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on 19 February 2007
Anyone who has read Hamlet's Mill, knows that knowledge of the precession of the equinoxes goes back into the mists of time, and has been encoded into mythology worldwide. Jenkins shows that, more than this, the ancients knew that there are certain times during the cycle of precession, when the earth-sun-galaxy relationship allows the influx of some kind of energy that triggers a transformational leap in mankind. There are 2 crossing points of the Galactic meridian, (centre-line of the Milky Way), and the ecliptic (path of sun and planets across the sky), or equally, the zodiac which lies behind the ecliptic. These crossing-points were known as "Gates" by the ancients. These celestial gates were described by Macrobius as the gates of Capricorn and Cancer, and were seen as doorways through which the soul descends to be reborn on earth and ascends following physical death.

In Joscelyn Godwin's book, Mystery Religions, the gate of reincarnation is called the Silver Gate, while the gate of ascension is called the Golden Gate, but he says that the Silver Gate is the way of reincarnation, while the Golden Gate is the Way of the Gods and leads "beyond the circle of Necessity, ie to release from the round of birth and death. These are the two routes from which the soul can exit from the world at death, and the Capricorn gate is the one through which the gods descend to earth."

It is clear from both Hamlet's Mill and from Jenkins' Galactic Alignment, that these gates don't actually lie in Cancer and Capricorn, but the neighbouring constellations of Gemini and Sagittarius. The Golden Gate lies at Galactic Center in Sagittarius, and the Silver Gate lies at Galactic Anti-Center in Gemini (see items 47 and 48). Following the work of Oliver Reiser, Jenkins makes a convincing case that the alignment of the Solstice Sun with the Galactic meridian, (close to Galactic center) which is flagged by the end of the 13-Baktun Cycle in 2012, marks the time-window when the divine influences descend;

"Precession changes our angular orientation to the larger magnetic field of the galaxy in which we are embedded. during regularly occurring eras in the precessional cycle, as indicated by the solstice-galaxy alignments (probably the equinox-galaxy alignments, too), the earth's protective magnetic shield becomes unstable and oscillates. Without a complete field reversal being required, this oscillation allows greater amounts of mutational rays to strike the surface of the earth. While this may result in mutations and a greater chance for "evolution", of greater significance is the possible transformative effect on human consciousness during alignment eras, when human beings are exposed to higher doses of high-frequency radiation."

Jenkins refers to Swami Sri Yukteswar's study of the Vedic Yuga system, (that may have originated as long ago as 7000 BC), and shows how that system is also flagging the galactic alignment. He concludes that there is a Galactic Chakra system, with the base chakra at Galactic Center, and the crown chakra in the direction of the Galactic Anti-center. Earth is at the level of the fifth (throat) chakra, evolving towards the sixth (ajna or third eye):

"The as yet unspoken message in this survey is that the galactic alignment opens a channel for the kundalini shakti to flow through the earth, cleanse (it) us, and excite it (us) into a higher level of being."

Like Hamlet's Mill, Galactic Alignment will probably inspire other researchers to dig further into the shadows illuminated by the book. This book has started connecting up many of the threads mentioned on the diagnosis2012 site, and has brought into sharp focus, the "underground stream" of knowledge encoded into virtually every religion you can think of...

They were all preparing us for the opening of the Golden Gate!
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on 22 September 2008
Its not all about the science!

The above reviewer forgets that the Mayan culture encompassed not only science but a strong spirituality. Infact in their culture the science was useless without the spiritual beliefs. The Maya cosmogenisis is a good example. All the creation myths that have been decoded, by scientists, actually reveal a recorded history of astronomical and major galactic alignment events so precise that our poor scientists today would have had trouble with.

Galactic Alignment is a good book to add to your shelf and a rather encompassing read.
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on 20 August 2007
I would give greater credibility to someone telling me my fortune based on the ringtones I'd downloaded.

I mean I think this is an honest discourse, but in terms of science it is a long way off the mark. Bless his cotton socks, I don't think he realises how dependent on science we all are.

Why go down this avenue? Feel free to be extravagant with your time in this direction, but personally I recommend you allotted the time to helping the others in the community.
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