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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

on 21 June 2017
Excellent, this is a journey and it will take effort and dedication but I know this is the right way to improve my riding.
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on 30 May 2017
very happy with service and product
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on 2 November 2011
This book is the best introduction to the Mary Wanless approach to horse riding. Afterwards you either can't wait to buy her other books (I recommend your 2nd book will be the Ride with your Mind Clinic) or can't wait to go to bed with a comforting cup of cocoa with a dash of valium to calm down the ole nerves because you know you've been torturing your horse since ever, and then order her other books.

If you want to improve your riding, read this. I guarantee you, no matter what your discipline is or which specific element you wish to improve on - and I know it sounds far-fetched - but this book WILL improve your riding. And oh dear does Mary dish it out to you: she tells you EXACTLY what you have been doing so far and why it doesn't work, explains step-by-step what you _should_ be doing and why with great clarity, and shows you exactly _how_ to correct it, by means of drawings and photos.

Mary has spent 20+ years of her life researching what EXACTLY makes talented riders `talented'. From the tiniest of details she will take you by the hand and enlighten you, ending common riding myths and filling up those standard teaching phrases with real, useful, practical information.

You will be in for a shock and you will likely go through a bit of a valley at first, but it is so worth it!

If you ride, buy it.
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on 6 April 2016
Arrived in excellent condition, well packaged & really promptly.
A really useful book - lots of fascinating insight into what's going on inside the structure of your body and how the rider engages their muscles and skeleton dynamically to balance and improve contact and control of the horse on this fundamental level.
Illustrations and diagrams are excellent support to the text.
Above all I found the book structure really helpful: analysis of what's going on - analyses of what's going wrong - variety of strategies for fixes - common issues & troubleshooting.
I know I will be returning to this for years to come!
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on 11 July 2009
I bought this book after having a lesson with a qualified instructor who is featured in this book. I was very impressed with how my horse worked with just altering my own body. I always knew that there was `something missing` from our schooling. I thought I had it one day and everything was going fine and then the next day we`d be back to square one again!
The lesson opened a whole new way of using my body to influence my horse. Top riders have this way of going naturally without having to try for it. And it is something that isn`t taught by other instructors I have had, and believe me when I say, I have lots ranging from the instructor who teaches a lot locally to the international trainer who trains ODEs for the WEG. And a lot more instructors in between. I have been told to hold my horses head and get them into an outline by wiggling the bit from side to side and kicking the horse forward repeatedly using my legs, so my first lesson with a RWYM instrutor, was an eye-opening experience. Very good, and this book helps you along the way. Thank you Mary Wanless for taking the time to find out these things and letting other people know your secrets. Its brilliant.
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on 11 July 2010
This book was very helpful to me as a novice rider. My instructor is teaching me the 'Mary Wanless' way, and I found that reading the book between lessons helped me to take in and reinforce points learned. It certainly makes you think about everything that your are doing from how you are breathing to the finer points of synergy between the horse and rider.

Mary Wanless has a direct, very straightforward style. She includes quotes from students about how they felt, and their reaction to 'corrections' in their riding. These were very useful and I found that I also could relate to many of these.

The book assumes that the reader has a background knowledge of horses, which as I don't I found that I had to research many of the terms used. I also felt that the use of photographs rather than sketches would have improved the book.

All in all though a good buy which has certainly helped me to understand the principles and improve my riding seat and style, in conjunction with with my lessons.
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on 8 November 2009
I wish I had discovered this book earlier in my riding career. It is having a huge effect on my riding, helping me to realise where I've been going wrong. The detailed way she tells you which muscles to use is quite unlike any teaching I've had, and so much better. This is not a book for complete beginners as you have to have a bit of commitment before you would want to follow the instructions - but if you've been riding for a while and wish you could do it better GET THIS BOOK. I haven't read her others but I understand that this is the most user-friendly of her books ie clear, easy to follow.
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on 3 October 2003
I'm so glad I found this book. I am currantly working with a young, green horse, so my aids have to be accurate or nothing works. This book is written with a clarity which makes it easy to put into practice the good advice given. The author examines common riding errors, the effects they have on horse and rider and crucially, she explains how to 'fix' them in clear and practical terms. I'm a novice rider, but this book would also be very useful for more experienced riders who want to improve their position and aids.
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on 26 June 2006
If you've tried 'Ride With Your Mind' and struggled with its seriously heavy going nature this is the book you need.
'Ride With Your Mind' was said to unlock doors to more sucessful riding, well, I found this book unlocked 'Ride With Your Mind'! It's easy to read, picture-filled format is a pleasure to work with and there are some really good diagrams and things to practice at home. It also gives you the basics that then make 'Ride With Your Mind' more acessible.
Hurrah - happy, healthy, balanced rider = happy, healthy, balanced horse.
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on 20 March 2007
After watching one of Mary's clinics, I decided to purchase a book of hers so that I can refer back to all the detailed information.

I am pleased to say that it is detailed, includes excercises to prove theories and also nice drawings to try and understand it! Definately worth my money!

Also, thank you Amazon for the speedy and good delivery of it.
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