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Customer reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars

on 5 November 2015
excellent book
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on 16 February 2014
Never mind the B&*^%s- this is a rewarding read! Scholarly, innovative- brilliant! The Western Magical Tradition has come of age and these gems keep coming and are the proof of this!
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VINE VOICEon 28 September 2008
It is incredibly difficult to fully do this book justice, indeed a simple review cannot fully demonstrate its inherent worth or significance (or indeed its impact upon my spiritual world view). I fully urge the reader to pick up this book, it'll surely open your mind to new ways of thinking!

'The Pillars of Tubal Cain' basically explores (in a decidedly thorough manner) the various roles of Lucifer and Luciferian Gnosis in myths, history and various other sources. Lucifer is commonly the fallen angel associated with the Christian devil, but as Michael Howard and Nigel Jackson eloquently prove -- this isn't quite the case. Lucifer is the much maligned being and his myths are explored therein; Lucifer is in fact the saviour of mankind, the light bringer, the morning star and the Lord of this Earth. Fallen but not evil.

Absolutely fascinating from start to finish, I highly recommend this book to everyone interested in the occult. Traditional witches and followers of the Western Mystery Traditions will specifically find the book of great value; every page is packed to the brim with interesting information and insights. I felt like shouting 'eureka' after having read this book, it's truly a classic and one that more people should read. In fact I would go as far as to say that it's one of the most important 'occult' books published this century.

The contents is as follows: the roots of angelic magic, the children of heaven, tower of the Titans, Lord of the Morning Star, out of space out of time, the all-seeing eye, the sons of the widow, the temple of Solomon, the queen of wisdom, Lilith's Lantern, the black bull of the golden horns, the arte of Hermes, the serpent and the tree, angel of the earth, the high priest king, the spear the cauldron and the stone, black Mary and the sacred blood, the Baphomet mystery, the hanged man, the Orion the wild hunter.

As you can see it's fairly lengthy, along with these chapters are six appendixes which go into correspondences for the Watchers and how to contact Lord Lumiel; also the art of the archangels in the back of the book is simply beautiful. The book is quite long and very dense with information so it can take a while to read, indeed there's so much intriguing information that it makes one a little overwhelmed at times! Good stuff. The book probably needs several good readings to glean all of the wonderful facts and connections; I'm certainly looking forward to picking it up again soon for another read!

So, overall more than worth your money, buy it now! Futher reading on this topic is Pillars partner book: The Book of Fallen Angels also by Micheal Howard.
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VINE VOICEon 24 February 2010
This IS an interesting book, and as already noted brings together a number of seemingly disparate themes. Whether these themes, and the conclusions drawn from them are in any way connected with "Luciferan" philosophy etc., is is not something I am competent to pronounce on.

What this book really needs is an old-fashioned editor and a professional proof reader. The numerous instances of words beginning with "e" surmounted by an umlaut, the same word often featuring a terminal "is" or "es" together with the use of an accent grave, are perhaps variously a pseudo-occult usage, typographic mistakes or the defects evident from the use of cheap DTP software - take your pick. In places both the grammar and the syntax are lamentable, when they are not actually pretentious, and there are numerous, other typographical errors. The fact that the bibliography does not feature any of Joseph Campbells or Carlo Ginzburg's writings makes this book rather weaker than it might have been. On the other hand, the reference to Baring and Cashford's monumental "Myth of the Goddess: the Evolution of an Image", is a definite plus, as is the sound writing of Dion Fortune.

