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on 21 September 2007
The work that went into gathering the information, and the events leading up to this books publication is a story in itself. But what is more is the information that is within its pages regarding the circumstances that we find outselves, in todays world. Ever wonder why humanity seems to always through the eons of time, keep trying to annihilate themselves. Well, the secret is within this book. And the answer if both chilling and amazing.

A must read!
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on 17 July 2011
There are very meaningful messages in this book, but the writing style is so laboured, so awkward that they are mostly obscured. Many paragraphs I found to be incomprehensible - I simply had no idea what was being said. By way of example :

"Analysis of the different experiential manner demonstrated by these individuals caused us to conclude that their instinctive substratum is also defective, containing certain gaps and lacking syntonic responses commonly evidenced by members of the species Homo Sapiens."

If you are smarter than I and can make sense of the prose, it is a profound book as it covers in detail how 'evil' evolves and is sustained and will only get worse in a World that is obsessed with large, fractured communities. The odd concept I gleaned was worth the effort, but much better for the translation from Polish to have been written by a clearer communicator.
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on 4 November 2007
Did you ever, especially as a child, wonder why there have to be wars and death and suffering in the world? And do you remember asking your parents "why?" And did you feel that the answers given to this "Why" were never satisfying?

It's most probably because your parents did not know the answer themselves. This book is the first one to track the problem to the root and reveal the answer to our Why's: there are beings among us looking like us, but so very different in their essence - they lack conscience! And when those beings achieve positions of power in the society - as is the case currently - wars, killings, destruction and suffering is the result. Read and learn to identify them and their deviant ways, so we can be fooled by them no more, and take the power back to our hands before it's too late. It's the only way to have "a world in peace, not at the expense of freedom". Wouldn't you want that?
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on 28 October 2007
It is sickening to see the way this beautiful planet is deteriorating. Raped and plundered by a globalist corporate capitalist economy that only seems to reward those at the top. How has it become like this? How is it every single facet of our lives, education, local services, a complicit press, Government and corporations all seem to be taking us on a high speed train to the edge of a cliff? Why are wars based on lies continuing? Why are further nations that pose insignificant threat to our peace being harassed and propagandised into the enemy that we all need to fight?

In his insightful study into the pathologically deviant leaders of the 21st Century, Lobaczewski presents irrefutable evidence how a whole society becomes infected with the insane psychopathy of power-hungry conscienceless individuals. These individuals who, because of their very nature, do what ever it takes (and get away with) rising to the top of governments, organisations and companies. Lobaczewski explains how this 4-6% minority of psychologically deviant personalities have far-reaching impact and influence on the whole of society. He labels this affect the ponerisation of society. We all need to read this book to protect ourselves from the way our society is heading.
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on 15 July 2012
This is the first book that I've read that affected me so much that I felt the urge to write a review.

Lobaczewski delves into the questions that have perplexed mankind for thousands of years, and gives a stunningly clear and scientific view on how evil takes over societies. If you have always been perplexed over how our "leaders" can stand in front of a camera and tell outright lies, organise the deaths of millions, and yet seemingly feel no remorse, you need to read this book.

The language is incredibly dense, and will most likely require your absolute attention and the looking up of many words (it certainly did for me). Do not be fooled by the small size of the book, it will take a while to read!
However once you begin to get used to his writing style, he becomes easier to follow, and it will be clear that he uses such language in order to be as objective as possible. This leads to a book with a very clear message, and there can be no misunderstanding if you follow it fully.

This book has helped me understand many things about human history and the current world, and has really helped me on my way to regaining my own mental 'hygiene' as Lobaczewski calls it. I give this a truly deserved 5-star rating and I recommend it to anybody who is searching for the truth about the suffering of mankind.
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on 25 March 2012
Do yourself and everyone you care about a favor and read this book. It explains in detail the process of how good people, groups and nations are overcome and co-opted by psychological deviants and how they are used by the same. A detailed and open look at what is happening in the world and more specificially the United States will show the processes described in this book taking place. The subject of psychopathy and the impact it has on societies, institutions and individual people is knowledge that every person of conscience needs to understand. Books I would read along with this book that brings the subject of psychpathy to a higher level of understanding are 'Snakes in Suits', 'Without Conscience', 'The Sociopath Next Door', and 'The Authoritarians'. Currently reading 'Puzzling People' and will review it later.
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on 25 June 2007
No one in my experience has quite explained the nature of true Evil in the way Lobaczewski has. The information in this book is what I would call "high density" since the maximum amount of information is conveyed with a minimum amoumt of words. It's not an easy read because of this but the information contained in this book precisely conveys the essential roots of the problem that humanity faces today.

