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on 23 June 2017
The best driving book I have EVER read. If you know someone who has just passed his or her DVLA test, buy this for them as a present! If you've been driving for years with no more formal training than the basic test required, then buy it for yourself. In fact, just buy it.
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on 2 September 2017
A new and refreshing perspective on ensuring road safety. So impressed, lent my book to my young nephew and when he mislaid it, I just had to purchase another copy. This one will stay close as reassuring and necessary to periodically refresh yourself with its contents. Very well presented and a permanent fixture in my library. A real gem!
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on 24 September 2006
"MindDriving" is both educational and an interesting read. Driving is one of the most dangerous activies that people in the UK do, on a day-to-day basis. This book looks at both the practical and theory behind driving and how to make it not only safer, but more enjoyable. Afterall, many hours are spent behind the wheel during our lifetimes, we might as well enjoy it more. The book is invaluable to both professional and amateur drivers and is something that you will pick up time and time again. It's certainly not a once read only book.

The diagrams in the book help the reader to understand the more complex aspects, and the text is written with flair and knowledge by an Author who not only knows his subject, but has obviously thoroughly researched it too. Various subjects within the arena of 'driving' are covered and this makes the book something unusual on the market at the moment. The reasons 'Why' a driver does things and how to 'train' ourselves to be a better driver is worth many times the cost of the book. You often only have one chance to get it right out on the road, this book helps you to make that decision.

There are several driving books available, but none as comprehensive yet enjoyable to read as "MindDriving". Don't lend it out, as you're unlikely to get it back. It's a corker !

As a Professional Driver, I recommend this book to you.
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on 18 August 2009
Hi to everyone reading this review,i teach driving as a driving instructor and must say that this is a great book for experienced drivers and novice drivers too.When you read the first chapter it may seem daunting but read on and you will have a greater understanding of other drivers on the road.This book goes into great detail about why people behave the way they do when driving.It explains very well the behaviour patterns of different types of drivers.I have a great interest in psychology and if you teach or are interested in psychology and why drivers do things they shouldn't,then this is the book for you.It gives you a great insight into this area of how the mind works and maybe it will even teach you one or two things that make it safer for you on the roads.Best book i have seen on this subject.Definately recommend " hope you.
Regards Mick Whelan
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on 15 July 2006
Stephen Haley has put into words what some experienced drivers do to keep out of trouble,, and more,, reading this book makes you appreciate the importance of quality driving which is safe driving! No Matter how good you think you are, this book is an investment in your longevity, it will teach or and re-enforce or add to your present knowledge,, inspiring better driving, in all respects. Driving is (as the book says) done with your "Mind", the mechanics of driving are another skill that whilst important, will not enable you to reach old age in safety.

Buy this book for your husband or wife, son, daughter or whoever including yourself,,, you or they will greatly benefit from reading it, first class police driver, HGV driver, Coach driver,,, private car etc. even if you think you are a good driver, and you are actually are a good driver you will enjoy reading this book and become better, learners and aspiring young drivers, read and digest well, it will keep you/everyone ALIVE! Excellent Present!

John Eden (43 years accident free).
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on 26 January 2010
This book has a very different approach to other advanced driving guides, and is well worth a read. As the name suggests, it addresses the psychology behind safe driving, as well as challenging common driving practices.

It is a useful supplement to publications like Roadcraft, which deal more with the process of driving, and explains techniques like advanced observation in greater detail.

I thoroughly recommend this book.
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on 14 January 2014
Even if you are really into it you may find it difficult to read, too much useless information, details that are difficult to understand.
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on 28 August 2007
I passed my driving test 10 months ago, I bought this book within a week of passing my test. The book is certainly worth paying a few pounds for as it could really save your life or someone elses.

As a novice driver I have come across quite a lot of really bad driving already, to the point where I now think that all drivers should have some form of re-test every 10 years or at the very minimum be forced to go to and listen to a one day lecture on safer driving and thinking.

Until that time all drivers should read this book at least once, the book shows you that driving is not something you just do automatically with your limbs you should be useing your brain to THINK about your actions and that of other road users.

A good bit of advice from the book talks about driving as a team, we are all on a team even though the other drivers may change along the way, but the ultimate aim of the team is to ensure that you and your fellow team members all get home safely.

There is so much advice and so much to think about when you are driving that you will wonder why this is not part of the driving test as standard. I quite often dip into the book to refresh my thinking about certain driving aspects.
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on 4 October 2006
After more than 20 years of driving I wish I had found a book like this sooner. It is both different and brilliant! It does exactly what it promises, and reveals the skills that can really keep you safe on the road. After reading this book you will know WHY it is your THINKING that must keep you safe. Then HOW it works, and HOW to use it to improve your own driving. All in one package.

It is laid out clearly and in a very logical structure, so that you can easily dip in and out of the topics. The way the skills are explained is also very easy to understand and to use. There is a constant flow of helpful tips and information on every page, from start to finish.

The foreword, by the head of the Driving Instructors Association, says, "... without question it can help reduce the huge toll of fatalities and injuries on the roads". I think I agree.

The author obviously has a passion for the subject, and the relaxed style is a 'good read' in itself too.

This is an excellent book for anyone who wants to drive more safely, and more enjoyably.
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on 7 March 2013
Started reading, hoping to improve my driving.
Found it very dry and abstract.
Despite my best efforts, I gave up after 2 chapters, without having gained anything for my efforts.
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