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on 27 October 1998
Brian Froud is a mastermind. As a young artist myself....I grew up with this book..and it practically tought me to draw. I could never imagine life without it..I've just always had it. And I could never tire of it. It ages beautifully with its owner..all ages can read into it in different ways....as I have found...its stories change as I get older. If ANYONE out there has a copy of Brian Frouds Land of the Dark Crystal....please let me know...I'd love to purchase a copy!!
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on 18 August 2000
I first bought this book years ago when it was first published. I still don't know why - it just seemed to call out to me from the shelf.
I fell in love with the faeries as a result of Froud's wonderful illustrations.
I've bought (and enjoyed) everything he's done since, but (sorry, Brian!) I still think this is far and away the best.
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on 11 July 1997
Float on the wings of a faerie, to a land that has existed for an eternity, and that will exist for eternities to come. Brian Froud and Alan Lee have created a marvelous book that weaves a magical tapestry about the reader, and won't let them go until the book is through with them! A perfect blending of typed and hand-written texts, and many differing styles of artwork help to make this volume a captivating sourcebook for lovers of the fae and light hearts everywhere! Colorful, richly drawn canvases reach out to the viewer to entrance them and hold them in the faerie world these two gentlemen speak so ellequently about. The combination of lovely prose, great sections of written verses and blurbs, and staggeringly beautiful, (and sometimes staggeringly jarring,) artwork make this book a true transportation device. Straight past the walls of reality and through the veils of the Enchanted World! I would recommend it to anyone with a free spirit, a grand imagination, and especially to someone who needs a
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on 17 July 1998
I first saw this book in a store while attending University and fell instantly in love. I have waited 10 long years to own a copy of my own and finally I have it !!! I am familiar with the works of both Mr. Froud and Mr. Lee -- through my friend and author, Anna Marie Ferguson ( Legend : the Arthurian Tarot ). This book should be on the shelves of every child, so that they may keep the path to their imaginations open. Had this book been in my posession years ago, I know without a doubt it would have provided both comfort and inspiration to a young girl seeking a path to the land of the Fey. I have yet the words to describe what this book means to me. I will treasure it for the rest of my days - and entrust a copy to as many as possible.
I, too am in the process of choosing one of these exquisite depictions of the Faerie Folk to tattoo on myself, as an homage to the works of Mr. Froud and Mr. Lee.
Thank-you both for taking my hand and showing me the way. I als! ! o have a copy of "Strange Stains and Mysterious Smells" and "The Dark Crystal" my favorite film. I look so forward to collecting more of your wonderous works!
If you do not already have a copy -- hardcover, of course -- get one ( or six ). Everyone who has the priveledge of viewing mine wants one of their own!
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on 24 October 1998
This was the book where I first encountered the artists Froud and Lee, and also where I discovered that faeries are indeed either ugly or beautiful, old and young; everything I had ever hoped and imagined, and more. Froud and Lee's breathtaking and altogether masterly portrayal of the intrinsic, metamorphic world of fantasy forever hovering at our fingertips, is truly masterly, and I have never encountered another yet which rates quite as highly as this. I would definately recommend this book to anyone who loves faeries, and/or queries the 'pretty' flower-faeries we tend to be bombarded with today. s This book has all my dreams, nightmares and fantasies woven together in it's intricate, detailed illustrations, the thick, scrawling lead pencil script... I cannot find the words to speak highly enough of this simply unique, marvellous book. I am an avid admirer of Froud and Lee's works, the faery-kingdom, faery poetry, stories, tales, photographs, illustrations, and can never have enough information on that mystical kingdom where people such as Thomas the Rhymer and Tam Lin vanish to, where a cup of wine can bind you a prisoner, where the young are old, and the old are yound, where anything is possible whether you believe or not. I for one, do strongly believe in faeries, and wish that I could see one. This book is - where are the words to describe it? Magnificent/Fabulous/Beautiful/Moving/Terrifying/Fantastic/Eye-opening - they are only some... I would like to congratulate Lee and Froud on their admirable skill for illustrations, the publishers for - well - publishing this book, and all the readers out there who fell in love with this book, which is a gift from faeryland itself.
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on 21 September 1997
My mother gave my a copy of "Faeries" for Christmas 1980, when I was 11. I was instantly enchanted with the idea of faeries as real beings, and accepted much of the text as truth. I fantasized about spotting faeries in the woods and rocks surrounding my childhood home, and made many (sophomoric) attempts to copy Brian Froud's illustrations. As an adult I even had a flower faerie tattooed on my ankle in homage to his art
My origional copy of "Faeries" is tattered and dog-eared, most of the pages have fallen out, and are hopelessly out-of-sequence, but I can't bear to throw it away. I count "Faeries" as one of the most influential books I had as kid growing up, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any child (or adult) interested in faeries or mythology. The book is incredibly well-researched, and beautifully illustrated. The hand-written text can be difficult to read at times, but adds to the wonderful illusion of illicitly reading someone's journal
Bravo for reissuing this book, I am ordering my new hardcover copy today!
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on 7 November 1998
Forget Madonna's Sex book. Forget cutsie "Coffee Tables from around the world" guides. Want a real book for your coffee table? Get this one. In fact, get everyone you know this book. It is art at it's highest, and teaches more about life and legend than any other book I've ever read. No distinguished home library should be without Froud's "Faeries". Although I am a rabid Froud fan, I can roundly recommend this book without bias. It is sheer mastery of an art form, and I believe Froud has done the Faeries proud. May his brush never slip, and the magic never fail him.
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on 27 June 1998
My original copy of Faeries is so tattered that it is long overdue for a revival. I have referred to this book often for inspiration and research, as the art of Brian Froud and Alan Lee is superb and perfect for the subject. Having had the good fortune of meeting Brian Froud when he was working on the Labyrinth movie, I can say that the artist is an magical as the art. I am glad to hear of a new book of his work due out this autumn. I would also refer fans of such subjects to an upcoming 96 page book from Andrews McMeel Publishing and Lionheart Books (the same creative team behind james Gurney's Dinotopia). Entitled FAIRY GARDEN: FAIRIES OF THE FOUR SEASONS, it was created and lavishly illustrated by well-known limited edition print artist Tom Cross and written by Constance Barkley Lewis. It should prove to be a worthwhile read and peruse for fairy fans of all ages.
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on 4 February 1999
Faeries send you into a world of goblins and kelpies in the land of Faeries. The realism that Lee and Froud give the illustrations and text is fabulous and they do not lose the realities of faeries to popular belief; they don't include false delicate butterfly-winged creatures but miscievious and sometimes deadly tricksters. I highly recommend Faeries to anyone who has ever read a line and for those who haven't I pity greatly. BRAVO !!! MR. FROUD AND MR.LEE!!!
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on 7 December 1999
From the origins of the faerie race to their courts and Kingdoms this book is a treasure house of lore and beautiful art.It concerns itself mostly with the lore of the Celtic folk, and acts as both as a collection of tales and a bestiary. Like Faerie itself this book distorts time. Pick it up for a moment, and you`ll find hours have passed.This is a work to treasure and enjoy....oh, just don`t have anything Iron around when you read it...........
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