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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
Martin the Warrior (Redwall)
Format: Paperback|Change
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on 12 December 2017
Very good copy like new
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on 6 February 2015
It is an amazing book and is action packed and really gripping
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on 3 October 2015
Nice book
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on 24 August 2013
Bought as a birthday gift. Amazon status said used but the book is in immaculate condition. It appears to be brand new.
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on 1 February 1999
Martin the Warrior by Brian Jacques tells of a young mouse searching for his destiny. Yes, again Jacques takes the reader to the world of Mossflower. Now, after a long wait, Jacques tells the reader of the greatest hero in the history of Redwall Abbey, Martin the Warrior. Throughout this novel, Jacques states and restates his thesis, or reason for writing Martin the Warrior. His thesis shows that Tyrants have no place in the world, and must be taken out of power. Jacques places this statement throughout in the thoughts of the captives and of those who help them. Jacques shows, through his characters, biases for those who oppose the weak and less fortunate. He strongly values freedom, possibly because of his short time when he worked as a truck driver. Jacques writes through third person point of view to show the thoughts of everyone, the villain's and the hero's. This gives the reader a true sense of the actions that take place in the novel. The author continually sides with what a typical reader believes freedom for the common man. This work of Jacques brings another great work of rebellion and freedom to the genre. However, this story has been told many times before. Contrary to that, because of its great description and use of animals, it will continue to entertain readers for many years. Jacques ability to create wonderful stories, like Martin the Warrior, proves to rank him among the best of fantasy writers. However, he leaves many questions unanswered. Perhaps this just leaves areas for the great writer to continue in the tradition of Redwall. Many of these questions include what happened to those who moved to Noonvale. Jacques also answers many of the questions from other novels. The reader now knows the true beginning of Martin, the great warrior of Redwall. Jacques writes this novel extremely well, continuing with the greatness of those novels past. Again, the detail in Martin the Warrior paints an imagine in the mind of the reader that last a lifetime. From the description of the woods and Marshank to the thoughts of Martin himself. Jacques writes in elegance, his words flow off the pages and into a readers mind. Enough great things about Jacques's writing abilities can not be said. Jacques proves his point continuously throughout his novel. He shows the affects of dictatorship thought the characters that the readers form a bond with. This shows that he well argues his point that Tyrants must be destroyed. The questions that Martin the Warrior asks, Jacques answers clearly. He distinctly answers the questions by demonstrating the horrible affects that dictatorship, for example, have on good people. This convinces the reader that the views of Jacques prove true. The awful and great affects on Martin and those who he loves convince the reader that the views of Jacques must be followed. Jacques, however, writes this novel on the level that any intelligent person could read without much difficulty. Jacques's points move the reader into thinking much the same way as Jacques himself. He creates a bond between the reader and the hero; this bond allows Jacques to drive his beliefs into his subconscious. Jacques's greatest strength in Martin the Warrior, persuades the reader to think in the author's own way. Jacques, however, shows some weakness in his work. The greatest of those comes in his writing; his excessive use of passive verbs sometimes leaves the reader unmoved. This novel does, however, accomplish its goal of convincing the reader to fight against dictatorship and overpowering of the weak. This novel shows greatness and should definitely be read by those who follow the series. It also makes a great story for those who just want to read a great novel. The bottom line is this novel should only be read for enjoyment as its level of writing lacks greatness equivalent to those of Moby Dick and
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on 30 September 2001
ok im writin this review lookin back on readin this book when i was 12 or 13. im 15 now and im seriously gonna buy it so it can win an honoured place on my shelf. this had to be the best book out of the redwall series-all of them stem from this one and it beats them by a mile. Yes i agree ITS BETTA THAN HARRY POTTER!!!!!! i think all ages will like this book, though the ending was so amazingly sad but affective. this book combined ultimate adventure with a new and exciting one with every place martin and his friends went. It was exciting, thrilling, sweet and sad. It was a pure piece of novel writing from Jacques-well done and thank you for such a thorough enjoyable read and great inspiration. its rare u see so many different characters with all different and interestin personalities-and i love how badrang was so bad. EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS BOOK_do not judge the book by its cover(old i know but im serious-wen i frist saw the redwall bks in the library they looked intriguin but didnt catch me, me who is an ultimate fantasy fan, until i finally picked one up and checked this one out which is wow!)so go ahead BUY IT!!!!!
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on 29 October 1998
I loved this book. Brian Jacques displays another amazing account of his famed Redwall books. This book is the long-awaited tale of our favorite Redwall warrior...Martin the Warrior! Though he is a warrior, he is soft-hearted to friends and falls in love with a mousemaid. If you want to know who the mousemaid is, read the book! With this fascinating story of peril and loss, victories and triumphs, the tale of Redwall's best warrior unravels itself into a spectacular tale!
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on 6 February 2001
This is a very good book about Martin, a little mouse who is building up a big army to attack a fort with an evil leader. It has adventure, action and very good descriptions of the characters and different places in the story. You forget when reading that the story is about animals rather than humans. The author has made the story really clear but it has also got a lot of describing words. It was so good I couldn't put it down.
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on 21 June 2001
Badrang is a stoat who dreams for world domination. A fortress of wood and stone is built so Badrang can take control easily. He does not trust other stoats, as he thinks they are the most cunning creatures. He has taken prisoners so his fortress will soon be complete, but one young mouse escapes with few and travels the world to gain an army who will stop Lord Badrang. Ferrets, rats and foxes. All guards of the Lord Badrang, the Tyrant, who took the mighty sword off the mouse. Martin, son of Luke, the Warrior. This book is recommended for ages 9+up. It is very long and can be upsetting in places. Rating, 6 out of 5 stars. The best ever book. If you are a little person who sees this book on a bookshelf, buy it, read it and then, read it again.The best book, a child with dreams could want. So join Martin, Felldoh, Rose and Grumm Trencher the mole through the land up North, to the South, in the West, or near the Eastern Sea. Brian Jacques will enspire.
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on 7 December 1998
Brian Jaques has truly written a wonderful book. The story of Martin the Warrior mouse of Redwall Abbey is finally revealed. From the dungeons of a stoat tyrant's fortress to the peaceful colony of Noonvale Martin and his friends Laterose the mousemaid and Grumm the mole have adventures to match any King Arthur story three times over.
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