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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 15 April 2011
I bought this because I already own the Greenwood tarot, which I use constantly. The Wildwood tarot is a revisioning of the Greenwood, its themes and archetypes from British prehistory onwards - and it's excellent! It's more streamlined that the Greenwood (no insult intended) and in several ways, I found it simpler to use, and I think a beginner would too. The artwork contains some powerful images and is certainly different to most tarot decks. The accompanying book is also well written, easily understood and the spreads within simple to interpret. I am looking forward to working with this deck through the year, though that doesn't mean I will abandon the Greenwood deck, which remains my favourite on balance. But it's pretty close! A fantastic job done by Ryan, Worthington and Matthews, you can tell that this deck was created by people who really know their stuff!
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VINE VOICEon 31 October 2012
Oh; I just LOVED these as soon as I opened them, and from the very first time I used them! It's not often I get this feeling; usually a new Deck either has to grow on me - or simply ends up being a lovely Deck for my Collection - but will probably never get used... However; this Deck I adore and shall definitely be using regularly!

This is a very good quality Deck; box, book and Cards are all great quality. (though the Cards are without lamination which I would have preferred since I shall be using them lots)

I love this Deck, because the images are just SO nice and interesting. They're colourful and very friendly and I instantly related to them - especially the animals, and I got lost in the Deck almost instantly whilst doing my very first Reading! I felt I'd been away and come back from somewhere else - real escapism! I like the fact they are in the Suits of; Arrows, Bows, Stones and Vessels - makes a refreshing change from the usual Tarot categories.

The book is full of very rich and deep Interpretations and meanings, and though I usually prefer to interpret for myself, the ones here in this wonderful book are SO informative and interesting (and go far deeper than most I find) I shall probably continue to look them up more than using my own - the quality book is a real pleasure to use!

I just LOVE these (in case any of you hadn't already noticed!) and would highly recommend them to anyone and to everyone - particularly those whose imagination and fantasies are easily fired by nature, woods, forests and animals - simply GORGEOUS!!

FIFTY STARS from me!!
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on 8 April 2011
I love this deck! I have many sets of tarot cards and this one, which I have only just received, was well worth the wait. It comes well packaged and includes a full guidebook, not the flimsy little paper leaflets you get with many decks. The cards are well made and the artwork is simply stunning! Each card is different and has unique artwork, which is a traditional, and not computer-generated graphic. The colours are rich and deep and there is a very European pagan feel to the imagery, lots of green man and hares etc. They may be a challenge to learn if you are used to a traditional tarot deck as the pictures are so different but this shouldn't put you off, they are really lovely! The only small gripe is the back of the cards are plain green with a plain white boarder and some text from the publisher - it's a bit dull really but otherwise a very nice deck and a welcome addition to my collection!
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on 9 April 2011
Having owned the Greenwood Tarot for many years I have waited such a ling time to find a tarot that appeals to me on the same level and finally this is It. The images are stunning - just like the Greenwood , although that deck will always be my favourite, a lot of care andwork has been put into this deck by one of the original creators of the Greenwood. Well made and presented deck with a very good accompanying book. Great images very reminiscent of the greenwood. Highly recommended.
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on 18 November 2011
This deck is not a conventional Tarot deck. First, the traditional suits have been renamed. They now are Arrows, Bows, Vessels and Stones. However, they still correspond to the traditional elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Furthermore, these four elements are sufficiently represented on the pip cards. Therefore if you know the elemental associations, you should not have a problem reading with the Wildwood deck.

But the main criticism by people who otherwise like the deck is that the court cards are all animals. Personally, I think that this feature actually helps when interpreting the Courts as primal energy, rather than a specific person. As well as this, if you DO want to assign the court card to a certain type of person and you do not feel you are intuitive about animals, but are familiar with the traditional archetypes, studying the accompanying book might help complement and/or expand your interpretation of these cards.

In addition, as an example of how animal archetypes can reveal our human traits, let me tell you about the following light hearted exercise I once participated in. We were each to pick an animal that describes us best at present, then share this with our neighbour, for example:
"I am a leopard napping under a rock"
"I am a thirsty hummingbird".
The neighbour was then supposed to come up with a list of characteristics describing that animal e.g.
for the napping leopard: "so beautiful that it wants to escape the attention, blend in and be one with nature"
and for the hummingbird: "frantic and fragile on the outside, but strong in spirit".

