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on 9 August 2015
Apparently The Lovers' Tarot by Jane Lyle has been through many editions, the first one coming out in 1992 as a majors only deck. I bought the 78-card version because I watched a video of Four Queens unboxing hers and when upon investigation I discovered that the pip cards are very plain, I ordered it. I quite like pips-only decks. There's something that feels very fortune-tellerish about laying out a bunch of plain cards and doing a reading with them; I feel it shows some knowledge, and appears less like you're 'just looking at the pictures and making stuff up.' I have both kinds of decks, of course, but I think it's good to use pips-only decks, too.

This deck is called The Lovers' Tarot and it is specifically intended to be used for love and relationship readings. The 64-page guidebook accordingly confines its interpretations to that context, which makes for an interesting read. Though the book is very brief, it is packed with useful information, making it a valuable and convenient resource for quick reference. Each major card gets one page of text that includes ruling planet, element, and a keyword, a 2 or 3 paragraph explanation of the card, and two key phrases called 'essence'. I feel the book really comes into its own with the minors and courts. Instead of organising them by suit, Ace - Ten, as most (but not all) guidebooks do, this book is organised by number. For each number, all four cards are featured across two facing pages, with one-half a page each. The upright meaning is called 'The Gift' and the reversed meaning is called 'The Challenge'. Each card is given a keyword for both upright and reversed.

About the art -- it's a kind of photo collage which some call awkward and clunky, but I think it's meant to be like that. The illustrator, Oliver Burston, is a professional commercial artist so I have no doubt he has the skill to create something realistic and lifelike. I just don't think that was the object here. I like that the art looks like pieces cut from the work of great masters and pasted down. I like the flatness and odd proportions. It's why I like the Tarot Illuminati as well.

The only down side I see to this deck is the suit of Wands. There is no movement there, and for the Fire suit, I would like to see the arrangement less static. The wands are used to create almost like a wall or fence as the numbers get higher. This disappoints me. I would like to have seen, for example, all of them aligned for 8 of Wands, and a bit more confusion in 5 of Wands and 10 of Wands. I know it's a pips-only deck, but there's just something about the way the wands form a kind of garden fence that doesn't seem very Wandsy to me. I would also have preferred a red or orange background colour, to reflect the Fire element. That's the only negative thing I have to say about this deck, though.

I find this an attractive deck with a useful little guidebook, and it comes with a lovely sturdy box, all for a very reasonable price. I am quite pleased with it, and feel it's a keeper.
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on 13 February 2013
Very nice cards, though not pictures on all, the minor arcana being quite simple, e.g. coins on pentacles cards. What is lovely and encouraging are the words and meanings in the book ... bringing hope and giving direction, when needed, for life! Quite nice and compact if wanting to carry around.

Susie XXX
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on 22 April 2015
Lovely deck , fast shipping
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on 11 October 2014
Lovely item, makes for a good gift. Very good quality and beautiful artwork.
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on 2 October 2010
Sorry but I don't like these cards. I dont like the images on the Major Arcana and the minor arcana is exactly as the previous reviewer stated, they have no imagination no visual attraction whatsoever. I was drawn by the name of this deck thinking it would be nice for romance/relationship readings but actually in the deck itself I couldnt really see any reason it was called the lovers deck.

I won't be using this deck at all, it really does nothing for me on any level and there are to many beautiful decks waiting to take up shelf space to hang on to this one....

To end on a positive note, the cards are nice quality and a good size and come in a nice sturdy box.
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on 8 September 2010
As a tarot consultant, I have a number of decks and am always on the lookout for new & inspiring decks. I purchased The Lovers Tarot Deck by Jane Lyle and was initially enthralled by the images of the major arcana cards. They also have a heavy card stock feel to them. Where it falls short is the minor arcana cards. There is NO imagination or inspiration whatsoever. You get pretty much the exact same design on all the cards. i.e. The Ace of Pentacles has 1 coin against a nice background, but the 2 - 9 cards for pentacles show the specific number of coins against a plain gold background. It's the same for all the other minor cards. Very boring images of wands, swords and cups against a plain coloured background. I won't be using these for readings with clients and wished I had spent my money on a better deck.
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