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VINE VOICEon 15 April 2011
I bought this because I already own the Greenwood tarot, which I use constantly. The Wildwood tarot is a revisioning of the Greenwood, its themes and archetypes from British prehistory onwards - and it's excellent! It's more streamlined that the Greenwood (no insult intended) and in several ways, I found it simpler to use, and I think a beginner would too. The artwork contains some powerful images and is certainly different to most tarot decks. The accompanying book is also well written, easily understood and the spreads within simple to interpret. I am looking forward to working with this deck through the year, though that doesn't mean I will abandon the Greenwood deck, which remains my favourite on balance. But it's pretty close! A fantastic job done by Ryan, Worthington and Matthews, you can tell that this deck was created by people who really know their stuff!
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on 28 September 2017
When I first saw this deck on a few videos I fell in love with it so I decided to buy it.When it arrived the finish of some cards was not perfect (some of them are slightly wrinkled but not too bad).The images themselves are very pretty in my opinion. However some cards like the 9 and 10 of arrows are totally conflicting to the classic RW deck which feels very odd to me when I read them (but this may just be me).And although I like the idea of using animals for the court cards I struggle to find the association between some of these animals and the characteristics of the cards.Now about the book,it was a total disappointment to me.The language used and the way the meanings were explained just didn't do the trick for me at all.Sorry.All in all,I find it hard to connect with this deck but I do like having it cause I love the images themselves.
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on 2 August 2017
This is an excellent deck for the artwork, but for those used to working with Ryder Waite derived decks, there could be some confusion when reading with this pack, as there was for me until I realised the two major arcana cards of Justice and Strength as The Stag and The Woodward are in exchanged positions from the usual Strength as 11 WOODWARD and Justice as 8 STAG which is a reversal of the usual positions.(or at least I think they are!?) has anyone else noticed this? I also find the Death card being renamed 'The Journey' is unnecessary and slightly confusing,it smacks of an avoidance of Death as a transition, in my view. Lovely artwork though!! Lots of putting forth of Mark Ryans own views and opinions regarding conservation and treating the Earth well which although important and lofty ideals seem somehow out of place as trying to push any personal agenda does not seem to sit well with Tarot,I feel.. Having made those criticisms I still enjoy the pack for its delightful imagery. Not so keen on the book for the above reasons. Looking forwards to reading with the deck.
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on 14 December 2015
I have looked at tarot many times but never felt really drawn to using them for working with that was until I saw this deck at a friends. Intrigued I sent for a set. When they arrived I was blown away by not only the stunning, powerful imagery but also the energies they exuded. The art work is by Will Worthington without doubt one of the most talented illustrators in the country today having worked on many fine decks of Tarot and Oracle cards with some very well known people. The accompanying well defined book is from two very well respected people Mark Ryan who's previous deck the Greenwood Tarot has become a highly sought after classic and John Matthews a much respected author who really does know his stuff with whatever he brings forward and how to put it across.

What appealed to me personally what the shamanic aspect of this deck that really does take you on a journey into and through the Wildwood whilst working around the Wheel of the Year. Not only can these cards be used for readings which in themselves are easy to understand if like me you are a novice at Tarot but also for path working, meditation and journeying where they are in a class of their own.

If I never buy another Tarot deck I shall always be grateful to my friends for introducing me to the Wildwood
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on 26 January 2018
One of the best Tarot decks I've seen, art work is stunning and information inside accompanying book is captivating. For a beginner or an experienced tarot reader or simply a collector there is something precious illustrated in this box; invoking mythological stories for everybody who is moved through awe, spiraling wheel of nature that we used to call Albion. However I would of liked to of seen edge gilding on these cards and also the thickness of the card could of been increased for the sake on longevity. So 4 stars but worthy of 5 if suggested improvements are made in the near future.
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on 7 January 2015
I bought these are reading several reviews from Amazon and also tarot sites and I am pleased to say I am very glad I bought these cards.

I have been greatly surprised by the accuracy and also the detail of the readings they offer. The quality of the card is good unlike some others I have recently purchased, the drawings are fantastic and inspiring, much can be attributed just by the images on the cards without prior knowledge of the authors meanings.

These cards follow the pagan calendar and can also be used for timescales, I have done several readings recently with them which have proved very accurate with the timeline given based on the major arcana and also the king, queen, knight and page. There is differences from the usual rider waite form, but this only adds to their accuracy.

It did take me at least a couple of weeks to gel with the cards, but it has been well worth it.
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on 18 May 2017
I was very impressed by this Tarot set. The cards are very nice quality, and the illustration is beautiful. The book is well written. With integrity, and a wonderful insight into the very realm of nature, the natural world, and mysticism.
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on 22 April 2017
Arrived very quickly, packaged well, Beautiful cards and nice big meanings book to go with it, all good quality. The cards were a mat finish but I prefer them like that easier to handle, comes in a lovely big Box,I'd say this deck is a must have.
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on 5 September 2011
I wanted this deck the minute I heard about it. However, I waited. I have been wrong before. I've now been working with it for two weeks. The artwork is gorgeous. The card stock is not that flimsy stuff you sometimes see. The cards aren't too big for my small hands. The images are deeply moving and I find really speak to my soul. However, I was surprised by just how fabulous the book is. Even when I don't have a chance to do a full reading, I pull a Card of the Day, almost like an oracle card. The descriptions and recommendations on how to work with the energy in the book are invaluable. I can't rate it high enough!! I will agree with a previous reviewer that the plainness of the backs of the cards are just a little bit disappointing, though.
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on 15 January 2017
arrived brand new price was great aswell. this is one of my current favourite taro decks even my wife started using them. it opens your mind way better esp when you are in the nature and greener lifestyle and mysticism. i have lot of taro decks previous favourites were golden and thoth but this one is a bit simpler but thusfar way more informational. Thank You
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