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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
The Wizard's Promise (Doomspell Trilogy, Book 3)
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on 4 July 2003
In the final part of the Doomspell trilogy Rachel and Eric find themselves struggling to hold back the terrifying Griddas unleashed against the earth. Eric is given a crucial role and plays a greater part in the fight against the evil forces, amassing to destroy them all.
I have enjoyed all the books and was spellbound until the end as the long forgotten secrets of 'Orin Fen' are revealed.
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on 26 February 2003
The Doomspell Trilogy is wondrous! Weaving magic and danger in every chapter! I just couldn't get enough! Me and my children loved all the books.
In the final part, The Wizard's Promise, we felt like storm whirls, whisked back into Rachel and Eric's world. There are some great new characters like Serpantha, Albertus and the spectrums as well as all the old favourites.
The story is told, as always, with vivid imagery and rich language and the cheeky Prapsies to boot!
Everything leads to the final cataclysmic battle of Griddas, Witches, Wizard's and children.
And just when you start to think what might happen McNish surprises again. Wicked!!!
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on 7 June 2007
In book two the magical powers of children were unleashed across the whole of planet Earth. In this conclusion to the trilogy the children across the world become more powerful than adults - the tables are reversed! Children spend their days playing, practising their newly-found magic, testing themselves and each other in deadly games.

Rachel and her brother, Eric, try to keep a low profile, although this is tricky for Rachel who has been raised to celebrity status and has to keep evading her fans. However, these two and the wonderful wizard, Larpskendya, know that something far more important is brewing, an attack from the Griddas who have taken rule of the planet of Ool (from the witches before them). These Griddas are a breed of witch, far more impressive and terrifying than those that ruled before them.

Do the children of Earth stand a chance against these Griddas when it comes to defending their planet? Can the wizards help them? Read this. I can recommend the trilogy to everyone 8+.
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on 21 July 2004
The Wizard's Promise is the third book in the Doomspell Trilogy.The story is a clever mix between real life fantasy and the power of magic. The story is set on our planet Earth, the cold and snow-all-year-around Ool (home of the terrifying witches), and the beautiful, magical protected Orin Fen (home of the good witches and Wizards).
Main characters:
Rachel is a very powerful witch for her age. She can shift, fly, shape-lift, etc. She has such courage beyond her imagination and understanding. She is kind and respectful towards the elders, especially adults. She tries to rescue adults from the state of bullying from some rude kids whom think bully is amusing.
Eric is Rachel's younger brother. Unlike all other kids, he doesn't have power to do any magic. However, Eric is a spell-destroyer. Kids who know him fear of his ability because once their spells have been destroyed by Eric, they can never use that spells ever again. Despite his fearsome power, he is normally very kind and polite but he can become quite aggressive and violent if he has been forced to. He can detect any trace of magic even at vast distances.
Yemi is a two-year-old boy, who is too young to understand the infinite capacity of his powers. He is kind and lovable. He has a special bond between living animals.
Larpskendya and Sepantha are the only two wizards left who are from a world called Orin Fen. They are brothers and are both about 7 feet tall. Their appearances are similar to human beings but have much longer life span than us.
Gultrathaca is the huge terrifying, pack-leader of the Griddas whose is descended from the same race as Larpskendya. At fourteen feet tall, her impressive orange head was rectangular and all bone, which is tightly-packed to protect the brain. Like all Griddas, she has no exposed nose or lips, no soft part for an enemy to exploit. Jutting out from her face are five jaws. Her eyes are immense and solid, covering over half her face like shaped stone. Her race yearns for wars and destructions to befall on Earth and Orin Fen.
Outline of the story;
After the death of Heebra, the leader of High witches, the magic of all children on Earth has been released. Throughout the skies, they fly, crossing continents, changing shape, playing deadly new spell-games, etc. Always watching the skies, Rachel and all other kids prepare and wait patiently for the invasion of the High Witches. They keep perfecting their defending spells. But when it comes, it is not the way anyone expects because there is a new and much more dangerous enemy, they now have to face, the huge terrifying Gridda-breed Witches.
Back on Ool, home of the Witches, the battles between High Witches and Griddas has ended. With Gultrathaca as the leader of the Griddas, they take control over Ool and the remaining High Witches. From their previous experience and the death of Heebra, the Griddas plan to kidnap a two-year-old child, Yemi, because they fear that he may turn out to be a deadly weapon against them. Not soon after Sepantha's failure to return from Ool, Yemi and his sister have been kidnapped by the Griddas, leaving thousands of children in fear for their safety. Gultrathaca tests Yemi's strength with deadly spells, which no mere child could stand against. He is too fast for her to deal with. Even a pack of Griddas has troubles just to keep him in their sight.
