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on 29 July 2013
This book's gripping story made Tony Anthony into a minor celebrity, enabling him to travel the world telling people how he had been a kung fu world champion and violent criminal. But it's all lies. The saddest thing is that the author has stated that only minor corrections are needed, whereas in reality virtually all his claims have been exposed as utterly false. Typing his name into google will find more information.
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on 20 December 2010
This book was given to me by a friend of mine as he is aware I enjoy combat sports.

I don't really know where to start... claims of stroking white tigers/fighting gangs of armed grown men before his 11th birthday/being involved in secret Kung Fu death matches and becoming one of the best body guards in the world.

Quick Fact list might help

The IFK which he claims sponsored his training did not exist in the 1970's.

During the early 1970's China was going through the cultural revelation and the concept a small child could travel to and from London to be trained by his grandfather (Martial arts were banned at this time) is a joke.

White tigers have not been seen in the Wild since 1958 and then only ever within the Indian sub continent never within 300 miles of the Chinese border.

The only facts this man can show to be true is that he was Jailed for Fraud in Cyprus he meet a Christian missionary and he lied and was Jailed for a hit and run accident in the UK.

Most of his autobiography appears to be stolen from 1970's Kung Fu movies including the scene where he fights the basketball player and holds the molten cauldron with his bare arms in the secret cave of the masters his grandfather showed him.

For me this man is the worst kind of liar using the faith of good people to live out his own sick delusions of Grandeur.
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on 16 March 2016
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on 24 October 2010
Well what else can be said about this work of FICTION?
Some good points have been raised by previous reviewers (including B. Gash Sifu with an excellent review being both a Choy Li Fut practitioner and a Christian) about this books inaccuracies. On first reading you may think that Mr Anthony really did train at the southern shaolin temple in china but if you apply a bit of reasoning and do some research you will find that his story is pure fantasy.
He is supposed to be fluent in cantonese but his pronunciation used is cantonese AND mandarin. His use of his granfather's name is incorrect for a chinese speaker> The family name comes first NOT last.
Mr A. used Cheung Ling Soo. It should be Soo Cheung Ling. There is NO record of a famous kung fu grandmaster of this name anywhere on the internet. Before you start slagging me off do a search on Wong Fei Hung, Chow Ah Nam, Ip Man, Lau Bun, Lam Sang, Lam Sai Wing, Ho Yun Chia, Chan Hon Chung etc. these are famous kung fu grandmasters that information CAN be found upon. Why did his famous kung fu master Lowsi have no other students? Also, Lowsi is teacher in Mandarin. So? I hear you say. well Generally kung fu teachers/masters are called Sifu (cantonese) or shifu (mandarin). Also why is his grandmaster "lowsi" not proficient in "dit dar" (fall and hit) medicine? this is a staple of traditional Chinese martial arts systems. There were also NO shaolin temples at this time in the 1970's. The Shaolin temple in Henan province was in ruins after being burnt down in the 1920's.
I have practiced Chinese Martial Arts for 6 years and can proudly announce I have had more kung fu training than Mr Anthony (which isn't difficult). He has plagiarised kung fu techniques from other sources (see the BULLSHIDO.COM thread for this) and his techniques he describes when in combat are appallingly in-accurate. The stances he trains after doing kung fu for 6 years are THE BASICS that are taught to beginners. I also take issue with the Kumatai (which is actually KUMITE from the japanese karate systems). This is straight out of the Van Damme film Bloodsport. Dim Mak is NOT "death touch" either. Dim Mak means roughly, "point pressing" and i have never heard of "Dim Lo". There are death points but these are known as "Say yuet"
Here you have a guy travelling around china to all it's numerous shaolin temples {these are debatable also] (including ludicrously enough being able to get into Tibet!) and then Pakistan to fight these non-existant death matches. Nunchukus are NOT traditional Chinese weapons.
The lifting the molten cauldron and having dragons burnt into his arms is straight out of the David Carradine "kung fu" series and is no doubt copyrighted by ABC the studio that produced it.
Mr Anthony is obviously a Walter Mitty character who must have had a really boring life so had to invent a fantastic one. I'm surprised he didn't say he was a trained ninja assassin as well.
These are just a FEW of the glaring inaccuracies in Taming the Tiger. So save your money and get it from your local library. (If your local library is still open after the public sector cuts!)
What concerns me is Mr Anthony travels around the UK visiting schools and Young worship groups spouting his untrue life story to impressionable kids/teens.
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on 23 February 2012
The Truth Will Out = check this Link