Lobaczewski speaks of Evil in macrosocial terms, relating it to the word of politics and not from its ambiguous theological perspective. He bases his study of Evil in psycho-dynamical terms focusing on the behavioral dynamics of the psychopath and what motivates them. Lobaczewski studies the nature of Evil clinically, as it should be studied.

When I see the horrid state of the world in the terms Lobaczewski describes then everything fell in place for me. Now I know I'm not crazy. My reading of the book Ponerology explained A LOT to me, and not only confirms my own observations as to why the world is the way it is, but it has helped focus my perceptions and understanding of the nature of reality into a much greater clarity. It's no small wonder why the manuscript of this book has been suppressed. Once reading it one will begin to see the naked emperor.

These psychopaths that have now taken over our governments feed on our fear while feeding us false solutions to our domestic and foreign problems. They give us our governments which at this stage of their "game" are nothing more then Fascist regimes and nothing more then criminal governments in disguise.

In this book I have learned that most, if not all of the governments of the world, have been taken over by a pathological infection from just a small group of psychopaths who understand the psychology of normal people to a very high degree and they have corrupted these governmental structures to the very core. These psychopaths have silently, but with mind boggling persistence and stealth moved in and taken over and hollowed out the very soul of humanity using lies and deception as their weapons of choice. These psychopaths, this inhuman race of pathological deviants, who do not have the capacity to feel conscience and feel the pain of another, now literally rule the world.

One psychopath can terrorize an entire town, even an entire city. The majority of normal people are now ruled by a minority of psychopaths and they have basically made our governments criminal networks. Criminal governments. Those working for these governments are now working for what basically is a criminal enterprise and they don't see it because they are in it and profit by it, yet it is these people who are determining our future and the future of our children.

Mankind is becoming a willing slave to the pathocratic structures created by the inhuman obsessive greed of this small percentage of humanity that cannot feel conscience. This book is a MUST READ. Only by knowing what we are dealing with can we do anything about it without going in circles. We are dealing with an intelligent predator that feeds on the soul of humanity. It seems to me that there are only a very few who are now speaking of psychopathy and (macrosocial) Evil in the way Lobaczewski speaks of it, since it has been suppressed for so long, but knowledge of the behavior of these deviants, these snakes in suites, is essential so we can recognize this "predator within our midst" and then do something about it with any real and lasting results
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on 3 November 2007
I'm not surprised this has received such high ratings; it's a work of such important and informative proportions that it should be required reading for every single person on the planet. Please don't think I'm being overly dramatic because it truly begins to explain the causes and maneuvers of evil in our world - how it has happened, continues to happen and will happen - and how so much suffering can come about in a relatively short period of time and from the influence of such a tiny minority.

Many confused individuals throughout history have looked towards race, gender, culture, religion or whatever to explain it, but it doesn't cut to the very essential root: the actual hard-wiring of the brain and how a select few have a different neurological structure; no compassion, no pity, no love, no conscience. Zilch. Not only that, it can be and most often is, completely masked with an act so contrived and realistic that the people left in their path of destruction hardly know what's hit them. This book deals with how these deviants rise to positions of power and steer the course of large societies towards complete lockdown and destruction.

And you know what? It's happening right now in the US, Australia, Europe and the Middle-east; all of the characteristics outlined by Lobaczewski in clinical detail have come to fruition and if people don't wake up soon, and integrate the information conveyed in this work, then we've all had it.
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on 5 November 2007
From using his detailed memory on scientific research and data, Polish Psychologist Andrew Lobaczewski wrote a paramount work titled "Political Ponerology," which was published in 2006. This book drives the readers to experience the hidden aspects of ponerology and to understand the importance of this book. The author Lobaczewski has lived and studied the nature of psychopathy under the harsh condition of the Soviet Union control. And, he has written this work to bring forth the most important study one has ever undertaken. This book is a third manuscript, and the first two manuscripts did not reach the public's humble mind because the first copy went into the fire before it could be confiscated by the secret police and the second copy (with all of the scientific data) was never accounted for when it was on route to Vatican. By looking at what is political ponerology, the issue of psychopathy, how normal people are being affected by the pathocratic rule, one can gather an understanding why political ponerology is greatly important and how it would help the humanity.

