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on 9 February 2018
It's okayish.
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on 18 October 2004
Not a bad book, but I was disappointed in the amount of people left out, especially from the early scene. There's also the usual Eddy Piller worship, when in fact he was half-mod half-casual and was interested in making £££ as much as anything.
Still, did bring back some memories, especailly the Brighton run..
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on 30 July 2016
Sweet and dandy no hassle service
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on 13 December 2015
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on 13 September 2004
A worthy addition to any collection on the mod scene.It was especialy enjoyable for me as a young Mod growing up in Reading,
too young to go to many of the events but hearing stories of wonderful soul filled nights in London. Great to see the pictures and hear these stories again.
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on 12 July 2005
Great book. I truly wallowed in nostalgia reading it and the photos are excellent - not enough on us female mods though. Definitely worth buying if you were ever part of the scene at that time.
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on 9 April 2005
This is a book that you can pick up and not put down. It is a perfect companion to Mods by Richard Barnes and continues the story of Mod life and I am not just saying this because I am in a few of the photos.
It starts with the 79 and early 80s scene from different parts of London including the clubs, music (including the Mod Top 100-actually it is 74-music list ), Carnaby Street, newspaper clips and a photo of a bedroom.
Then it moves to the Mid Eighties and it has pictures of flyers and club members cards, interviews with Mick Ferrante, Rob Messer, Big Bob, Paul Hallam, (and some I did not know) Darren Russell, Paul Lyons, Ray Patriotic and Jim Watson to say a few of them. There are also articles from Eddie Piller,s "Extraordinary Sensations", Scooter runs, fashion, Sneakers and Paul Hallam's article on "A night out in London" with Burton's School of Dancing in Hampstead-it was actually in Hemel Hempstead. It includes Hayling Island do's-which were very important near the end, the Tufnell Park meeting, the Phoenix List, the final demise of Mod (about life and clubs near the end) or drop out of Mod.
The Modzines are a great reminder of the past and finally the Bands and record sleeves.
For anyone who did not know the 80s London scene this book is a great and accurate account of Mod life in London and the things that drove people away. There is not much from the Mod Girl life-which would have been good-and more about the scooters would have been good.
It is a brilliant buy and I would recommend it to anyone-in fact I have.
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on 28 December 2009
I love that quote from Quadrophenia and it summed up to me what it was like to be different. Ok the Great Weller says how can you be different when you all dress the same -Green US parkas etc. but we were young and enjoying live -and that was the 80's for me. So to see a lot of my mates in the book was great, I was transported back to the sights and sounds. In some ways there was a tinge of sadness that it no longer exists (my carefree youth) and the mates in the book you just took for granted you would see the next time you were down 'the clubs' ubtil either the clubs, your mates or you weren't there and you wonder what became of them. Paul and Rob, the Camden Stylists buzz me on Facebook if you read this, it'll be good to find out what you middle aged men are now doing. Sorry to side track but that's what this book is all about to me, the comradery, the fights, the girls , the music without the gloss. Mod had revived itself for a second time and we were a part of it, most of us weren't trying to copy it because we had no recollection of it, we just knew we liked the style, the clothes, scooters , Tamla Motown, Modettes, Northern Soul and being a part of something and this book immortalises what for all those of us that were a part of 'this way of life'.
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on 8 September 2004
A mate told me about this book recently and so I looked on Amazon to see if it existed, and there it,was I couldn't believe it! I was knocking around on the scene in a big way from 84-90 and I wouldn't have had it any other way. From my perspective the book is accurate in every way. The fanzines and records (Iv'e still got a few knocking about), the politics and infantile bitching that drew many away, the animosity from casuals(the times I to brawl my way out of trouble and leg it!) I was there and saw it all and the faces in the book are all familiar although me and my mates kept ourselves pretty much to our Northwest clique. I'd have bought the book anyway but it swung it when I saw myself on the cover. Just for the record, although the book is about London Mods the four mods on the front are from Stockport! It was a picture from an article in the Stockport Express Advertiser on 25/7/85, it was taken outside Martin 'the mod' Mellors house in Edgeley, Stockport and it later appeared on the cover the in crowd Modzine. If anybody's interested(cos it's not in the book) the lad on the back of Martins scoot is Migg Smith who I think is still living in the Cheadle area and was last seen by me in 1990 when he was heavily into the Madchester phenomenon. Far right is Ian Higgins who is now a diving instructor in Egypt and still gets his Fizzogg in scootering from time to time, Martin Mellors still lives,craps and sleeps mod and has been on the telly several times and gets everywhere! He promotes loads of do's especially in Manchester but ironically is banned from all London mod do's over some row (somethings never change!) Last saw him at the IOW scooter rally this year. And lastly I'm on the far left of the picture. I drifted to the Northern soul scene in the late 80's, better music, friendlier scene, no hang ups, but I'm still riding scooters and embracing mod ideals in a more relaxed way.Buy the book, it's good! Chris Wood.
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on 16 December 2009
bought this book from sherrys carnaby st. originally.Brilliantly written showing views from different people in the scene at the time.Although set down south the memories still rang bells with this old northern mod. Lots of great photos and nice to see the old eighties mod singles,especially The Gents a local mod band from my way who should have made it.
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