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on 26 April 2013
I regularly read the blog on "Snouts in the trough" and so I am well aware of the approach taken by the author and this book is written in a similar though slightly more constrained style. It makes a very informative read and every chapter adds more facts which cause me to ask how our government can get away with it. I would like to say it is an enjoyable book and certainly the style is excellent and well researched - it is just that so frustrating to find out what is being done by the Coalition. Having said that I am thoroughly enjoying it and I recommend this to anyone who wants to be able to argue with researched facts rather than opinions. An excellent book.
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on 24 July 2013
This book is basically an updated version of all the other books David Craig has written where he rants against all the smug arrogance, corruption, incompetence and hypocrisy of the people who run modern Britain.

Even for those who have read his previous books, there are good things about this book. There are updated statistics and examples demonstrating where the coalition is failing to live up to its promises to reign in the excesses of Labour waste.

Much of the book summarises his other books but often over simplifies. The tone is sensationalist, sarcastic and often fails in attempting to be witty, all contribute unnecessary verbosity. Most annoying is its vagueness about details. An example is on page 275 where half the page describes "one of the most histrionically vociferous members of the Public Accounts Committee" and this individual's arrogance and incompetence... but this individual is never identified. Why not? If Mr. Craig is factually correct and avoids exaggeration then he has no reason to fear libel. Throughout the book, these kind of unnecessary omissions are frustrating and sometimes, detract from its credibility. In other places, identities of people can be inferred by checking the (sparse) references but omissions remain annoying.

So overall, the book is disappointing. Far from his strongest book but nevertheless, interesting in some parts for the updated material.
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on 30 June 2013
This book is an absorbing read that highlights the immense failings of our 'leaders' over the past 3 governments.

It will leave you feeling outraged and helpless that incompetence, greed, nepotism and selfishness has reduced UK to a shadow of what it should be on the World stage.

Our futures have been blighted by the Unlimited Greed of those whom we thought we could trust as honourable, upstanding men.

Highly recommended by for any Briton who cares about UK and the future of their families well-being. Every voter needs to read this book this year.
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on 25 June 2013
David Craig quotes Winston Churchill in his blog at http://www.snouts-in-the-trough.com/ "The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter". EVERY VOTER SHOULD READ THIS BOOK! Then maybe we will vote the right people into Government rather than get the many that are in it just for what they personally get out of it by ripping everybody else off.
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on 26 May 2013
very well written and thought provoking, easy to read, i couldn't put it down, everyone should read it, in my opinion
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on 23 February 2014
I previously bought this book from Amazon on my previous account.
This book is very easy to read and very easy to let its facts make you very angry about the way uk society as a whole is manipulated and financially exploited by the few.
The EU controlling us with rules and laws, but without legitimate mandate. = Dictatorship. IMO.
The Government MP's and hangers-on, milking us which is galling after they campaigned against this cronyism during the last election. They are not bad people but they look on all the perks and pensions as free money, when in fact it's money stolen from you by way of confiscation (Taxes).
The company executives milking us too with their huge pay rises out of synch % wise with the majority of the population. = paid for by you in the product/service bought. And it's not a free market as all the companies are all doing it!
And onto the huge pension rip off. This covers the methods used maximise their commissions while minimising your return!
It's vitally important for you to buy this book if you have a private pension, or if a relative has one.
And lots of other stuff too. All financed by you.
Yes this book made me very angry.
You should buy it, get angry too, then go visit your MP to discuss say one particular point which annoys you the most.
Honestly, your MP is eager and waiting to hear from you, they like listening to their constituents concerns.
Say thank you by taking them a present; say a copy of this book!
That's how things get changed. It's called democracy.

Oh David has a blog too, which is equally good at making you angry.
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on 21 June 2013
It's going to take more than 'soundbites' if Cameron has any chance whatsoever of winning the next election. David Craig's book pulls no punches. Solid evidence from reputable sources.
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on 23 September 2014
An excellent book which deserves a much wider readership. Craig takes the reader past the superficial spin and froth of what passes for political debate in this country and identifies the sad reality facing the tax paying electorate. I thoroughly recommend this book and his others to anybody wishing to inform themselves about the dysfunctional abyss into which the UK is slowly sliding.
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on 19 February 2015
A must read for anyone who lives, works and pays taxes in the UK ! this book sets out in no nonsense fashion the disgraceful financial situation foisted on us by anyone and everyone. Don't be mislead by the title of Cameron and Clegg, Labour come in for an even bigger bashing ! it's not just limited to politics, this book covers a wide gammut of financial disgrace including the NHS, Charities, Local Government, Banks, the EU, Financial Advisers, in fact almost anyone and everyone who has a say / dealing with our money ! it's non politically biased, the author dislikes everyone ! although a couple of years out of date now, it's still very relevant and if this book doesn't make you believe there must be massive change in out system and the people who run it, nothing will...
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on 23 February 2014
The long lead up to next year's General Election will have its precursor in the Euro elections in May this year.

This well researched and clearly written book should be read by all potential voters, who will then discover the depressing truth - those running (or re-running) for political office do not have our best interests at heart.

It is encouraging that someone has revealed what is going on, but sadly the mainstream media pass it by.

This book should horrify and depress you, but forewarned is forearmed.

Read it, spread the word, use your vote and don't let our political masters get away with it - they deserve to be reminded who they represent.
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