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on 23 December 2011
OK, let's get the main thing about this book out of the way - it doesn't do pictures. It has some pictures in a glossy introductory section and then it's text all the way. If you feel the need to be shown a picture of something before you go and see it, you won't like this book.

If you're happy reading text however this book is one of the best travel guides I've used for any region. It's written with an infectious and genuine enthusiasm for the region, and includes a very accessible guide to its history. It includes little snippets on certain elements of Andalucian life as well, and most useful of all some very instructive pieces on Moorish art - I don't think I would have enjoyed the Alhambra nearly as much without this indepth and accessible introduction.

I am one hundred per cent a fan of this book, but if you're not convinced ask yourself this. Would you rather a book that showed you a picture of the Mezquita's red and white arches before you went to see them for yourself, or a book that explained the significance of the design and its history so you could appreciate them more when you went? This is the latter. This book made my trip, and with its help I came back with a lot of excellent pictures of my own.
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on 8 April 2012
This book is silly. The historical descriptions incredible biased. The description of Granada as dull and unchanged (the authors use the term disappointment) just incredible. The historical milestones at the end of the book completely gratuitous. These people went to see and could not see because they had already an idea in mind. As a spaniard living in the UK for 30 years, I am often hypercritical of our history but the historical descriptions in this book are simply disingenuous to say the least. The authors have not understood much of the deeper dynamics of the country and have written a panflet. I bought the book to help me with my family trip. Thanks God I had also bought the Lonely Planet one. Interestingly the section in the bibliography at the back under 'history' is made up of 13 references, all by one non Spanish. The author seems surprised that Spaniards think that there are poets in our history, other than Federico Garcia Lorca. Give us a break! I got so irritated with the absurd bias that I decided to do what the book deserved: conveniently left behind in the hotel room. Buy anything else if you really wan to understand Granada and the rest.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 30 April 2011
This triangle of cities is popular with visitors and this book scores a big hit for including all three. I spent my year abroad for my Spanish degree in Sevilla and travelled to the other two cities. Whilst this has the practical information you need for a holiday, I thought something was missing. I did not 'feel' the ambience of the cities, there was nothing that explained to me the magic that is Andalucia, the soul of Spain. This is the 5th revised edition. This review first appeared on Karen Platt's book review website.
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on 27 May 2011
I have just come back from a trip to Andalucia and I had been loaned various other guides by friends. Of these guides, this one and the Rough Guide were definitely the best. This guide only covers these three cities and is very up-to-date. It starts by giving a general historical background and general information before being split into the three cities/towns. In each of the individual sections it higlights, in order, the best places to visit in each place which is handy if you are only visiting for a day or two, as well as recommending hotels and restuarant/tapas places. I would recommend this if you are only visiting one or more of these destinations. It is a relatively slim book so easily fits in an oversized handbag or over the shoulder bag. It has very few pictures but that means you get to see the sights for yourself without any prejudged view.
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on 31 October 2012
Just a small light weight and inexpensive guide but it contains all the information needed to make an interesting and informed visit with a no nonsense and sometimes amusing observation here and there - I like the author's pithy style. Well illustrated but you will need to seek out the tourist offices and get ome of their free larger scale and excellent maps to help you find your way around.
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on 7 November 2011
Speedy delivery. A good accompaniment to a visit to Granada. Which was really wonderful. Light to carry and didn't add much to flight bag.
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on 27 July 2011
This book has literally just dropped through my letterbox so maybe a little unfair to review it straight away? Well I will update later if I find I've been overly harsh...

My main concern is simply the dearth of photographs. Yes there are some at the very beginning of the book, but nothing beyond that. I always prefer to see a few pics of say some of the recommended eateries/bars in a guide book, giving you a real feel for whether it's your cup of tea or not. On odd occasions a place has looked so good in the picture that a visit has resulted off the back of that. Clearly this guide book doesn't espouse to such luxuries. Let's face it, the odd picture also makes a book far more digestable/readable, breaking the thing up in to manageable chunks. This book is just page after page of uninspiring looking text. Yes I appreciate it's content which counts, and I will review that in time, but if one can't find a book appitising enough to read it in the first place, you don't tend to get very far, and hence the two stars lost before I've even started. Think I'll stick with Lonely Planet and Time Out guides in future
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on 17 March 2012
In many respects, this is a good guide book which is quite well-written and focuses mostly on cultural aspects. However, the authors' bias (against the Church, the Catholic kings, Charles V, and so on and so forth) are painfully obvious. While I fully agree that those people were not exactly enlightened democrats, readers should also be reminded that few rulers in those days were, whether they were Catholic or not - just look at the Tudors. I was looking for an impartial treatment of the history of these cities and I find the authors' tendency to bluntly and repeatedly state their personal opinions as well as their occasionally sloppy research (for instance, the Inquisition was started in the 12th century and was definitely NOT an invention of Isabel and Ferdinando) frankly annoying. If you do decide to buy this book, please consider using other resources too and make up your own mind independently.
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on 3 October 2011
Book contains most of teh info I needed but I would have liked more glossy pictures to inspire us into visiting the best locations.
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