I am writing this because I was recently told that Tony Anthony's Book "Taming The Tiger" must be true because of all the good Amazon Reviews. So I would like to set the record straight. I understand that the Good Reviews are written by people with the best intentions, but have they actually any proof of Anthony's claims or have they investigated his claims in any depth? Well I have, I have many Documented Proofs that Taming The Tiger is largely a collection of lies and unfortunately Anthony, as an Evangelist, actually preaches these lies to people around the world.

If any one would like to see these proofs, which are exhaustive, then if they reply to this Review with their email address I will contact them. Anthony's Wiki page, that was deleted several years ago through lack of proof, has been put up again, but again through lack of citations to prove any of his claims is reduced to just basic information and even that is awaiting verification.
I am saddened to write this but I believe, along with other concerned Christians friends and associates, that Tony Anthony attempts to spread the Gospel using deceit but the real Good News cannot be spread with lies.

Taming the TigerTaming The Tiger
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on 23 March 2011
I believe the credibility of this story totally unravels in the first pages of the first chapter, which begins with a dramatic Nicosia Central Prison encounter. In it, Tony Anthony's prison buddy is violated, mauled, mutilated and beaten nearly to death by a psychopathic inmate who's conveniently named "Al Capone." Anthony, a Kung Fu master who began training in China when he was four, decides to take revenge. "Al Capone" is a raving madman, incarcerated for life, and his favorite hobby is "mutilating and raping other inmates." He's a foot taller than Anthony, but that's no problem since Anthony is like Huo Yuanjia on steroids. Anthony plans his revenge for two weeks. He's bristling with anticipation. Soon, all the inmates (including Al Capone) know that Anthony is going to finish Capone. But Capone, wily chap that he is, catches Anthony unawares and slams him against a wall. Capone and Antony are "nose-to-nose." "The stench of his [Capone's] breath was sickening." Capone puts a razor to Anthony's jugular vein. Anthony counters by putting his left thumb in Capone's eye, after which "I quickly calculated my moves." Capone's ear "was just inches from my mouth," writes Anthony. He decides to do a Mike Tyson on Capone; he would fully "rip off his ear with my teeth." But just before Anthony takes the first bite, he becomes conflicted by Bible verses someone has recently showed him. Filled with remorse and confusion, he gives up the fight, expecting Capone to finish him. But instead, Capone flees away in terror, which is presumably induced God or an angel.

The careful reader should take note of these details and wonder. Here are a few problems with the narrative:

1. True martial artists (especially champions, as Anthony alleges to be) have a keenly developed sense of awareness. They've learned to feel their surroundings, to feel danger before it strikes. It's a sense of extreme heightened awareness. This is not a supernatural ability; rather it comes through years of mental discipline. Why doesn't Anthony have this ability? Especially since he knows that Capone is anticipating being attacked by him, and is thus, much more dangerous than usual? Why does a martial arts champion, trained from age four, walk around totally unaware in this situation, to the point of getting slammed against a wall by Capone and having Capone's razor against his neck? It just doesn't ring true.

