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on 25 June 2003
Children with Starving Brains is a guidebook in the maze of treatment options for children within the Autism Spectrum. The author Dr. Candless is a medical doctor, and also the grandmother of an autistic child. This provides for a guidebook that takes an honest scientific look at the different therapies available at this time while keeping the child in mind. An excellent book to give you in layman's terms the biological processes that affect ASD children and why the different treatments work. Excellent reference to take to your doctor when discussing treatment. Having read over 30 books on autism, this one is the first one I write a review over. It's clear, concise, and factual. Like a lighthouse, it guides you and provides a proposed sequence of treatments to help children get the "brain food" they need.
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on 15 October 2008
This was the first book I ever read about Biomedical Treatments for Autistic Spectrum Disorder/Developmental Delay. It blew my mind, and now I'm quite used to reading biomedical books - but a couple of years ago I had to read it twice.

First, it gave me hope. Hope which was justified having tried some of the treatments with my dear one with autism. Hope is a wonderful thing, it dispels fear. Fear is a paralyser, the worst thing for a parent with a child with autism - you have to ACT. From being told I could do nothing for my boy, I could actually do something. That spearheaded me into other areas.

Mainstream medicine are not "into" these biomedical treatments on the whole. Odds on your GP has not heard of Jacqueline McCandless. However, on testing, and trying some of the approaches suggested in the book, I found many of them to be of immeasurable value to my son.

The book does, as one reviewer has noted here, have an "American" feel, quite naturally, but nevertheless is reasonably straightforward, and Jacqueline takes trouble to explain the science, also discussing her own granddaughter whom she candidly admits has been a hard nut to treat, and she is very sad that she has found much of her information in retrospect so Chelsey has not been able to benefit totally from her knowledge.

Well worth buying in my opinion - but not the Daddy of them all!
The one I wish I'd bought first - cost would have paid for itself - "Effective Biomedical Treatments" - Baker and Pangborn. This book would be on the bookshelf with it along with "Healing the 4A's" by Dr. Kenneth Bock.

If starting out on this journey, look at joining the ABE Yahoo! list, go to the "Treating Autism" and Generation Rescue sites for further information. There are many parents and friends of families doing well out there.

Good luck!
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on 3 January 2003
Some of what I read here I already knew, but I learned much more - my daughter has made huge strides from being "switched off" to being a very switched on, alert and loving little girl. If you are in any doubt about the link between diet and autism, don't just take my word for it - read this book. Learn from it; and then force feed it into your doctor!
Unfortunately its very USA-centric and whilst there are a few references to the pioneering work of Paul Shattock for instance, this is the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars because it could be more inclusive. Readers outside of the USA may struggle to find anyone who understands the chelation techniques enough administer them. There are very, very few paediatricians (and fewer doctors) in the UK who have more than a glimmer of an idea of the roots and treatment of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. But one day this will change if we parents take the trouble to educate them.
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on 4 January 2012
Even when you think you know it all , its simply well worth your effort to pick up a well written book like this , to remind yourself of everything you have half forgotten along the way . And I agree with another review that mentioned the hope these books give you are of immeasureable benefit . Boycott the Vaccines brothers .
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on 1 May 2015
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on 25 March 2015
good book
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on 8 January 2015
nice book
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