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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 9 December 2006
This is far and away my favourite deck, and has stood the test of time. For me, the images and connections work even better than the OBOD "Druidcraft Tarot".

I am not a diehard fan of the Matthews by any stretch of the imagination: certainly I have taken issue elsewhere with the dubious scholarship and mistranslations that underlie some of their published work. However, in developing the Arthurian Tarot, I believe they have played to their strengths, and produced a deck of stunning beauty and deep insight.

The images resonate profoundly with anyone familiar with the magical places of Britain and Ireland: on many of the cards I just know that I recognise the background, even if I can't quite place it. There is an uncompromising combination of ethereal beauty and almost matter-of-fact savagery in the deck, reflecting the realities of life and death which have bound both us and our ancestors to the wheel of incarnation.

The acccompanying booklet, as other reviewers have noted, balances the need for brevity with sufficient information to allow even a beginner to dig below the superficial and start to make their own connections as they work with the deck.

I also recommend the companion "Hallowquest" book for further study, particularly the year-long course of meditations based upon the cards. Although I would not agree with some of the conclusions the Matthews draw, the approach they advocate definitely brings an understanding of the relationship between the suits, the Major Arcana, the passing of the seasons and the Land itself: this is highly charged and very effective. For pagans and Druids in particular, the correspondence between the outer world and the Inner / Otherworld will become clearer and deeper as they work with the deck through the year.

Very highly recommended - all in all a first class tool for divination, ritual, and personal growth.
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on 19 January 2010
I am really enjoying these cards. I am a relative beginner - but wanted a deck that was based on firm Arthurian legend (if there is such a thing!) that included early celtic lore. There is a learning curve involved, I had to reread bits and pieces of some stories to make more sense of some of the images. Some very good research has gone into this set and I highly recommend it. Great stuff, I prefer it to my rider waite deck.
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on 6 May 2012
This deck, as it's title shows, is based entirely on the Arthurian myths and legends of the British Isles, and is subtitled, 'A Hallowquest Handbook'. It is not essential to know all about Arthur in order to use this deck, but it would definitely be an advantage to have some knowledge. Alternatively, the deck could easily be used as a way of studying the Arthurian mysteries.

The Major Arcana in this deck is called 'The Greater Powers' and the only cards which have retained the original titles are 'the Star', 'the Moon' and 'the Sun'. Some examples of the rest are - 'The Seeker' (The Fool), 'The Washer at the Ford' (Death), 'The Green Knight' (The Devil), and 'The Flowering of Logres' (The World). The images are very evocative and lend themselves well to meditation and/or pathworkings (guided visualisations), especially as the images are viewed through an archway. The Matthews' approach to each card is to give a description, then some background information, followed by the archetypal meaning and the divinatory meaning, all of which makes fascinating reading.

The 'Lesser Powers' (Minor Arcana) are 'Sword', 'Spear' (Wands), 'Grail' (Cups), and 'Stone' (Pentacles), whilst the four Court cards are 'Maiden', 'Knight', 'Queen' and 'King'. Each suit has a corresponding element and season. The depictions don't always pack the same kind of punch as the 'Greater Powers', but nevertheless are interesting and well-executed. As with the 'Greater Powers', each card is explained in terms of description, background information, archetypal meaning and divinatory meaning.

The Matthews' give further information about numerical attributions, and interestingly, how to read time-scales with the Tarot, this latter in extraordinary detail. Each week of the year is ascribed to a particular 'Lesser Power' card, in accordance with the suit/season. The book covers several spreads, most of which are named after various aspects of Arthurian lore, accompanied by some very useful sample readings.

This is an attractive deck and I am particularly fascinated by the Matthews' take on time-scales as the Tarot doesn't necessarily lend itself well to accuracy with time.
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on 10 November 2011
A must have for all serious tarot collectors, and for arthurian lore enthusiasts.
There have been a number of editions in the years, probably this one I got from Aquarian Press 1990 is among the oldest and best released, in comparison to newer editions colors are muted and soft, the atmosphere is eerie but moon-like, night-like and serene, peaceful.
There's also plenty of books for deeper study, I am not going into that.
It is highly reccommended, trying to explain why here would be daunting and useless, but everyone can see why once they have the real things in their hands.
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on 14 July 2007
This was the first tarot set i bought, they looked so different from all the others, the 'rider-waite'style of cards never appealed to me. At first trying to use them was quite obscure as i was a total novice, now however after 15 years of using them and having many other sets, these are by far the best for getting inspired and meaningful information.
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on 29 February 2012
brilliant easy to use for the begginer though i bought these for a profesional reader and its the only pack she has felt comfortable with and don't let her down
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on 3 March 2009
This pack is one of my favorites. The imagery is excellent and the quality of the cards is ideal (HINT! they get to look used quite quickly- so you don't look like your practicing with a new pack!!!)I use these a lot and have to say they have always been kind to me and given accurate info. Highly recommend whether you are a beginner or an adept
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on 16 January 2002
My friend told me that these cards were perfect for medition so i brought them. The art work on the cards are very beautiful and i enjoyed using them, but the handbook the came with them was not very informitive.Then i used them as tarot cards and being a beginner, i found them very hard to read.I then brought the book 'Hallowquest' The Arthurian Tarot Course. And this helped me to get the most out of my meditation with the cards, but being a beginner at Tarot i found that i had to buy a simple tarot deck and books.
The Arthurian Tarot and Handbook are great if you are experenced at Tarot.And great if you want to use them for Meditation. But i would also recommend The 'Hallowquest' book.
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on 25 June 2015
I have never been into tarot but my daughters like them and my youngest loves the Arthurian lengend so I bought this for her
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on 22 September 2016
Very good quality. Fast delivery and well priced
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