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4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 2 October 2000
I got this book on the strength of 'Dark moon' expecting a factual book containing the hard science behind the claims made in the latter half of 'Dark Moon' - alternative propulsion systems, geometry, and gravity. It is nothing of the sort.
This really should have been sold as a science fiction book as the ideas are very good however it is written in a very tedious way often mentioning numbers to n decimal points - possibly to re-inforce that it is a "factual" account. It is asking a lot of people in this day and age to simply believe the content - more questions are raised than evidence is provided. One might as well believe in fairy tales.
If the author really wanted to "infuse" (an often used word in the text) people with these ideas would it have not been more effective and certainly more entertaining if it were written as a no-holds barred SF classic?
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on 28 January 2016
This is a very interesting story and I think, based on other research, it contains some really valuable information - especially in the discussions about the varying speed of light, consciousness and energy. However, the style is uneven and parts of it are repetitive, which means one may lose interest. Also, the characters seem a bit one dimensional and the story-element of the writing is not particularly engaging.

The discussion of things like Crop Glyphs (correct name for them!) and the idea that they are encoded messages which have been "sent through time" is also intriguing, though inevitably dates the work. (Formations have continued to appear since this was written - but please see the connection to 911 and technology that I've written about on my website "checktheevidence" and elsewhere 911 Finding the Truth)

Nevertheless, I think this book is interesting as a part of one's journey in discovering the truth about life, the universe and everything and parts of it are quite profound when you stop to consider them...
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on 17 May 2016
People if you want to know what you really are and how you came to being then read this publication that was first printed in 1993. There is no other document like it.
It covers the variable speed of light governed by gravity. The discovery of the transdimensional soul. Gravitational spinning disks as a means of transport (depicted as a blueprint at Stonehenge). How crop circles were really produced and for what purpose. The importance of the Moon placed in orbit to bring about life on Earth. Heads up everyone.
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on 26 August 2014
First, I would like to respond to 2 reviews of this book. I wouldn’t compare this book to the likes of David Icke et al, as this is not a conspiracy book. I would look on this as alternative history, and although to some people alternative history hints of conspiracy, I assure you this book is anything but conspiracy minded. Second, this book is many things, but it is not boring.

I agree that this book is not an easy read, but how much of your life do you spend learning propaganda in our education system? About 1/3? That seems about right. So reading this book may have some challenges, but the rewards in reading it, far outweigh any rewards you think you’ve gained from our education system. And compared to the eduction system, this book takes little or none of your precious time.

It is a book rich in history, advanced science, and technology going back several billion years. But don’t let that scare you. The book is written in the form of a novel and the characters are enduring, especially 3 of them, which I would say are the main characters of the book. These characters are helped along with their work by an enlightened group of people called the Essenes. You find yourself getting very close to these 3 characters as they give new meaning to what our existence is all about; and it is not necessarily predicated on getting married and having children. In fact, these characters were denied that, yet still they found so much meaning in their lives and the work they were at first, forced into, and as you follow their story, you find their work becomes a labour of love. After reading this book, you’ll find yourselves admiring them like no other; that is, admiring them, not idolizing them, which is a significant point which people need to take note of today in our society.

There is much to talk about in this book, but I’ll highlight just a few. Mars and the Moon, figure very prominently in our existence. The structures including the Face on Mars are explained very well and how important the connection of these structures are to the structures on Earth, like the Great Pyramids. All of the technology needed to bring about the existence of us human beings, or more appropriately, self-aware life, is explained in great detail. When you realize the careful planning that went into placing the Moon in orbit, the importance of getting the correct rotation of Earth and the genetic manipulation of the species like neanderthal man, you get a whole new perspective of where we came from, and the real purpose of our existence. Crop circles and how they are programmed to appear, are talked about in great detail. Darwinian theorists, have some explaining to do as well. You’ll also learn the meaning of the title ‘Two-Thirds,’ which is a concept.

In the end, this book explains our true purpose, and it is not about worshipping a deity. To find out what our true purpose is though, is something you’ll have to find out for yourselves. You can do that by reading this book. I guarantee, you will not be disappointed.
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on 23 August 2009
This book is an extraordinary, and enlightening, voyage through the annals of creation. It is written in a captivating, detailed and compelling format. The contents of the book emerge in what can be construed, at one level, as a science fiction story of epic dimensions. Indeed the book is a thoroughly good read on that level alone. It is, however, far more! It is in the great tradition of Swift and others who wrote on numerous levels. The reader is constantly given clues, both explicit and implicit, that engender a powerful urge to think about the deeper significance of what is disclosed and to evaluate the information and detail given in the light of historical and mythological records.

As the story unfolds, and links are made with factual sources and esoteric writings, so the reader is stimulated to embark upon a veritable tidal wave of exploration and intellectual challenge. The need is to engage with and to delve deeply into ancient texts and modern philosophical thought in order to set the unfolding tapestry of knowledge in a meaningful paradigm.

The realisation begins to dawn that what we have been taught in contemporary education as epistemological orthodoxy is not entirely derived from either Empiricism or Rationalism. Instead, the nature and purpose of the contemporary educational process is fundamentally one of obfuscation to further political and religious ends and to deny the dissemination of profound revelations.

This is a challenging book. It is an important book that should be widely read.

The authors are to be congratulated on their prodigious achievement.
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on 23 July 2013
Anybody who reads this book cover to cover will be elevated to a higher plain of existence and will never see the galaxy in the same way again!!!
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