2. When Anthony comes to his senses a bit too late and realizes he's about to get his throat cut, he "quickly calculated [his] moves." His calculations soon get complicated by a series of Bible verses. But this is just not the way martial arts works. Martial artists train repeatedly for decades on end; many different strikes, blocks, kicks, katas, etc. These all become deeply ingrained in their muscle memory and, when an altercation starts, they don't think. Rather, they act instinctively with lightening-fast speed. All that muscle memory comes suddenly into play, and before the martial artist knows it, the fight is finished. Those who calculate their moves and mull upon Bible verses during a confrontation inevitably lose. Once, a deranged man lunged to attack my wife when we were in a public place. Somehow, I blocked his punch while standing behind him, and the next thing I knew he was sprawled out on the ground. I didn't calculate or plan any of it. I was a bit confounded afterward. My first thought was, "Why is he on the ground?" I had to reconstruct what I'd done after the fact, with a little help from my wife. All the successful sparing sessions I've had also worked the same way. And I'm just a mid-level student, not a champ or master! If Anthony was a Kung Fu master, his encounter with Capone would have ended similarly. Instantaneous instinct would come into play and Capone would have been reduced to a bloody heap in a second or two. (Then, with the razor no longer to his neck, Anthony could have tortured Capone to death as he was planning to do. Theoretically, at this juncture, he could have been conflicted by Bible verses and relented.) All martial artists know how lightening-fast instincts work in threat situations. Why doesn't Anthony know it?

3. Anthony claims that [1] Capone is a foot taller than him; [2] When Capone attacked him they were "nose-to-nose" and he could smell Capone's foul breath; and [3] Capone's ear was just inches from his mouth. Interesting. If Capone was indeed a foot taller, his nose would be about a foot higher than Anthony's (not "nose-to-nose"), and Capone's upper arm, rather than his ear, would just inches from Anthony's mouth. This is the most damaging aspect of the narrative in my view. One doesn't need to know a thing about martial arts to see how wrong this scenario is.

4. Capone, allegedly, was incarcerated for rape and murder, and his favorite hobby was raping other prisoners. This being the case, he would have had a 99.9% chance of being HIV-positive, and/or infected with Hepatitis B and C. Why would anyone with the least bit of common sense want to bite such a person's ear fully off and get a mouth full of his blood? Even if the above-mentioned height problem didn't exist, so that Capone's ear really was next to his mouth, why??? If Anthony was a Kung Fu champion, he would have had a hundred other options to use against Capone that wouldn't expose him to a mouth full of putrid, infected blood. (How about a knife-jab to the armpit or to the hypoglossal nerve; or dozens of other viable options?) Why in God's name, would he (or anyone) want to get a mouth full of frothy AIDS-blood?

In order to properly pull this off, Tony Anthony, Angela Little and Authentic Media should have hired a fiction editor, who would have caught the above-mentioned problems. The fiction editor would also have pointed out that white tigers (which Anthony allegedly petted and played with in the wild) don't even live in southern China, and that the only tiger in that region (South Chinese Tiger) was driven to near extinction under Chairman Mao's extermination program; and that no South China Tiger has been seen in the wild in over 50 years. The editor could also have warned Anthony that if he was going to claim to have lifted red hot iron objects with his bare hands and arms, he should have the permanent branding scars to authenticate it. Or that people who cross the Arabian desert with only a small bottle of mineral water will die. And many other things... That's what fiction editors are for.

I believe that Anthony owes it to the public to post a page on his website with solid answers to these (and many, many other) credibility problems. If he fails to do so, I think it's safe to conclude that he has gravely dishonored all the martial arts, dishonored Chinese culture; specifically the Shaolin order, and dishonored the far-too-trusting Christians whom he has been deceiving.

