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In my time as a Life Coach, Business Consultant and Executive Trainer, I have seen so many clients hit personal brick walls, where they stop growing in their professional and personal lives. Many times they lose focus and lose their major definite purpose in life. Without a purpose we are as Zig Ziglar says, "A Wandering Generality rather than a Meaningful Specific". This drift can happen for a variety of reasons, lack of pull goals, self esteem problems, lack of hope or simply a personal confusion over who and what they are in life and in business. A good life coach will look at all aspects of your being and will work out which area needs to be worked upon.

The problem for a lot of people is that they wrongly believe they cannot afford the services of a highly trained coach who can propel them to achieve and be more in life. Also many people are sceptical about the role of personal coaching and whether it is right for them and whether they can benefit from such a service. I truly believe you cannot afford not to work with a trainer, if you want to achieve and be more in life. To take on the objective responsibility to sort out your own problems is difficult, as we often see our own problems through a non objective filter system. These filters have often been created by a socialisation process that has affected the self esteem. A personal development coach can cut through this filter system and look at the client and their problems objectively and prescribe solutions which could take the individual years to figure out. In essence the coach is the most cost effective solution for busy people.

There is of course another approach and that is one based upon self development. Over the years many books have come onto the market that promise an allure of things, from becoming a millionaire to a super success. I have personally read 1000's of books in the last 18 years on personal development. Listened to 100's of audio programmes, attended many training seminars and have worked with over 40 international businesses developing workshops and designing bespoke training solutions for them. Using this experience of what success is in the real world and looking at the millionaires I have worked for, I can say that so many of the books on the market are designed to make the authors rich rather than the reader. There are very few personal development books I can truely recommend. One book that is simple and straightforward and does what it promises is Success is Not An Accident by Tommy Newberry. It is full of practical advice, brilliant worksheets, that bring you to neccessary conclusions, without expecting you to climb mount Everest, in the quest to create mission statements etc. There are certain critical areas that this book does not cover, such as the power of your socialisation process (past mental programming) to stop your success, but as a foundational book that points you in many of the right directions, then this book is good.

If you want a practicable book, on self development, that will give it to you gently, but sneekily bring you to great conclusions about your life, then this is it. It is not a replacement for a good Life Coach, but at least it will get you started down the road to greater success.

Highly recommended.
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on 8 May 2011
There are obviously numerous books in this field and I have read well over 70 of them by the various authors in this field, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Maxwell Maltz, etc. Before purchasing this book I was looking for a book with an original fresh aspect towards success that really had some learning to offer. I believe this book delivers. I like the way the book is set out. It has specific concepts that it mentions in point form at the start of each chapter as well as a good summary and questions at the chapter's end to enhance your understanding. So the book is very structured and systemic for those that like this style. If this was the first success book you picked up you probably wouldn't appreciate its quality at first but I believe that would change with comparison to other similar titles. It is simple to understand but quite profound with its concise use of quotation and analogy. In summary, a high quality success book that I am happy I purchased.
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on 1 May 2013
This is amazing book. I am so blessed reading it.

One thing I took from it is a goal setting strategy twist. You start with your values, then you do a standard things like lists of what you want, then set goals, but the most important thing you review your goals in writing daily. You map 5 of your 3 year goals with yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals and actions. The most important, that you work through your actions knowing where it is getting you.

It is modern fresh book giving lots of new things on personal development - love it.
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on 12 August 2016
Good motivational book that will reinforce a new perspective on effort and responsibility for your own success, but I didn't know the author beforehand and the description didn't mention once just how much preaching about God was in it.
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on 16 April 2015
Great book, game changer with the content.
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on 16 July 2014
Good read good advice.
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on 22 June 2013
All I can say is that, contrary to most of the rave reviews, I'm glad I downloaded this when it was on offer for free. Even then, I feel it was overpriced. In spite of the continual god bothering in the first couple of chapters, I did persevere in case there was anything useful. There wasn't and I gave up. The author tells us there was no magic solution for success, and then without any sense of irony goes on to tell us that in order to success we do indeed need to rely on a magical sky fairy. The core message seems to be "pray to God, do all the work yourself, then thank God afterwards". If you're the kind of person who when they feel ill, prays to your god, then goes to the doctor, gets cured and afterwards thanks your god for curing you - this might be the book for you. For me, the benefit of the time I spent on this book was about the same as the benefit of praying to the author's non-existent god. Zero.
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