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on 26 July 2000
With the title professional JavaScript this book is obviously not for beginners. But as an experienced web-programmer I found this book very useful. It gives a very in depth explanation of the language, and can be extremely useful for those of us, who already now the basics, such as length(of String) = Stringname.length . such banalities are not discussed in this book, which I am pretty happy with. If you already know some JavaScript, buy this book to go to the next level.
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on 20 November 2000
JavaScript is a programming language designed to be used in conjunction with HTML, making HTML more powerful and interactive. It is now fully supported in Netscape Navigator 3. With JavaScript, Web page creators without deep technical experience can embed commands into their HTML pages that call up pre-cooked Java animations, add clocks and other time-based features , allow web pages to ask questions and gather information from visitors to the page, and provide other simple controls. While other JavaScript books are intended for experienced programmers, this one is for the vast majority of HTML coders who are less technically sophisticated but still would like to get their feet wet. This book will pick up where Laura Lemay's "Teach Yourself Web Publishing" and "HTML 4 for the WWW" left off.
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on 1 July 2001
You'll love this book if, like me, you like to push JavaScript to its limits. This is JavaScript for the pros as the title suggests. If you just want to dabble with some simple DHTML don't waste your money on this one. Sure JavaScript is only a scripting language, but for web client side scripting there's nothing better and this book allows you to make the most of it.
It covers both server and client side JavaScript in great detail although ADO (for database access in ASP) is off limits. The appendices in the back include document object models for IE and Netscape (though not Netscape 6 as the last reprint was Feb 2000) - plus the ASP DOM which is extremely useful. Sadly the Wrox Ultimate HTML database listing is a complete waste of space.
By teaching you to solve your own problems using JavaScript, rather than solving a selection of them for you, this book puts the power in your hands. I don't see how any real developer could enjoy using a language any other way? If you don't enjoy scripting - why script? Despite being published in 1999 this book is still the best out there. Nuff said I reckon ;-)
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on 23 March 2000
Overall this book helped me out with a lot of problems, though I think that the examples could have been a little better. I think that you really need to be a good programmer to use this book. There is no hand-holding here.
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on 9 February 2000
If you don't know any Java Script then this book won't help you. If you already know Java Script inside out you'll find huge swathes of information missing.
I already know a bit of Java Script but the little that I do know makes no apperance in this large and expensive book. The chapter on forms for example shows you how to test the given form but not how to write some javascript that will test *any* form, nor does it show you how to manipulate the names you give your form items to tell javascript whether to test them or not. This is essential if you are writing code that will be used in many places under many circumstances. At a push and with another javascript book you could work this out. If you are going to buy other books then there is no need to buy this one, is there? Most of us want to spend our money on just one good book and get 95% of the answers.
This is the biggest waste of money passing it's self off as a computer book I have ever come across. DON'T BUY IT.
My tip is to stick to the cut and paste web sites and get your self a decent book that attempts to teach you the subject.
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on 12 June 2000
The section on Regular Expressions is in two locations, useless and wrong. Trying to find information in this book is worse than usless. For example to find the length of a string you would use stringname.length; try and find that in this book!
Nothing in the index, nothing on the section dealing with strings but a fundermental building block.
A very expensive door stop : if this is the professional edition I would hate to see the rubbish contained in any other version.
If you do want to waste your money then it is alot cheaper at Amazon.
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on 18 January 2001
I haven't actually bought this book, and I wouldn't for two reasons.
1. Judging by the reviews it's a waste of time and money
2. I bought Beginning JavaScript 2 days ago, and I virtually know the language inside out now (well, the client-side browser stuff anyway) I'm amazed at what's possible.
Buy Beginning JavaScript!!!
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