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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 28 December 2003
Reading this book was a nice change, as opposed to reading the ever-more new-agey, 'white-light' Wicca books on Witchcraft. While it does not claim linage back to ancient Paganism, it certainly informs the reader of a different kind of Witchcraft other than Wicca, that of the Traditional Witch and covers Paganism, customs and folklore from a more ancient European prospective, rather than classical Goddesses and Gods. It also covers magic of the Traditional Witch such as Cursing, Hexing, Necromancy and Shape-shifting. A nice companion to this book would be 'Call of the Horned Piper' By Nigel A Jackson.
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on 16 January 2001
This book is excellent and the authors knowledge of traditional witchcraft is without question. The book gives a glimpse into witchcraft as it was practised before wicca and still is. Many witches in the UK will disapprove of this book as its quite revealing, but not too revealing. If your interested in wicca and want to know about the craft before the 1950's, read this book. It contains some subjects which some wiccans may not have come across before, i leave you to find out for yourself!
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on 23 October 2014
I did enjoy some of this book but was rather disappointed with other parts,especially with the section on magic, as it doesn't really give much deep information or any practical ideas of how you can start working traditional witchcraft, its more 'This is what was done' or 'This is what was said about that in the past', nothing much on how its done to day . Unfortunately it seemed almost as if written by an outsider who didn't have any real information to give you really rather than written by someone in the know (Maybe it was intended to seem that way as I know traditional witches are more secretive but still if you can't say all that much why write a book on it?).
The mythology part was good, the myths of the deities and folklore and the chapter on tools, where Troy stones were briefly mentioned (Stones carved or painted with a spiral which you trace with your finger or concentrate on to enter trace or raise power).
It is a book thats worth a read if you come across it but unfortunately its not a Must-have book in my opinion.
Some books that are more traditional that I found helpful are 'Green magic' (A book series) by Ann moura,'The witches craft'by Raven Grimmassi , 'Treading the mill'by Nigel Pearson and 'Natural magic' and 'Witchcraft for tomorrow'by Doreen Valiante (Although known as the mother of modern witchcraft, this lady had great knowledge on more traditional witchcraft too and if you asked me to name one,genuine 100% witch - this is the lady I'd name).
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on 20 September 2003
This book does give an extremely good descripttion of what could be termed 'modern' traditional witchcraft and the reader a via introduction to an alternative to wicca. The authour is not afraid to tell it like it is. Equally she is not afraid to uncover some of the more sinister aspects of the craft - quite the opposite - this is a balanced overview of the rationale of the modern traditional craft and as such is well worth reading.
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on 19 November 2004
It says its about traditional witchcraft or Old Craft, but, in truth, it is more about pre-Gardnerian witchcraft (and a lot to do with those of the Cochrane tradition, from what I can gather). I guess that's where the "modern" comes in?
To me, Traditional Witchcraft refers to those who practice a craft passed down in a family from generation to generation and I doubt there are many who could write on that particular subject with proven authority. Unless, of course someone is referring to a Traditional Witch of the Wicca Path, in which case they are talking about an initiate of an Alexandrian or Gardnerian tradition.
I did like the book to some extent, as it amalgamated a lot of what I had read about those outside the Gardnerian and/or Alexandrian strains. I am not keeping it as there is no information that I cannot source from elsewhere.
Have to say that I found the bibliography a little lacking. When I wanted to double check some of what was written, the bibliography gave me nowhere to go.
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on 23 November 2015
well worth a read x
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