If I were ever to meet him, the one thing I would say is, "Learn a little respect, dude!"
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on 5 October 2006
By far the worst book i have ever read. Implausible rubbish being sold as a true story. A deluded fantasy from start to finish. What motivates someone to write nonsense like this?
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on 6 May 2009
I am a Cristian and also a martial artist with over twelve years experience in Shaolin Kung-fu...because of this a friend of mine highly recomended this book.Normally I approach biographical works that are designed primarily to evangelise with caution, but because this book was about a man who grew up in China studying the Shaolin Arts, I actually was looking forward to reading his book and gaining some insights or the very least seeing his perspective on things. I was very shocked with what i read.
Now I ain't one to diss a brother, especially one evangelising, but I am very concerned with portrayals of the truth or perspectives of the truth.Years ago there was a very infamous expose of comedian Mike Warnkes books about Satanism.This book did much disservice to Christianity.This book in my opinion falls into the same category.
The overall criticism about this book is that it reads like a cheap 70s crime fiction novel.Nearly all the elements in the book regarding China, Martial Arts, International Kung Fu tournaments are straight out of a bad kung fu flick.
For example the author brazenly talks about training in the deadly Shaolin Arts...he even goes on to mention The Shaolin Temple, and training in the secret chambers. During the period these trainings were supposed to have happened, he fails to mention that it was illegal to practive traditional martial arts in China. Also during this period, the Shaolin temples (both Northern and Southern) were either in ruins and uninhabited or indeed (the southern temple) was actually 'lost'. His description of fights and tournaments feel like they are recollections of 70's shaw brother movies ...not real martial art fights.
Also his life as an international killer-for- hire is just plain implausible.It really is.
Now, I am not saying Mr Anthony's book is 100% fiction. I suspect it is possibly 90% fiction and bad fiction at that.It is fiction to the fact that whats real about the book is totally lost in all that James Bond like fabrication.
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on 8 December 2008
I wanted to believe this story, I really, genuinely did. 8 years ago, when I first read TtT, I devoured it and gave copies to many of my friends. Back then it seemed so amazing - I described it as "like a James Bond film" in my original Amazon review. But over the course of time, I began to wonder if all the details could really be true, so I started to search around on the internet. I found a whole bunch of very sceptical people who pointed out all kinds of inconsistencies. Then I found some Christians who had similar doubts. Between us we have uncovered hard facts (birth, marriage, death certificates) that prove beyond doubt that TA's story is fabricated. I have asked TA for something - anything - to prove his story, but his complete inability to produce any hard evidence to back it up seals the deal.

Here's one site with a bunch of things to make you think long and hard about TA's story:

Please, for the sake of gospel integrity, avoid.
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on 10 June 2011
I have met many ex fighters etc who became pacifist or Christian, or even just seeking to put aside their former life, everyone of them mild and meek. Boxers, martial artists, soldiers, wrestlers,an ex body builder 30 years after competing. All shared the same traits, they never ever lose the gravitas and persona they had while competing or training. Despite weight gain and age, they look exactly like they are, ex fighters.
I have also met Mr Anthony who exudes nothing but the charm of a used car salesman, with the pallor and skin of a Dickensian accountant. Growing up on a Garrison and spending alot of time in Northern Ireland too, I've met many people who have killed for duty as well as belief. I have also worked with people who have served time for manslaughter and murder. There is something about a person when they have crossed that line, even when they find the strength or faith to come back over. The man in the book sounds exactly like this, he's battle scarred physically and mentally, he wears life on his face despite repenting. I read the book first, as some friends who feel I should be Christian, told me he was visiting our town. The man in the book was worth meeting, the man I met was not him. Being the polite type, I shook his hand (limp wrist), greeted him in what should have been his native tongue (all I received was a wan smile, an insult in that culture) and asked genuinely whether he meant the character in the book to be an allegory for what humanity can achieve. He told me it was all true and about his life.
It is undoubtedly fiction, when all he had to do was tell truth, he is already a convicted fraudster and I see more danger than good in his writings. For Christian readers, I would like to point out that although I do not share your faith, I acknowledge readily that there would appear to be substantially more evidence to corroborate actions of unimportant people 2000 years ago (unimportant in their time!) than there is to back up a single thing that Mr Anthony claims to have done in just the last few years.
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