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on 10 March 2018
The pages are out of order. I bought a used copy that is like new and I can only assume it was initially returned because the pages were out of order. It jumps from p32 to p65 reading "No matter how good a player is, if he plays supposedly did, the information he gave away....." p65 then continues up to p80 before reverting back to p49 which then continues to the end of the book. Several sections are therefore repeated, and I'm left without pages 32 to 49.
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on 9 September 2017
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on 12 March 2010
The Theory of Poker is a good book but if you are a relatively new poker player and are primarily playing texas hold 'em then you would be better off buying the Harrington series because while this book covers some important ideas, many of the examples and explanations are given in terms of other forms of poker such as Draw and 7 card Stud. If you are a recreational poker player, unless you have loads of time you will probably never play these forms of the game and while it is true that many of the ideas in this book are transferable across the different forms of poker, the Harrington books cover many (and more) of the same concepts but with specific reference to hold 'em which is much more useful to the average player who wants to improve. Clearly if you are looking to expand your playing options to other forms of the game then you could consider this book but my advice would be to become a very good hold 'em player before bothering, and by that time you will understand most of the concepts in this book making it redundant.
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on 1 August 2001
An excellent book on Poker, I have moved up limits and feel quite comfortable since reading this. The concepts contained in this book help you spot your mistakes and recognise your good plays. Because it is a general guidebook you will have to use your brain to get any real benefit from this book. The weakness from an English point of view is the cursory discussion of Pot Limit Poker.
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on 3 July 1998
Have read this book and others by the same author. With much study and practice I have managed to use what I learned to earn a substantial amount of extra income each year playing 15-20 hrs weekly. There are no "secrets to winning" in this book, just solid information. It is up to the reader to understand and apply it.
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on 17 May 2012
its aimed mainly at limit games and its not totally holdem. the concepts and the way it makes you think through your hands etc is awesome, great intelegent stuff but just something about the way its wrote madde me sleepy, everytime i read it. get super system 2 or phil gordons books for a better read and more help at the tables
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on 6 July 2002
I can honestly say that the ideas expressed in this book are suitable for players all level, although advanced players can benefit greatly from this book. I'd have to say that this book is based more on intelligence to interpret ate the book rather than first hand experience.
David Sklansky explores all aspects of intelligent plays and gives a detailed analysis of the different types of mistakes to look out for, every play is cover and nothing is missed.
This book has presented me more platforms and ideas to implicate in my poker game, and I rate this as the most important Poker book to progress in the game.
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on 12 November 2002
This book completely transforms the way you percieve poker. Before reading this book I was only a novice at poker, although I thought I knew how the game worked. But I was wrong. After reading 'The Theory of Poker', I now understand the most important aspects of being an excellent poker player. In Sklansky's book, he teaches you how to read hands and analyse your oponents, how the psychology of poker works as well as the art of bluffing. I found this particularly helpful when play Hold'em (my favourite form of poker) and Seven Card Stud. Sklansky also gives great examples of techniques when playing five card draw, five card stud, high-low split and others.
Overall I can definitely say this book will send you on you way to think and behave like a true poker player.
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on 12 December 2006
The theory of poker by David Sklansky is exactly what is it says on the cover.... The Theory behind poker.

If you are like me, by saying that i mean a poker player who understands that there is an actual hidden law to the game, then you will appreciate this book immensly.

The book and its ideas are all very well put forward, and contains invaluable tactics for Hold Em, Seven Card Stud and Razz. I should point out here though that the books complete focus is on Cash game poker, not tournaments. Most people reading will undoubtley know that there is an immense difference between playing in a tournament and a cash game.

I bought the book at the beginning of the year after finding myself running through a bad spell, and thought it would be beneficial to take some time away from the table and refresh my thinking on the game. I had been playing poker for around 5 years seriously.

The book is an excellent reference for situations you will find in the poker variants above, and also illustrates things like Semi Bluffing, The importance of a free card, and also when it is important to raise when you know you are beat in multi way pots.

Its a good read and the real beauty about the book is its simplicity, everything is easy to understand and all of the information in the book is of a very high level indeed.

A few reviewers have pointed out that the thinking in the book really does appeal to the higher end of poker players, and may not be much use in the lower levels, and i would agree with that, but if you are playing poker at a moderate to high stake, then really you should read this book ( if you havent already) ..

happy shopping..
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on 28 October 2007
If I'm honest, I bought this book a little too soon into my poker learning and it therefore confused me. However, once I had more experience I returned to the book time and again and it has helped me immensley. It isn't a fun read - it is more like a textbook - but if you want to understand the thinking behind winning poker players, this is an excellent place to find it. Buy, read, study, reread and profit.
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