When Gultrathaca and two more Griddas enter Earth to ask for peace, in return they invite Rachel to come with Gultrathaca to Ool. The need of peace gives Rachel courage to go. Not wanting his sister to travel alone with a well-known dangerous Gridda, Eric decides to go as well. They both hope that they can rescue Yemi and his sister by some luck.
Their arrival is greeted by a huge number of Griddas but soon turn out to be a disaster. Gultrathaca hasn't meant what she says. Instead she wants Rachel to die in fights with other Griddas then figures out how to use Eric's deadly abilities for her benefits and kill him in the end. Eric and Rachel soon understand Gultrathaca's intentions. They fight for their freedom and the freedom of their beloved world. Eric discovers his true destiny and his new power, which may decide the fate of everyone on Earth and beyond.
The wizard's promise is a richly imagined, fast paced, breathtaking novel. The spell binding tale is full of visual and sensory inventive imagery, passion, excitement and suspense. The story is well-plotted and unpredictable. Some excellent twists are spectacular and completely mesmerizing. The language used is rich and vary. The novel should be very appealing to any one who seeks adventure and a mixed fantasy type of book. I would rate this book 10/10.
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on 12 September 2002
After i'd read the first book in the doomspell trilogy I couldn't wait for the next one to come out. When it did I had read it within 2 days! The same happened with this book.
It was so imaginitive and exciting that I wished there was a fourth. The trilogy is about two children who are called Eric and Rachel. They, like many others have the power to do magic. They join the wizards who, include Larpskendya and Serpantha, in the long war against the witches. Will Eric find out the full extent of his powers? Will the long war finally come to an end?
Find out in this amazing book that will keep your heart beating fast untill the last word.
I wanted to give this book 10 out of 5 and I would definitely read them all again.
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on 1 March 2003
The Wizard's Promise by Cliff Mcnish is the third book in the series of the Doomspell trilogy where a great wizard makes a promise to three children whose names are Morpeth, Eric and Rachel. The promise is to help them in war against the Griddas, which the witches foolishly released in book two, The Scent of Magic.
The book is an excellent thriller and starts when the Griddas kill the witches. The leader of the Griddas called Gultrathaca, flies to earth to capture Eric and Rachel and take them back with her to Ool, a place where the witches once ruled but were destroyed by the Griddas. There, Gultrathaca tries many times to kill Rachel but Rachel's magic helps her to survive the hundreds of Griddas she is up against.
Eric on the other hand can destroy spells but not make them. Gultrathaca tests Eric and they find that he can detect things from a huge distance. She asks him if he could detect a prison world where she said the rest of the Griddas were. She was lying because in fact the world was not a Gridda world but a wizard world called Orin Fen.
Gultrathaca and her army fly through space with Eric in her arms. He tells them the way but he has his own plan. He plans to use his anti-magic to destroy the Griddas. He can do this because the Griddas live on magic and if Eric destroys their magic he would kill them.
The end is just as good as the beginning but I'm not going to tell you about it. Read the book!
I think that this book is extremely gripping and I read it numerous times. It has a great plot and has loads of magic in it. The characters are interesting and some have senses of humour. I think this book is well worth reading and is certainly my favourite story. I hope you enjoy reading it!
James Pearce (11)
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on 20 January 2016
This book will have the reader, young or old, gripped to the edge of their seat! Fantastic to read on your own or aloud for young ones.
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on 4 January 2013
my 11 year old daughter has the set and loves them all She says great story and characters and lots of excitement.
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on 2 November 2002
being the third book in the doomspell triolagy i wouldnt recommend reading it if you havnt read the scent of magic and the doomspell already.
the magic of all children on earth has been released for a year now and all seems well, but rachel and eric are still awaiting the invasion of the war loving griddas that heebra clumsily let lose before she was killed. Now that heebra (the only witch able to control them)has gone they are free, and the first thing they do is create war with the remaining witches.
It would look like the end of the world, yemi(an exterordinary magical child with powers no-one has witnessed before)has been
kidnapped, all wizards remaining are weak and the griddas are increasing by numbers in the tunnels, but eric's unique spell destroying powers are getting stronger and are now able to detect things happening far away in space that even rachel can't detect and soon alot more will be depending on him to save the world,orin fen and all that lives there.
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on 14 July 2005
I read The Doomspell and was bowled over by it - the imagination and fantastic characters made it an excellent read. I was eager to read the sequels but was cruelly disappointed (I won't comment on the second book here). The Wizard's Promise is clunky and is missing one of the best characters. It still had good description but lacks the magic and sparkle of The Doomspell. Fans of The Doomspell - I'm not saying don't read this, but don't expect great things.
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