribution to astrological literature and really does provide the link between the ancient traditions and wisdom, and the astrology of today. A truly worthy successor to William Lilly and Olivia Barclay.

When it first arrived, I had a field day dipping in and out at random, getting a taste of the wide range of topics and experiences covered. Now today I have made myself start at the beginning and I intend to read it properly as I know it has much to teach me and enrich my understanding of horary and traditional astrology. I know I will also enjoy it enormously.

Horary Astrology Re-examined will surely become the modern astrological classic - it certainly deserves to be - and I wish it great success. I do hope and believe it will keep alive and strong the link with traditional astrology, handing the flame on to current and future students.
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on 25 June 2014
Having purchased this book quite some time ago,& due to unforeseen circumstances,still not begun to read it from the beginning,after reading all the other reviews am eager to begin! I have dipped in & out of various chapters & find Barbara's style of writing an absolute joy to read. She is thorough,whilst at the same time makes it an absorbing read. Her passion & professionalism for this fine Art shines through. I like also that she uses only the seven traditional planets in her work. This is my definite day time reading covered for the months ahead!
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on 9 June 2014
Excellent book that I refer to again and again. I wouldn't be without this in my library, very informative.

My only drawback is it does not cover every house. Just the main ones (relationship, health etc). But its still a very good book.
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on 18 June 2009
Opinions on newspaper and magazine horoscopes are invariably extreme. People are either faithful fans that believe each word they read, or obstinate sceptics that dismiss every forecast as rubbish.
Rarely is either alternative backed by anything other than prejudice. This book could end that as it takes a detailed, academic look at the sources on which astrology is based, from Ptolemy to Masha'allah, Abu Ma'shar, Abu Ali Al Khayyat and Al Biruni and back to Bonatti, Dariot, Morin and Lilly.
There's nothing like facts to end an argument and Barbara Dunn's meticulous analysis certainly provides enough clues to shed light on the merits or otherwise of this ancient and, in many respects, lost art. Far from ending the debate, this 500-plus-page tome should lift it to a new and hopefully more enlightened level.
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on 19 December 2009
I bought this to get another slant on Horary than John Frawley who I found good but wrote about HIS experiences a lot with great certainty - perhaps to excess bearing in mind the great body of horary tradition behind him. Barbara Dunn in contrast cites various authorities in dealing with most topics and then gives her own standpoint if needed. I am a relative novice in Horary though having decades of experience in other branchs of astrology and this looks like a more balanced approach. 4 stars because I have not completed a thorough read but very impressed so far. I would also rate John Frawley's Real Astrology a 4 star text too after reading thoroughly and trying out his approaches.
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on 24 March 2011
Generally the book it's well writen as the author have done great literature review on traditional horary astrology. But I still have no idea on how to choose a suitable house system. In addition, it talks about the 2nd house on money. it didn't give many example on various horary topics related to money.
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