The term "ponerology" came from the Greek word, poneros, meaning "evil" and the ponerology basically means a theology study or research on the nature of evil (p. 71). In the case for the term "Political Ponerology," it is a science discipline or study on the nature of evil within the political world. It is because of this arisen (yet suppressed) discipline that we would learn of the pathocratic rule is played out in both the past and today's world governments. It is because of this new discipline that we come to realization of the truth; the truth that there is evil within our governments to this day. It is because of this discipline that we come to know the new term of "Macrosocial Evil," which is a large scale evil that is in control of societies and nations, "and has done so again and again since time immemorial" (p. 7).

As one may know or may not know, a psychopath is a person without conscience and without remorse. That is, in itself, a downright frightening. It is someone who can do anything at all to achieve their goals or desires. And, they see normal people as simple pawns in their games. Not all psychopaths are branded 'criminals' in the eyes of the law or sitting in jail cells. As one will discover when reading "Political Ponerology," they became the law. According to Laura Knight-Jadczyk in the editor's preface of this book:

"Whether you know it or not, each and every day your life is touched by the effects of psychopathy on our world. You are about to learn that even if there isn't much we can do about geological and cosmological catastrophe, there is a lot we can do about social and Macrosocial evil, and the very first thing to do is to learn about it. In the case of psychopathy and its effects on our world, what you don't know definitely can and will hurt you." (p. 9)

It is best for one to deeply learn about the psychopathy in general because, in Lobaczewski's work, one will see the traits of psychopaths match the traits to some of our today's leaders.

Lobaczewski has devoted an entire chapter on the normal people under pathocratic rule. There are two main issues that needed to be pointed out from this chapter: the intelligent individuals being targeted by psychopaths and the normal people under control. Over time, the psychopaths who ruled nations or societies tend to indirectly destroy or eliminate individuals who have high level of intelligence as first order of business if those individuals did not join them. Lobaczewski stated that "only those people with the highest degree of intelligence, which [...] does not accompany psychopathies, are unable to find meaning to life within such a system" (p. 168). These individuals would have great difficulty living under pathocratic rule, and they would discover the harsh truth about those who rules. It is those intelligent individuals who would be able to use their knowledge and skills to help others to fight off an "unseen" control of psychopaths. The psychopathic leaders see any highly intelligent individuals as a threat if these individuals would be able to pass on the right information to the right people. With the elimination of such individuals, the normal people (or common individuals) would not become aware of such pathocratic rule being played out or being aware that they are currently being controlled by psychopaths under the disguise of freedom and democracy. They only see what was being brought to them, such as a controlled media. It is reasonable to assume that these psychopathic rulers do not want the normal people to know of their true nature. To sum it up, Lobaczewski pointed out that:

"Pathocratic leadership believes that it can achieve a state wherein those "other" people's minds become dependent by means of the effects of their personality, perfidious pedagogical means, the means of mass-disinformation, and psychological terror; such faith has a basic meaning for them. In their conceptual world, pathocrats consider it virtually self-evident that the "others" should accept their obvious, realistic, and simple way of apprehending reality. For some mysterious reason, though, the "others" wriggle out, slither away, and tell each other jokes about pathocrats. Someone must be responsible for this: pre-revolutionary oldsters, or some radio stations abroad. It thus becomes necessary to improve the methodology of action, find better "soul engineers" with a certain literary talent, and isolate society from improper literature and any foreign influence. Those experiences and intuitions whispering that this is a Sisyphean labor must be repressed from the field of consciousness of the pathocrats." (p. 164)

Normal people wanted a simple life and a simple understanding of their reality and their world that they live in. It is safe to say that psychopaths are taking an advantage of these simple-minded people and took whatever means necessary to keep the people in the state of ignorance. If people wanted to acquire information, the information sensitive enough for the pathocrats, then a source of disinformation would be given to them. It would be the expectation of the pathocrats to see the normal people believing the disinformation and would 'finally' stop asking for more. The intelligent individuals know how to discern the information, to tell the difference between the truth, the twisted truth, and the lies, which is why the pathocrats wanted to dispose of them. And, the pathocratic leaders do not want the normal people to discover how to discern between the disinformation and the true information. For the pathocrats, it is better for the normal people to be kept in a controlled environment.

