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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 19 June 2005
If you have bought any of Glenn Harrold's other cds you will know what to expect: (ie a strong London accent). Once you get used to this, and make a point of suspending any cynicism, so that you give the whole process a chance - his recordings are very effective. I have treated myself to half a dozen in the last year, and I can vouch for their ability to work on habitual thinking and behaviour at deep levels. Out of all of them, I rate this as probably his best, because it really does do exactly what it suggests - Relaxes you Deeply.
I am very glad to say that I do not suffer greatly from stress and anxiety, but even so, I do (as so many of us do) live with constant demands and high workload. And so I have come to appreciate the value of being able to take time out and relax. It is amazing how effective the combined script and music can be, and I can honestly say that I always become VERY RELAXED. Using this cd is a hell of a lot more healthy than turning to alchohol or recreational substances, and has the added benefit of increasing your ability to handle stress during your day to day life. I have recently used it to cope with some high pressure exams, and found myself particularly drawing on being able to remain calm and composed.
I have been studying self hypnosis for the last year, and have explored many "hypnosis CDs" as well as recording my own projects. Consequently I have been finding out what works, and what doesn't, and how difficult it can be to produce a good quality script. I wholeheartedly recommend this particular cd.
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on 14 August 2003
This wonderful CD has helped me no end. When I first began using the CD I was suffering from stress and anxiety, not sleeping well and generally finding life a chore. After just a few sessions together with the other CD "build your self esteem" I have become much more relaxed, able to deal with stressful situations, sleeping like a log and my general outlook on life is very positive. The CD is easy to use Glenn Harrold has a lovely voice, the music is very relaxing and the whole experience is very rewarding. I can not recommend this highly enough.
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on 8 August 2003
This wonderful CD by Glenn Harrold has calmed me down no end. I have gone from not sleeping, palpitations, anxiety and not able to cope with stressful situations to being so laid back I could be horizontal. I no longer have the palpitations, sleeping is bliss, anxiety a thing of the past and stressful situations are not a problem. I purchased this CD together with build your self esteem - I use them both regularly and felt the benefits almost straight away. Other people have noticed the change in me which is wonderful but it's how I feel myself that is so great. I would recommend this for anyone who is feeling stressed or anxious - lovely music, lovely calm reassuring voice and one of the very best thing I have been fortunate enough to try.
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on 14 December 2006
I'm a clinical psychologist and professionally dubious about a lot of self help cds out there - especially ones with gimmicks like subliminal messages. I have to say though that I've always been impressed with this one. I find Glenn's chirpy cockney accent pretty irritating personally, but it still seems to work. I've had this CD a long time and I think I bought it when I was particularly stressed about a health issue. Despite my overwhelming levels of worry, this CD still relaxed me, which I felt was quite impressive at the time. I've been recommending it to clients since. Ultimately, different things suit different people, but if you're looking for a general relaxation CD, this is certainly worth a try.
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on 8 September 2006
I have to admit to being sceptical on reading the reviews, never having been one for 'self-help' CDs; however, during my recurring battle with depression, I saw no harm in trying.

I can, without reservation, recommend this CD.

To review the two tracks in reverse order... Track two is a guided tour of an imaginary garden/beach, which for me, did not work too well (this is just me, you understand, other listeners may prefer this approach); however, track one is the puppy's pockets (to coin a phrase). Beginning with breathing exercises, which take some getting used to at first, Glenn Harrold then guides you into total body relaxation... and then you wake up.

It is difficult to describe exactly, but friends to whom I've lent this CD have said the same - you conciously hear the first 10 or so minutes of the (29 minute) track and you then lose 20 minutes completely.

I try to listen to this CD each evening & since I've been doing so, my levels of relaxation & calm have increased exponentially (despite stresses at work & personally) - psychosomatic? Maybe - but it works, so I don't question it.

Wholeheartedly recommended.
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on 30 March 2007
I was having a real hard time, tried all the usual channels, talking, doctors etc and I decided there had to be another way to feel like I had some control. I found Glen's cd was a little sceptical but thought 'what the heck, no harm in trying'. I sat down in a quiet room, comfortable and listened to the cd that afternoon. I heard the first few minutes then woke up! I found his voice fine, the music was in keeping nothing weird. When I woke up, I felt refreshed and lighter. For the first time in months I had a full nights sleep. The next day I felt happier but couldnt say why. Ive been listening for the past few weeks each evening and I can only say its done far more for me that just help my sleep. Im calmer and find things are not getting on top of me. I feel in control again.

Cant reccommend it enough.
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on 31 October 2000
This tape has helped me reach levels of relaxation I never thought were possible. It has helped me to be more calm and relaxed in difficult situations. The speaker has a perfectly calm voice and the music is so soothing... Thankyou very much.
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on 28 January 2002
After suffering from stress to the extent I could hardly leave the house without anxiety attacks my GP recommended relaxation, after listening to the cd over a period of a couple of weeks,and learning the simple breathing exercises I feel that i'm back in control of my life ! haven't had and anxiety attack since
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on 15 January 2001
This CD takes more than one listening to before you feel the affect. Once you get used to the music and voice you begin to allow yourself to relax completely. The recordings seem to past in an instant even though they last for 25 mins or so. I found this a great tool for teaching myself to cope with stress, and it used similar techniques to ones I experienced with my hypnotherepist, but much cheaper!
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on 8 March 2006
I love this cd. Glenn has a lovely voice, soothing yet assertive. I've only given it four stars because the first track is a little disappointing; i actually find the music quite eerie compared to that of some of his other recordings. Having said that, if you relax and go with it you will feel the benefits. Track 2 is wonderful, the best hypnotherapy recording I've experienced. He leads you down some steps and into a healing garden, then he takes you down a winding path to the beach. You really drift off here, and you really will feel that the sea is at your feet.
I've only listened to this track for a week but I do feel a change in me, my inner voice is changing and I'm having more positive thoughts. I can also tolerate others better, and I feel more in control of my emotions.
I used to suffer from social phobia, but I have drastically improved since using both Glenn's Develop Your Self Confidence recording, and Paul McKenna's Change Your Life in Seven Days book. To anyone who suffers from any form of anxiety, I would recommend that they also use one of Paul's books. His Instant Confidence book is fantastic and I'm currently using the suggested techniques he gives in conjunction with Glenn's Complete Relaxation cd.
To sum up, this cd feeds the soul and is a lovely way to end each day. It will help you view life more positively and look on the bright side of any situation. However, if you suffer from anxiety or have any confidence issues, Paul McKenna's books will help you to take action and change your life.
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