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on 16 April 1999
I have loved this short story ever since I first read it about 10 years ago. Notice I said SHORT story - yet here it is blown up into an oversize hardcover with several very poor illustrations and presented to fans for a $17 cover price. Who would shell out the money for this? I'll give you two alternatives to buying this book: either look for the Alex Nino-illustrated adaptation in Marvel Comics' "Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction", or scan [...] for the story in its original collection, "Paingod and Other Delusions", which, even though rare and a bit pricey, will still cost less than this particular book (and includes other stories).
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on 3 May 1998
Sitting around with some old, moulding jelly beans in your pockets and wondering just what you should do with them? My advice would be to drop them into the power supply box at your train station, short out the trains for a good hour or three and, with that time, read this gem before arriving at work in the afternoon (there must be lunch, chat, and perhaps some aimless strolling as well).
So, you're probably asking what that has to do with "Repent, Harlequin!" Said the Ticktockman (with fine illustrations by Rick Berry). Well, the answers a numerous and then perhaps they mean nothing at all. I figure I won't tell.
Ellison's book as about an outlaw existing in a totally controlled society, where time is measured and ruled by the Ticktockman. Now the idea is not a new one (at least, not now) but Ellison gives the Harlequin such gusto, the story such a smooth, enjoyable ride, that one can not help but be caught up in it and cheer as the jelly beans are dropped down.
And the message the tale contains (for it does have one, make no mistake) does not make for a message written story. It's a good story, with or without the message, and one has to thank Ellison himself for that. He has a strong voice in his prose--equally as strong as that of himself in person, I am told--and his clearly driven prose leaves no dry points.
So there.
And if you do order this book and it shows up late, well yes, it's the postal system again... but imagine if everything happened on time? Imagine if you had to be one time for everything? What consequences...
Excuse me, got carried away. Buy the book, you'll not regret it. Now, I'm off to drop some jelly beans...
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on 16 January 1999
Perfectly timed for neo-conservatives who demand political correctness, this illustrated reprint of a Nebula and Hugo award winning story (one of the most reprinted in the English language), about a consistently late rebel who defies a government that demands timeliness, is a "well-timed" reminder of Thoreau's admonition: "He serves the state best who defies it most." (from "Des Moines Register," copyright 1998)
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on 20 August 1999
I thought that this book was an accurate portayal of the fast paced american lifestyle that I have chosen not to be a part of. I live in Minnesota as well and was surprised at the comment made by the other Minnesotan. It takes a lot of courage to look at your life and realize your shortcomings. It's hard for me to believe that anyone could read this story and not feel a certain kinship with the characters.
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on 16 June 1998
This classic Ellison story is finally given its due, illustrated, and made available on its own. Powerful, dark, concise, and to the point, Ellison puts punctuality in perspective. You'll never see your watch the same way again...
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on 4 June 1998
This book gets better with every reading. New shades of meaning get clearer. This is not to be missed
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on 7 March 1999
Tremendous illustrations by Rick Berry add to harlan Ellison's prose, but the story speaks powerfully even without illustration. Noting that the publication is (appropriately) two years late for a thirty year anniversary of publication, Ellison shows us who the Harlequin and Ticktock man are - us...
I hope Ellison has a *lot* more time to show the world the mask of the Ticktock man, and live the life of the harlequin. Now, it's time to find some jellybeans, and a place to scatter them like seeds in the wind....
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on 21 March 1999
predictable story. uses lots of adjectives/adverbs. I regret spending the money for 15 minutes of nothing special
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