These lists of traits turned out to be surprisingly spot on and revealed more about the people choosing a particular animal than perhaps some wanted to!
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on 10 June 2011
Unwrapping a set of oracle cards that features art by the great Will Worthington is always a treat to the eye, and this pack certainly is that. Will's images here are, as always, superbly rendered and here, more utterly pagan than ever, filled with really strong portrayals of the natural world in all its many moods, from the stark drama of card 13, 'The Journey,' with its crow-pecked skull, to the joyously dancing cranes of the 'Three of Vessels.'
The traditional tarot suits of wands, cups, disks and swords are here replaced by bows, vessels, stones and arrows. Animals feature prominently, the court cards in each suit consisting of beautiful renditions of various animals. The suit of stones, for example, features a howling wolf in winter landscape and under a full moon as king; a brown bear standing in a cave mouth at sunset for the queen; a prancing horse as the knight; and a gorgeous, slinking lynx as the page. Animals also appear in many of the number cards, so a pair of boxing hares is the image for the 'Two of Stones,' a young fallow deer sheltered by a cromlech for the 'Four of Stones.'
Many of the human figures also wear animal masks, while the human imagery, whether of standing stones, clothing, tools and weaponry, or thatched roundhouses, are all suggestive of a setting in the Bronze Age.
In short, this is a properly pagan divination deck, each of the 78 cards illustrated with inspiring, engaging, pagan imagery, beautiful and highly recommended. And I haven't even had time to read the book yet!
Will's other decks include:
The Druid Craft Tarot Deck (Tarot Cards)
The Druid Animal Oracle Deck
The Druid Plant Oracle: Working with the Magical Flora of the Druid Tradition [With 36 Cards]
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on 16 September 2011
What a fabulous deck! Will Worthington has illustrated three decks for me and Stephanie over the last almost 20 years, starting with the Druid Animal Oracle, and what never ceases to amaze me about his work is the way that he brings such attention to detail - and is able to imbue each deck with its own character and style, so that it stands out as truly unique. Even so, as I opened the deck I was a little worried that the images would be too reminiscent of the DruidCraft Tarot, but no! As I laid the cards out I saw that Will has once again created a totally new world for us - new, but also ancient, filled with animals, and characters who soon begin speaking to you... I love this deck and once I have studied the book by John and Mark in detail I will be placed in a dilemma - which deck should I use when doing a reading?! What a very nice dilemma to face!
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on 27 May 2011
I had used the 'Greenwood Tarot' for many years, and so naturally I became interested in the prospect of a re-release. The 'Wildwood Tarot' however, is no mere re-packaging of the 'Greenwood', and while they certainly share themes and some of the text, the 'Wildwood' is entirely its own beast! And this is a good thing.

First of all, the text has been expanded, and changes have been made within the overall context of the set which further deepens individual card meanings and enhances the relationship to the Wheel of the Year. There is also more contemplative material to aid in meditation and provide a more spiritually focused reading. The book is organized in two ways so that you can experience the cards in the context of the 'Wheel of the Year' and/or the traditional tarot order. This is helpful for seasoned students of tarot - as you do not have to completely chuck out your tarot training in order to jive well with this system.

And then there's the art. Like many 'Greenwood' fans, I too enjoyed Potter's art, although I found it to be inconsistent in style. It would be futile to compare the art in both decks to each other, as the artist (Worthington)has provided an entirely new vision, and it stands on its own merits. The art in the 'Wildwood' is bold, crisp and evocative. The scans of various cards on the internet do not do justice to the beauty of this deck - it has a greater 'WOW!' factor than I expected (and I own other decks created by the artist). You truly have to meet this deck in person to get the full impact!

But most importantly, to any tarot reader who needs more than pretty cards to be satisfied: it reads beautifully!
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on 14 December 2015
I have looked at tarot many times but never felt really drawn to using them for working with that was until I saw this deck at a friends. Intrigued I sent for a set. When they arrived I was blown away by not only the stunning, powerful imagery but also the energies they exuded. The art work is by Will Worthington without doubt one of the most talented illustrators in the country today having worked on many fine decks of Tarot and Oracle cards with some very well known people. The accompanying well defined book is from two very well respected people Mark Ryan who's previous deck the Greenwood Tarot has become a highly sought after classic and John Matthews a much respected author who really does know his stuff with whatever he brings forward and how to put it across.

What appealed to me personally what the shamanic aspect of this deck that really does take you on a journey into and through the Wildwood whilst working around the Wheel of the Year. Not only can these cards be used for readings which in themselves are easy to understand if like me you are a novice at Tarot but also for path working, meditation and journeying where they are in a class of their own.

If I never buy another Tarot deck I shall always be grateful to my friends for introducing me to the Wildwood
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on 24 March 2015
I'm sure its personal choice but this set of cards is the best I've ever come across, Friends (who have their own different cards) come around to consult them. The readings are SO precise and specific, I've often been left dumbfounded. Good price and delivery, thank you
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