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on 10 January 2011
This is an amazing book, with great evidence and analysis. A master piece. Anyone with an intelligent interest about the state of world affairs. A must read for al politicians, economist, anthropologists, and anyone that has a family and wants the best for their families. Makes question the big questions that have been pushed aside by the distraction of money making. Slavery is alive in 2011 and we are all willingly submitting to our coorporate masters. If you want reassurance that the system is robbing humanity of Life it is imperitive that you read this. I reccomend you to buy two, one to keep for reference and the other to share with friends,a associates and relatives, that way maybe we can truly inspire people to stop conforming and make long term changes that benefit all of humanity. Truly inspirational book.
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on 12 January 2007
Korten writes like a man on fire with care. He has spent decades trying to empower local communities around the world as they face enormous challenges. And this has always involved trying to influence top-down, overly centralized organizations -- to serve their clients more than they serve their managers. That experience gives Korten a global view from the grassroots up. It also gives him a potent mixture of practical insight, real compassion, and sheer moral fury. Now, instead of tinkering with pyramid-shaped organizations to make them somewhat more effective, he tries challenging the whole set of assumptions behind our traditional systems. He takes his best shot at a better, more compelling story of how we are changing and what we are putting behind us.

Like most big picture painters, Korten pulls together history, politics, science and spirituality. And in each of these fields he shows himself passionately insightful. I think the price of the book is worthwhile just for the myth-recasting reality-check on U.S. history. Many scholars, consultants, or religious leaders try to paint the big new picture. But Korten's particular experience gives him a pragmatism and universalism that is rarely heard. His vision of transition from an imperial-style system to a real earth community compliments Riane Eisler's vision of change from cultures of domination to partnership. And his presentation could hardly be more clear or forceful.

author of A Galaxy of Immortal Women: The Yin Side of Chinese Civilization
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on 21 April 2007
If you are a curious type, and ever have wondered about the nature of huge multinational corps, how they came to be, and wondered about their reason for existence, and their relationship with the state...this is a book for you, the sheer scope of this book is amazing, Korten draws analogies from ancient 'empire' based societies from Greece, Persia, Rome...and shows that human motivations and actions have changed little over 5000 years, although initially a depressing view of the human condition, Korton suggests (persuasively in my opinion) that humans now have the ability and the information, to change human society, from the empire based, money driven, consumerist environmentally damaging lifestyle, to a more sustainable future of 'earth community'...surely we all know something will have to give ??

There is a huge amount of solid historical information in this book, from the formation of the Roman Empire, to the declaration of independance of the USA,...even if you reject some of Kortens analyasis, the story of human history contained is brilliant

very very well written, its not an easy an easy ride but I shall read it at least twice....excellent
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