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on 8 January 1997
Everybody, sometime in his/her life, has a turning point. One of the multiple ways to choose is having pschicoterapy, or looking for a ready formulae, such as religions or stablished ways of thinking.
Nisargadatta can give you a new experience on looking answers inside. Barely using technical words, sharp as a razor blade, as clear as possible, sometimes even funny, Nisargadatta can bring you to
a totaly new self-experience. The very question, the only one that really can change our whole life, "Who am I?" is found all over the book, but no explicited. Words do not explain, indicates only.
The most important is the EXPERIENCE: YOUR EXPERIENCE.
This is not a book to be read in a week or a mounth. You'll have the chance to tasted it all your lifetime. You'll see how you will can change your points of view in family life
, business, social relationships, everywhere.
Read it, tasted it, discover your real self making the reading you own experience of finding your real self, the ultimate YOU.
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Science teaches that awareness comes after biology like steam coming out of a kettle. This is obvious and doesn't need further explanation. And no matter how 'spiritual' you think you are, you know that physics is primary, followed by chemistry and biology. Consciousness therefore is produced by the brain. This is why we get excited about the Large Hadron Collider at CERN or the latest Hubble picture; we are looking at the particles we will soon become. This is what we are made out of, isn't it? We never say that mind is one of the building blocks. So how about consciousness then? Well scientists and, let's be honest, you and I, reckon that consciousness is white noise or mere colours laid on the surface of the mosaic of the brain. This is why scientists call consciousness an 'epiphenomenon' and, following the rules of sound logic, this is the simplest explanation and, it gets better; when you die, the awareness stitches off like a light bulb.

No matter how many teachings we've studied, we KNOW that the above is true. But what if you KNEW that the opposite was the case, and not just convincing ourselves intellectually, but really knew that awareness was primary and that the body is a vehicle. In the West this sounds like solipsism, but in the East this is enlightenment and Nisargadatta Maharaj was enlightened.

Nisargadatta Maharaj realized that biology wraps around awareness and so awareness doesn't need a brain! Awareness is outside the space-time matrix and biology, mere biology, limited in time and space, a mere fleshy body, a gasp of pain between birth and death, always dies, but awareness remains always in the background, undiluted and just there, all of the time!

Now you and I would be considered crazy if we told our friends and family the truths that Nisargadatta spoke. I bought the book anyway, as I heard nothing but possitive vibes. So I read this book and as far as I can tell, Nisargaddata Maharaj is not pulling any legs her, because no human being can say this sort of thing and keep a straight face! Ok I suppose the atmosphere of India is ripe for a man like this and our mad houses are full of people like this; but I wonder, who are the real crazes?

Nisargadatta Maharaj was convinced that awareness is unborn and this is why this dialogue is so fascinating. Visitors throw hard questions at him and he answers then with sharpness and wisdom. Some of the things he says are logical aphorisms of the highest calibre. This is what an awakened man would sound like. Also, no Ashram or industry was ever opened for the man. This says a lot.

This book is a collection of many questions asked to Maharaj over the years. What struck me was the intellectual caliber of the people asking Nisargadatta the questions. They range from philosophy professors to top scientists. The questions asked are clever but Maharaj has an answer to all of them because he believed what he spoke. Even if he was crazy, the things he was saying are as deep and solid as anything found in the libraries of the spiritual supermarkets of the world.

Sceptics can say that this book could well be a hoax, but I doubt that any hoaxer could write the things spoken from the mouth of this man. You really have to see things his way to talk like he did, you see.
Apparently, we scientists are asleep and the knower is not!

The awakened one, you see, is not a sleeper, like you and me, he's not a teacher; let alone a preacher; neither a prophet nor looking to profit. He isn't a snake, or an obvious fake; he is awake!
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on 5 March 2014
This is a gem of a book. 'I Am That' is also a brilliant read for all seekers who wish to realize who or what they truly are. Contains some discourses of Sri Nisargadatta as well as his superb answers to questions asked of him.

'Whatever is perceived, you are not.'
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on 26 January 2015
Not as good as his, "I am that".
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on 7 May 2015
love t
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