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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 23 June 2010
This book was the very last entry when I typed in Amigurumi (translated as crocheted or knitted toys) but it had a great "Look Inside" section which shows all the items you can make. I found that feature very useful for this sort of book and loved all of the cute creatures. The creatures include some clever uses of amigurumi including keyrings, a teddy bear head attached to a small handbag and a most unusual and enchanting chado tea set with tea pot and cups.

Another advantage is it being in UK Crochet Code instead of the normal American stitch names. This makes life a lot easier and you don't have to write out the pattern with the UK stitch names before you can safely make a start.

The book is written in a friendly playful style which makes it fun to read and also puts clothes on the animals which is unusual and fun to see.

I was not a beginner when I bought this book so I can't say truthfully that it is suitable for a beginner. They use the magic circle technique to get the toy started which could be quite tricky for a total beginner. Personally I prefer to chain 2 and then work the first round of double crochet stitches into the second chain away from the hook. However, you only need to know how to make a slip knot, chain stitch and double crochet to create all of these toys.

If you have any problems as a beginner have a look on YouTube and VideoJug for short films which show you how to start off. Also the websites Ravelry and Facebook can be useful for finding friends to help or just chat about your new found hobby.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have!
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on 11 July 2010
Having visited the V&A in London with my niece, we found this book and she was able to re-create these items with ease!

I gave it a go and managed to make my wife some of these (mouse, bear, and zebra) items. If a little girl and a man can make these following the instructions - anyone can.

Highly recommended if you wish to create a small present with a bit of thought and including some labour of love!!!
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on 23 July 2010
This is a really nice book. I found it useful for learning some good crochet techniques and the patterns are so cute! I like the explanations and instructions, they're simple to follow and straight-forward enough for even complete beginners to follow. I'll be using this book for quite a while! :)
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on 14 February 2012
This book is full of gorgeously cute designs and lovely pictures. I'm not new to Amigurumi but I started off with the simplest pattern which is the Egg bear and I was impressed with how easy to follow the pattern was. I then moved on to the Baby bunny and struggled to make heads or tails of the pattern for the head. Round four (2dc in next dc, dc in next 3 dc) rep around 32 stitches, round five (2dc in next dc, dc in next 5 dc) rep around 32 stitches, now I'm no maths genius but those number just don't add up.
Also there are discrepancies between the written pattern and the pattern summary given for each piece, written pattern rounds 6-12 dc around 40 stitches, pattern summary 7-12, 40 stitches. It took me way longer than it should have done to finish one small head and that was with reading rereading and then sort of making it up from other patterns and what I already knew from similar projects.
I was disappointed because almost everything in the book is on my to make list. If you're an experienced Amigurumi-ist then this book is lovely but it's not for a beginner in my view. Makes me wonder how such glaring mistakes were allowed to reach the published stage!
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on 21 June 2010
I was looking for some ideas for my gf and just randomly searched plush and this book came up...

surprisingly interesting and entertaining book that gave me lots of ideas for gifts and after finding a few materials, i was able to make and design some pretty appealing plushes.

if you want ideas on how to impress a loved one (preferably female) and want to do something imaginative, you can't go wrong with this book...
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on 20 May 2013
This is a good source for ideas for cute toys, but is really not ideal for beginners to crochet. The techniques section at the back is not at all clear and there are errors in a number of the patterns. I have made 4 characters so far and they have all been wrong in some way. If you have made other amigurumi and are familiar with how to increase and decrease then you can amend the patterns fairly easily, but it would be very frustrating otherwise. It also uses the magic circle to start which is excellent for toys and my preferred method, but does not explain it well and it does take some practice. So 4 stars because I do like the designs, but it is flawed.
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on 20 November 2013
24yr old female.
I was a beginner when i brought this - I had crocheted nothing more then a basic headband (rather loosely!) and could only remember the Double stich (dc /sc) off the top of my head along with basic chains.
I brought some books so i could complete more projects and found this fine for me to read, follow and understand.
So far i've made the dinosaur, panda twice, chicken, fish and hope to make the bunny in the tutu soon.
They've all been gifts to others and they've all been received very well.
My crochet has improved ten-fold since because ive simply made so many things already and have even wrote a few new patterns myself for my own gifts.
So i cant complain! Thanks!
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on 15 October 2015
The book has really cute easy to follow patterns but I was really disappointed in the toy sizes that came out with suggested hook size.Every one came out huge,not the small cute amigurumi would would expect.Also some of the patterns made weird shaped heads,didn't get on with this pattern styling at all.Didnt produce good results.
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on 8 September 2011
I had high hopes for this cute book but I have found repetitive errors in the robot pattern which has been disappointing. If this was the first pattern you attempted and you read such a confused mess you probably wouldn't go on to do any more. Having said that the animals are very sweet when you have finished them but you need to keep an eye on the final size measurements as some of the photos give the impression that the toy is going to be smaller than it actually turns out to be in my opinion. Its good that you have charts to follow as well as the words so when the words are wrong you can double check with the charts but you shouldn't really have to do this at all with a professionally published book, I guess no one actually tested the patterns before publishing or these errors probably would have been picked up.
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on 30 November 2014
I'm so torn over how to review this. On the one hand, the characters are very appealing and they all use similar wool choices. They're quite biased towards Debbie Bliss which I find unnecessarily expensive but I'm using Drops Nepal instead which is a third of the price.

My main gripe, though, is that the patterns all contain mistakes - some subtle and some glaring. You need to concentrate very carefully to notice them and correct them. They're easy to correct if you can do simple maths, but you shouldn't have to.

I've made a few of these now and all are very much worth the time and effort. If you can't deal with mistakes in the pattern though, this isn't for you.
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