There are three points to stress out why Lobaczewski's "Political Ponerology" would be highly important and recommended for the readers. The first is the importance of the data and research in this book. As the publisher, with caution, pointed out:

"When the first edition of this book was published in April of 2006, it was understood that it might very well create a backlash. The depiction of the ways and means by which pathological figures take over and undermine the social structures of normal people found within its pages contained too much accurate clinical data to escape attention from 'interested parties' who are 'ideationally alert' in regard to these matters [...] The author, having been subjected to arrests and then exile from his native Poland, traveled to the US in the 1980s and found that American authorities were equally resistant to the thesis of his book." (p. 221)

Since this book is not officially 'banned' in the United States, it was not 'promoted' by the national or international publishers. It was found that the information lies within this book contains the truth of our governments being controlled by the pathocrats, and it would appeared that the respected publishers may have 'rejected' this book in fear of having their companies 'shut down' in the mysterious ways.

The second point is best stressed by Laura Knight-Jadczyk in the editor's preface:

"The book...is going to give you answers to many of the questions about Evil in our world. This book is not just about macrosocial evil, it is also about everyday evil, because, in a very real sense, the two are inseparable. The long term accumulation of everyday evil always and inevitably leads to Grand Systemic Evil that destroys more innocent people than any other phenomenon on this planet." (p. 9)

If one wanted to be safe and do not have the basic working knowledge of the nature of evil in the lands of "near and far," one is in ignorance and would likely to fall under the control of one such evil ruler. It is best to know about the evil in order to protect oneself. Lobaczewski's work will provide that basic working knowledge, and it is this book that would help save humanity from falling into a pathocratic hell and restore the humanity back to its proper path.

The final point is, with this book as a tool and a guide, the readers would be able to identify each pathological individual and understand them as a "separate case," as Lobaczewski has done (p. 222). Since Lobaczewski has focused on a macro scale of phenomenon of psychopaths in this book, it is recommended for the readers to study other works that discussed with certain aspects of this phenomenon, including The Mask of Sanity: An Attempt to Clarify Some Issues About the So Called Psychopathic Personality (by Hervey Checkley), Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us (by Robert Hare), The Sociopath Next Door (by Martha Stout), Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work (by Robert Hare and Paul Babiak), and In Sheep's Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People (by George Simon). With these works, in addition to "Political Ponerology," one will have a basic working knowledge of the phenomenon of psychopaths in our world and one can see the "unseen" within our world governments.

In Lobaczewski's "Political Ponerology," one can apprehend the nature of evil within our governments and their continuing 'unethical' actions by looking at what is political ponerology, the issue of psychopathy, and how normal people are being affected by the pathocratic rule. Instead of being greatly confused of why such evil occurred, Lobaczewski brings the readers to this understanding of 'why' as well the fact that it is still on-going. While this book is not easily read, it contains a powerful understanding of the nature of reality that is currently lived. It is of humble opinion that this book is to be highly recommended.
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on 26 September 2007
Political Ponerology is a new science, born out of the pain of suffering under Communist oppression in Poland. It is the result of the search for a scientific answer to 'why' this kind of oppression happens, and what can be done about it. It turns out that the same scenarios repeat ad nauseam throughout history, in what Lobaczeski calls the 'hysteroidal cycle'. At the center of this are two concepts. The first is of a small but constant percentage of psychopaths, 'deviant' human beings who are basically conscienceless (due to genetic or environmental damage) and will only ever act for their own benefit, which inevitably turns into oppression of others. The second concept is that of the hysteroidal cycle where, during the 'up' part of the cycle, societal 'good times', knowledge of this deviancy is gradually eroded and lost, and society therby loses its immunity against it - this leads to a cumulative oppression of society as the 'ponerizing' influences begin to snowball, and ultimately a collapse of social order and human function as the population can no longer support itself under such extremes of manipulation.

This book is not an easy read to start with. I've found that repeated study has revealed further subtlety as my understanding has increased - it is also useful to read it as a natural companion to modern studies on psychopathy such as 'Without Conscience' by Dr Robert Hare, and 'The Sociopath Next Door' by Dr Martha Stout. It would also be useful to read what can be though of as a Ponerology case study, '9/11: The Ultimate Truth' by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Ponerology is densely packed with concepts which are initially difficult to digest, partly because of their unfamiliarity, but moreso because of the profound implications that they have on life today. This can be hard to stomach, when one is comfortable in the belief that one is familiar with the workings of modern society and politics - this book does not pander to such comfortable beliefs, and instead shows an ugly underbelly which can be difficult to contemplate.

But contemplate it, we must! This study is extremely relevant today, as we are currently facing just such a social collapse under the extreme effects of runaway psychopathic oppression, under the brutal war of the Bush regime, in combination with savage corporate pillaging of the world's resources. We need answers, and fast, as social cohesion and the very fundamentals of human values are being rapidly destroyed before our eyes. Political Ponerology seems to be an absolutely essential part of that answer.
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