Nigel Jackson's flatulent and pretentious disavowal of the work is to be as regretted as it seems to be unethical, and his attempt to rubbish this work seems to me thoroughly unprincipled - ignore! I form this judgement on the basis of having read and enjoyed the book, but without having any connection to either Michael Howard or any of his (or any one else's) magical affiliates.
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on 20 January 2017
Firstly,though reviews should be left to customers,the one put up by the co-author Jackson is at least honest and more to the point a condemnation of his own work penned in ignorance at the time.Much of this book has clearly been written without understanding of even the most basic Angel or Demonology.Critically whoever attempted this drew upon Qabbalistic,Mesopotamian folklore and Biblical material they did not understand.A good example is how the authors were confused regarding the differences between Azael,Azrael and Azazael.Hence they ascribe Azael to the element of Fire which is at odds with all genuine Cabbalistic literature.Inclusion of the supposed Angel Lumiel further illustrates the inclusion of personal ideas;Lumiel was the creation of Howards mentor Madelaine Montalban who found in Biblical writings secrets that were in fact figments of her imagination .Forging her own brand of Luciferianism,Howard later promoted the myth in articles in his magazine. The whole Cain mythos propagated by books headed under the so called Sabbatic Craft movement is in ignorance of modern schorlarly research which shows the whole as forming a set of morals aimed at various communities at that time.Reliant on the Book of Enoch,an extremely complex and fragmented work full of polemic supporting Yahweh and offering an early eschatology there is obvious scope for manipulation in which to construct new ideologies for a modern audience.Michael Howard and others have done exactly that in order to validate a Luciferian strain of belief that never existed in a magical sense.As most drawn to these type of books will be looking for workable magical belief systems,this work is both misleading ,confused and can safely be ignored.
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on 4 December 2006
The Pillars represent the ancient foundations of wisdom in the craft, and this book is aptly named. Stitching together many well-researched threads of ancient truth concerning Luciferian gnosis, Jackson and Howard coherently explore the real origins of the fallen angels, the Watchers, Set, Solomon's temple, the Queen of Sheba, Lilith, Eden, the flaming sword, the all-seeing eye and much more. I found so much of my own puzzle pieced together lucidly in this book that even the scandalous glut of typos began to give it an essence of archaic authenticity, purely because the content is so illuminating - unafraid as it is of peering into the darkness.
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on 21 January 2010
As one of the co-authors of this somewhat notorious work a few brief comments regarding my contribution may be apposite. Even by the time it was published a decade ago, my position was no longer accurately represented by the contents of this book which are a late product of the entertainingly sensationalistic, but intrinsically illusory and misleading, vagaries of the 1960s-70s occultism which I imbibed during my wayward youth. However by the beginning of the millennium I had already come to regard `luciferian' occultism as little more than a facile confabulation of distorted themes deriving wholly from metaphysical error and the sustained misreading, fabrication and subversion of symbolism from a non-traditional (or even anti-traditional) perspective. (One example, the bizarre polyglot neologism 'Lumiel' supposedly meaning the 'Light of God' does not derive from any authentic angelology and is no older than the 1960s - in fact it simply confuses the traditional teachings insofar as it is a pointless duplication of the 'Light of God' as the translation of the name of Uriel, the archangel who according to the 'Book of Enoch' strives against and imprisons the fallen angel Azazel! The occultist fantasizings herein are about on the same level of credibility as the 'pickingill craft'! Likewise with Lilith, serious study of genuine mediaeval Kabbalistic doctrines regarding this demonic entity in the Sefer-ha-Zohar, early Kabbalistic tractates such as the 'Treatise on the Left Emanation' and other authentic Jewish sources will prove far more instructive and will reveal true esoteric perspectives entirely at odds with the fashionable puerilities of occultist revalorisation which veil the real agenda of anti-Judaeo-Christian propaganda and pseudo-esoteric subversion.) From the viewpoint of Tradition the 'Fall' of the apostate angels should never be identified simplistically as a soteriological 'avataric' descent - this muddled conflation, not to mention the evolutionist views linked therewith, reveal elementary metaphysical errors and confusions, to put it mildly.(For a real Traditionalist exegesis of great subtlety, initiatic insight and depth upon these matters see the chapter 'Dante's Devils' by the Romanian writer Mircea A. Tamas in his book 'The Everlasting Sacred Kernel'.) Suffice to say the only contextualisation of the term 'luciferian' which I am now able to accept is its specific usage within the expositions of René Guénon.From this perspective I would seriously warn others to reject the dead ends of luciferian demonolatry and to free themselves from enslavement to the Archons of darkness (who are the fallen angels) and the malign agenda of the perverse demons and prevaricated spirits who manipulate the modern world through their satanic deceptions. When surveying these types of degenerate occultism propagated by dupes of the Counter-Initiation we should always bear in mind the warnings of St Paul in Corinthians:'for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.' As for what Martines de Pasqually condemned as the 'false and impious cult' of the Cainites, we may certainly be assured of one thing: the line of Cain, through the ages, has always indicated the deviations, corruptions and deceptions of the Counter-initiation.

My contribution to this work therefore stands as a historical record of the follies of my `occultist' period and should be approached with the qualification that it may well be that for some of us it is necessary to traverse and finally renounce pseudo-esoteric falsehood such as occultism, witchcraft and sorcery in the journey toward truth. My published works over the last 10 years provide an adequate resource as regards my movement toward a mature position as an adherent and exponent of authentic Traditionalist Esoterism. Thus this book posits a challenge or test for the serious seeker of Truth - can you discriminate between the fool's gold and counterfeit currency of occultism and the sovereign gold of the Philosophia Perennis ? Can you cultivate the discernment required to recognize the difference between pseudo-esoteric counterfeits or degraded residues and the authentic metaphysical wisdom of the Primordial Tradition? The exemplary choice lies before you... So bearing in mind that, as Rumi says `Infidelity is ever giving praise to the Truth' (by indirection, unwittingly and without ever intending to, I might add!) - Caveat Lector...
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