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on 16 December 2002
If you are an existing VB6 developer looking to move into .NET, this book is really worthwhile. It gives a good overview of the CLR, then moves into real object programming. The descriptions of inheritance are great (lots to learn here), and examples are compared to VB6 along the way. There is an introduction to XML/XSL, and a chapter on ADO.NET.This is excellent, showing how to build a data abstraction layer. I especially enjoyed the chapters on COM/.NET interop and COM+. The best thing about this book is that you can read it cover to cover, or jump into the sections that are of more interest without losing the thread. For under 1000 pages I think they have produced a top class product. It may not delve into miniscule detail ,but it will certainly give you more than enough to start writing productive applications. In many cases I found myself querying their explanations, only to find a clarification slightly further into the text. I get the feeling they know exactly what you want to know, and how to deliver it. Superb!
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on 28 April 2004
The greatest strength and also the greatest weakness of this book, is thatit consists of a lot of authors covering a lot of ground. In the case oflaying the foundations for understanding the .NET Framework, it does anexcellent job. The explanations of the architectural thinking thatunderlies .NET and the CLR (Common Language Runtime) are excellent andinformative. If you're coming from VB6 to VB.NET then you really need toknow this information. In fact most of the more abstract (sic) topics aredelivered well along with great chapters on XML, ASP.NET, ADO.NET and (joyof joys) Component Services.
The traditional areas of VB however, are another story. Two areas wherethis book fell down for me (particulary given it being my raison d'etrefor purchasing) was in the area of Data Binding and Windows Forms. Thechapters on these topics are extremely poor in content. True, I'm comingat this book as someone who has spent the last three months living XML WebServices and a year's experience of ASP.NET behind that, but vitalinformation is missing. In the Windows Forms section there is allusion tothe life cycle of Forms at runtime without any suggestion of the best wayto handle this in your applications! This is analogous to explaining whattransmission does in a car without bothering to explain how the clutch isused. The data binding section whets the appetite with datagrids thenfails to actually deliver anything useful (like how to bind specificcolumns).
There is however a wealth of information here which should be good atgetting anybody not writing rich client applications up to speed. VB6developers that haven't yet moved to .NET really should read this for thewindow (sic) it opens up on the .NET world. It's worth keeping as areference and would have got 5 stars but for the nearly useless DataBinding and Windows Forms chapters.
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on 27 August 2005
This was my first book I bought for learning VB.Net. The subject is covered well but having diferent contributers gave me the feeling that it was a little disjointed in its style. I still have it and refer to it but I prefered Deitel's "How to program" a better book.
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on 27 June 2002
This book is very good; I take you into the dept off VB.NET. And it shows you how you can do things. It also gives you many small examples; you can jump into any part off the book read a section and do the example without have to do other examples as well. After you have been reading it you can use the book as reference material, because it goes into depths.
A other thing about this book is that you can actual read it without have to test the solutions or be sitting in front off a PC, so you can basically read it on a holiday.
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on 9 December 2003
I bought this book several months ago, I have just been doing a search on Amazon for a good .NET book, I would consider myself to be at least reasonably technical having worked with VB6 for several years but I found this book very daunting, also I found it very disjointed - possibly because of so many contributors, it might suit the kind of person who eat lives and sleeps computers, but for the more everyday programmer who just wants to get up to speed with .NET reasonably quickly and coming from a VB6 background I think this book is a bad choice especially at the price and if you have no technical background at all then definitely forget it.
Not saying this is a bad book but it's not user friendly and really find it hard to fathom how it got so many 5 star reviews!?
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