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on 21 August 1998
Reading 'Play to Win: Choosing Growth over Fear in Work and Life' was, like its authors profess life to the fullest should be -- an adventure! Instead of focusing on success, it focused on fulfillment (of which success is a byproduct). 'Play to Win' acknowledged and identifed elements that keep one from a fulfilled life. It educated and provided processes, complete with catch phrases, to achieve an adventuresome life. The only reason it took me two nights to read was that I was stopped in my tracks when I came to, what was for me, a powerful quotation at the beginning of Part V, " One has to abandon altogether the search for security and reach out to the risk of living with both arms."--Morris L. West. How on earth would I begin to abandon my need for security? I was afraid to read on because 'Play To Win' might tell me how and then, my life would be . . . different. Could I choose Growth Over Fear?(the subtitle). The book presents many familiar methods, and for me, new defintions and processes to live a more fulfilled, balanced life. I use the "Stop Challenge Choose" mantra daily in trying to overcome my usual reactionary attitude. I had always thought of my life as a journey, but I want the adventure set forth by the Wilsons! By completing the simple written exercise using easy-to-understand definitions, 'Play To Win' helped me re-affirm my life purpose and establish a new vision (what do I want) for a balanced, fulfilled life and a flexible plan of -- what can I give up to get what I want?/What do I need to DO to get what I want? I recommend this book for anyone seeking self-understanding or anyone who may feel discontent with their life but do not know why or what is missing. It really helped me sort things out and gave me a vision for today of where I want to be and tools to get me there. I shared my copy with a friend, who immediately wanted her own copy to pass along to others as well.
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on 18 March 1999
This self-help, motivational book is about achieving self-fulfillment and emotional and spiritual growth. It is filled with insights and very specific guidelines, real-life situations to illustrate key points, and clear rules that highlight the discussion. The book presents steps to take to put intention into action. A key theme is helping the reader to think by learning to stop, challenge and choose-an approach that this book explains in detail. A great book for getting you into action.
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on 2 August 1999
Readable, step-by-step approach to personal and professional growth and development. While adhering to the maxim there's nothing new under the sun, I find some people combine a talent for retelling the information and making it interesting. That's what the Wilsons do in Play to Win.
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on 19 November 1998
I just purchased your book, Play To Win and it's wonderful. One of the best books of the year, if not the best. Thank you so much for writing such a meaningful, insightful and hopeful book. I am absolutely enthralled.
This book came to me at a point in my life when I could use your wise and sage advice. I should also mention the graphics and overall layout of the book are beautiful. Bravo, well done.
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on 5 November 1998
The insights shared in "Play To Win!" have had deep and profound impact on me, both personally and professionally. In business, I have new tools to greatly improve my results -- and enjoy my work in the process. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to leaders and shop floor employees alike. The learnings are too important to "discriminate" based on corporate caste systems. Personally, what I've learned from "Play To Win!" has helped me survive the stress and devastation of watching my six- year-old son undergo a bone marrow transplant to beat cancer. This book IS about choosing growth over fear, no matter what our situations in life. From Larry and Hersch Wilson, I now understand that while we cannot control all the events that happen in our lives, we have a great deal of choice in how we respond to them. Do yourself a favor -- don't just read this book -- USE IT.
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on 9 October 1998
Larry Wilson and Hersch Wilson have got another best seller on their hands with "PLAY TO WIN" (Choosing Growth Over Fear In Work and Life). This revealing book will change your life and how you do business. Larry was a pioneer in the corporate training field in America and around the world.
Larry and Hersch have now laid it all out on the line. In a nutshell--living with integrity is a choice. Sometimes it's tough, but leaders must stand up for principles and values. That's what I teach in my seminars and training courses. I personally recommend this book to everyone . . . if you only read one book this year--make this the one.--LINDA CHANDLER, Author of "Winning Strategies For Capital Formation" and "Compelling Selling: Pathways to Sales Mastery." (CEO of Chandler Leadership & Development, LLC).
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on 30 October 1998
Open letter to Larry, Let me tell how much I enjoyed "Playing to Win." I'm not sure if it was the timing - I read while on vacation in Puerto Villarta -or just the content, but I have experienced a profound calming in my life since finishing your new book. I've re-taken control of my feelings. Because we pretty much deserve what we get, I'm now getting along better with life and my employees by stopping; challenging; and then choosing.
I have been through many of your original courses from the early 80's. Therefore, I could envision what a challenge it was to take ideas that come so alive in a classroom and translate them to readable learning theory in the book. Great job on a challenging task.
Thanks again, Mark Rikess
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on 3 April 1999
This is the best book I have read on self improvement. I can't stop reading it and keep recommending it. I wish I owned stock in the concept. Make it a major part of your life, you can't go wrong.
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on 4 October 2010
"Play to Win" can benefit your business, your marriage, your relationships with your friends, relatives and children. All in all, Larry Wilson made a good stab with this book. Anyone looking to improve their situation should make the small investment in it.
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on 8 November 2015
I rarely write reviews but this is the stand out book for me this year. There are many books in this field but few that bring all that is important in a very readable and understandable way.
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