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on 24 March 2006
I bought Project Santuary about a year ago and when I look back, it seems as if 10 years have gone by. Why? Simply because since reading it, I have changed in ways I would never had thought possible in such a short period of time.

If you think Project Santuary is one more tree in the jungle of all self-help books, you will be surprised. Project Sanctuary is a manual that will help you to connect with what Silvia Hartmann calls the Energy Mind - or your subconscious mind. Forget guided imagery, where someone tells you to imagine lying on a sandy beach or sitting cross-legged on a mountain peak. Who's to tell you what you prefer, anyway? In your Sanctuary, you are the one in charge of your own scenario. And from there, you go on fascinating adventures of self-discovery that lead you from surprise to surprise and above all, to an ever deepening realisation of who you are.
"Well, what's so extraordinary with day-dreaming?", you might ask.
You see, the thing is, what happens in Santuary are not mere fantasies to entertain your mind when you happen to be bored - though at times they can be just that, which actually is quite satisfying by itself! What happens when you are in Santuary is...how can I put it? Magical! You get to connect with the part of you that holds the bigger picture, the part of you where your intuition dwells, the part that gives you those hints that always lead you in the right direction in life. Gradually, as you become more and more fluent in Sanctuary language, you'll be able to see how your creativity, intuition and ability to move forward in life increase in an astonishing way.
You have probably heard the classical question, "What book would you bring along if you were to spend the rest of your life on a desert island?". Well, after having read this book, your answer will be an easy one. Who needs novels, when you can create your own stories just by closing your eyes, going to your Sanctuary and letting the Energy Mind do the rest?
Are you ready for some real, effortless and FUN changes?
Buy this book, read it, and be prepared for your life to soar!
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on 26 August 1999
"Project Sanctuary" is a piece of work in which every therapist of every persuasion ought to be vitally interested. It provides an unprecedented opportunity to communicate with one's unconscious mind through the generation of symbol and metaphor, thus having rapid, ecological effect on the "real" world. Best of all, it offers work which every client seems to actually want to do!
"Project Sanctuary" is a piece of work every NLPer should rush to buy. If Design Human Engineering (tm) has never made sense to you, maybe because you didn't want to turn into a "machine-head" -- get this book. DHE becomes the way it should be: effortless.
"Project Sanctuary" is a piece of work every layperson should have their hands on. It's a problem solver extraordinaire, it's a personal growth tool par excellence, it's a creativity generator like nothing else I've ever encountered, it's an all-up incredible companion to life's journeys.
Not only have I personally effected wonderful changes in my own life using Silvia's sanctuary techniques, as a clinical psychotherapist I have been tremendously pleased by the results my clients are getting in using these methods.
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on 27 June 2008
First let me say that it was a pleasure to read "Project Sanctuary"... very complete in covering the subject matter.

I found the book to be easy reading and written in a very practical tone. I can quite easily relate (both from having personally being there as well as professionally in dealing with clients and co-workers in the field) to how people tend to mess themselves us and are forever looking for problems or believing that their problems can never be solved.

I believe that the book reflects the desire and fulfills the need of
contemporary people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired trying to solve their apparently "unsolvable" problems - or as you say, those who are "running after their problems" all the time. The law of energy is that whatever you put your attention, your energy will follow into it - thus more problems.

You get what you "pray" for. I definitely agree with the idea that a true spirituality is grounded in reality, is extremely necessary if an individual is grow on a real basis.

Your book shows people how they can change their internal "metaphorical world" and thus effect outer event. I believe this to be a most empowering technique, because it puts the power back in the hands of the "client", where it rightly belongs.... It gives them hope that they can bring about changes in those special stuck situations. or those in which they have painted themselves into a corner.

I believe that every person who has gotten to the point of wondering why their life is not working like they wish it would, needs to read this book! They need to make Project Sanctuary their primary project!
This is a must reading for all those who are serious in making change in their life. I, for one, am definitely going to incorporate these principles in my own life and my professional work.

Rev. Harpreet Sandhu
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