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on 15 April 2016
A lot to understand, explains ME to some degree for some. Adrenal Fatigue , low blood pressure and ME { fatigue syndrome] all seem to be related.Not all forms of ME appear to be the same. I have looked for help for 40 years and this year I have learn't about Vitimin D3 and now about Adrenal Fatigue let's hope they help. I have never got help from the medical profession and I just gave up mentioning it years ago and just struggled through as best I could.
Am using Panatheric acid, VitE, Vit C, Magnesium , Calcium plus zinc.I have started to gain a little bit of energy on some days.
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on 9 August 2016
There is a lot of information within this book which I found helpful. information about symptoms and some anatomy and physiology. A good plan of how to heal yourself and recommendations for a lot of herbal supplements. Some things are not easy to get in the UK. I look forward to trying out the information that is included within this book. However as the nook says it will take about 6 months to get over it properly, so my update on this review will not be for some time.

The only thing that would have been nice would be some ideas of meal plans or recipes to be able to structure things when your first starting.
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on 11 August 2016
Really helped me to understand why I felt so crappy. Have not followed its advice that much because I find it too extreme but it's good to keep in mind, and it made me cut my coffee down to one mug a day.
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on 27 January 2015
Brilliant book - my bible- my son has been very ill - sleeping 17 hours - missing 80% of his schooling - this book helped me identify that his Clenil asthma steroid was poisoning him. The steroid was affecting his adrenal gland in some weard way causing chronic fatigue, sleep issues, pains in leg, disturbed vision and 'banging' headaches. This book is well written, logical, simply illustrated to aid you in your knowledge to support improved health. I cannot recommend this book enough - It probably is the single most important aid to helping my son recover (recovering from) a chronic health condition- poisoning from the steriod -Beclomethasone dipropionate[26] the steroid in Clenil asthma inhaler and Beconaise inhaler for hayfeaver.
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on 10 October 2014
This is my first amazon review ever even though I have been a customer for years. I felt compelled to say that this book changed my life. I had reached rock bottom after having my children and honestly thought I was having a nervous breakdown. Im usually a very fit and healthy person with no underlying health issues, but felt I was losing it. After someone mentioned 'adrenals' I came across this book and bought it. It was like it had been written for me! I think half the population are suffering from some sort of adrenal burnout due to our modern lifestyle and lack of nutrients in our food from intensive farming and mass production.It was fascinating to read about the medical societies opinion since I had no help from the GP. This book gave me the knowledge to understand the importance of supporting the adrenals, the important role they play and helped me to take my health into my own hands. Im now fully on the road to recovery and even running the London marathon. I have since bought many copies of this book for friends and family. A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE!
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on 24 May 2016
I read this book and it's basically written about me. I have been suffering severe fatigue and all the other symptoms in this book with dead end routes from the medical profession for 17 months. It has dramatically affected the quality of my life. To constantly be extremely tired with an associated low mood soon leads to feeling hopeless and demotivated all of the time. I read this book with an open mind and have followed the recovery plan therein. Its not easy but it's the only route I have at present. And hey presto - I am seeing small results. Small improvements but it's only been 1 month. Some days I have energy, a couple of days I had great energy. Then i would wake up the next day feeling back at Square 1. The Road To Recovery diagram in the book explains this well - progress, pitfalls, setbacks and then progress. As such I am following the recovery steps no matter what in the hope of a full recovery. Many of the reviews of this book unfortunately do not give details on improvements people are seeing, maybe because they've 'just' read the book. Anyone else out there got experiences of putting the recovery into practice and any good results? I would love to hear. As I improve, I am keen to make it happen quicker and I know I need to be patient. How long has it taken others to recover? Has anyone out there made a full recovery from initially being in a very bad place with severe fatigue?
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on 20 July 2006
Some parts a bit of a struggle to get through as this is a big book with a lot of information . A must for anybody into natural medicine but presented in a way able to be understood by everybody . This is the only book you will need on the adrenal glands as it covers everything .
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on 7 September 2013
I suspect a lot of people would pick up this book not really sure if they are suffering adrenal fatigue, well that's what I did, eight months after a life threatening infection knocked the piss out of me. At times the book is repetitive and I thought some of the topics could be a little clearer explaining high cortisol & low cortisol and the impact diet stress sleep etc has in a more cohesive and connected way.

Having a background as a nutritional therapist, maybe I'm a little overcritical. There is a lot good to be said about the book. It seems like this is what he is saying. Eat right for the adrenals, exercise right for the adrenals, sleep right for the adrenals, avoid or limit stressors and then take multivitamins and minerals,salted water,herbal extracts such as licorice,ginseng and adrenal extracts. Buy them from him if you like, take a look at his website, these are not cheap products but I suppose it saves you hunting for five or more different products.

I would like to have seen further clarification as to the effect of Ginseng,Licorice etc on Adrenal Function from the point of view of someone with High Cortisol & Low Cortisol may be even a reference to a scientific study or two.

I was working on this case which showed a female patient with high testosterone levels. In his book he mentions 'almost all' testosterone is produced by the adrenal glands whereas other resources suggest something more like 25%. Maybe this is just the way it is these days with experts, once they choose their topic they see it as the cause of everything. Pick up a book on Vitamin D and its the cause of global warming, pick up a book on magnesium and its the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Personally I'm on the fence regarding the adrenal extracts. He said himself that with these extracts on their own, progress can be slow. After moving to a low glycaemic load diet high in fat and getting to bed on time and doing a bit of walking and enjoying my life, I have come a long way, having said that, not far enough or I wouldn't have read this book. Although if I got up off my ass and went for that walk I have been promising all day(like so many other days) then maybe I wouldn't lean so heavy on supplements for help.

In summary, if you suffer from Adrenal Fatigue and follow the advice in this book it will most definitely help. It will tell you which lab tests to do and which tests you can do at home too, along with a lengthy questionnaire(probably better to purchase the book instead of the kindle version, a bit of a pain jotting scores down separately). I would recommend you keep a notepad beside you to jot down useful info as you go as its easy to cherry pick from memory. My advice to you(and to myself), don't gloss over the advice regarding lifestyle changes, if you give up the coffee, cut back on the sweets,get to bed on time and incorporate something relaxing and enjoyable into your day well that's half the battle.

Further reading, might I suggest The Primal Blueprint or Paleo Diet. Having moved from a vegetarian diet to a Paleo diet to control blood sugar and cortisol levels I can support its efficacy in Adrenal Fatigue. It also weeds out the most common food allergies which play their part in adrenal fatigue.

Good luck to one and all.
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on 23 October 2010
For anyone with burnout,CFS and other non specific syndromes this book could put you on the road to a correct diagnosis. It will tell you about the best tests to have,lifestyle changes and a lot more. Thoroughly recommended.
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on 22 September 2011
I found this book interesting, imformative & very useful. I have followed the given advice on life style & supplements & actually feel a lot better. The chapters lay out are easy to follow & the content gave confidence.
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