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on 14 March 2001
Rhapsody continues her journey of discovery in this marvelous sequel. Travelling with Ashe, she leaves Grunthor and Achmed to meet the dragon Elynsynos. Then it's on to further train her mind and martial skills with the legendary Oelendra, in preparation for... With new characters like the Grandmother and the Earth child, Haydon continues to surprise and her storytelling is as unique in its own inimitable way as that of the new Master of Fantasy, George R.R. Martin. For those who are piqued by the frustratingly unresolved mystery of Ashe and Rhapsody's relationship, Prophecy will exceed your expectations. Sparks fly! Haydon also reveals fascinating new depths to Achmed and Grunthor's characters. Elizabeth Haydon's writing is fresh, earthy, humorous, lyrical and always compelling. Prophecy: Child of Earth is a wonderful sequel in a series that shows every evidence of surpassing itself with each successive installment.
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on 12 May 2013
Prophecy is a slight improvement on Rhapsody. The series is finally given a discernable plot but its not very gripping at all. The only reason people are going to read these books is for the relationship between Ashe and Rhapsody which is dragged out as long as possible. The two main things that annoy me about this book is the stupidly long dialogue which acts as if the characters are all going into it having forgotten everything so every discussion needs to have a backstory going back to the beginning of time. It gets very frustrating and comes of as just indulgent. The second is the convoluted religions that i can't even begin to remember and don't bother to try by this point. At these parts where they just talk about the minutiae of the several different religions, which have different names for everything, i tend to zone out and come back to the book a few pages later. I just don't see the point of all the titles. It would be fine if it was only one or two but by the end of this book and the start of the next i have no idea who is who but they aren't important so i don't really care.

Rhapsody as a character is still annoying and all over the place, changing to suit the best mood for each situation so she just comes off as inconsistent, unbelievable, false and intolerable to read about. When she gets super offended and angry over the stupidest things i just want to throw the book away.

Im going to finish this trilogy but i think that will be it. Ive read that she has left the next series unfinished anyway so i just hope this trilogy has a definitive conclusion (a resolution to what the Time Editor is trying to achieve) and that its not just the first arc.
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on 19 November 2003
Prophecy by Elizabeth Haydon is the second in the “Rhapsody” trilogy. Again following the three heroes from the old world of Serendair as they emerged from the great White tree into a strange land. While Achmed and Grunthor concentrate on securing the Bolg mountains, Rhapsody focuses more on the danger of the F’dor and his spawn. Ashe, a mysterious man who appears to have a tie to water through his sword, becomes more of a lead character as he befriends Rhapsody.
This is my personal favourite in the whole series because it’s action all the way, and even the rebuilding of the Bolg empire in interesting, as Achmed designs produce and Grunthor trains the troops. Highly recommended.
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on 5 September 2002
Rhapsody was not the most innovative fantasy ever written (three very different creatures banded together to escape from some supreme evil is not really a novel plot), and sometimes lacked pace, but the intriguing and complex characters and clear prose made it an above average reading.
Unfortunately, at some point whilst writing Prophecy, Mrs. Haydon completely lost her bearings. Instead of the interesting character interaction from Rhapsody, we are now faced with a torrid love story that, at some point, makes you think that you are reading a romance book rather than a fantasy novel. Reading page after page about Rhapsody's kissing and lovemaking made me think about skipping full chapters of the book (and not out of any feeling of inapropiateness, mind you, but out of pure boredom). Eventually, the story bogs down, the characters become cartoonish and stereotyped and, by the time you finish this book, you are left wondering why you felt attracted to the series in the first time.
There are, however, still a few redeeming qualities. The prose is still good. Some of the characters (Achmed and Grunthor) still retain their (yet untapped) potential. I just hope book 3 in the series (which I bought together with Prophecy after reading Rhapsody but, for the time being, now remains untouched on the shelf) is able to deliver on some of that potential.
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on 29 June 2002
On a whim and because I liked the cover I picked up Rhapsody from my local library. Although a little slow in the beginning I found the book captivating and couldn't stop reading it. It made me wonder why I ever stopped reading fantasy novels in the first place.
After waiting for over 7 weeks for the second book through the library system I went out and purchased it. Not often I'd be willing to spend [price] on a hardcover bit it was a decision I"ll never regret. The book moves swiftly and hooks the reader right from the opening page. My only criticism deals with two chronological 'errors'. Although not detrimental to the story itself it is a little reason for "Huh? When did they..".
My wife who enjoys a good book herself started reading Rhapsody last week and is 1/2 way though Prophecy now....she has finally realized why I wouldn't mow the lawn last week. My brother-in-law also picked up Rhapsody when I put it down, he is waiting for Prophecy...a little anxiously too.
Recomendations, The Price of Immortality and anything by Tolkein
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on 9 January 2011
when I looked for this item on Amazon, I found it with the picture dust cover and was delighted, however, the book turned up without a dust cover and I am disappointed, I now have all three books but one without a cover.
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on 18 April 2015
Elizabeth Haydon is a marvellous author loved her books
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on 3 July 2000
I have been desperate for this book since reading Rhapsody: Child of Blood. Miss Haydon surely is the heir apparent to Tolkien, with all due respect to Robert Jordan and his endless, droning saga. This book, like its predecessor, is mature, magical, and the writing wonderful. Highly recommended for fantasyphiles.
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on 25 January 2002
Prophecy was an excellent book which rivaled the likes of Anne McCaffrey, Terry Pratchett and Alan Dean Foster. I was enraptured by the unique way in which Elizabeth Haydon writes and captures the spirits of her characters. The suspence of finding out about Ashe and Rhapsody meant that I could not put the book down and had to go to college with sleepy eyes but a happy smile. It was a book which could take your imagination anywhere, from the depths of the sea to the song in the sky. I can't wait to read the next book and find out about what happens to the Firbolg, Dragons, Cymrians and other fantastic creatures in this epic fantasy.
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VINE VOICEon 24 November 2003
After such a great start in her 1st novel Ms. Hayden as slipped into cliche driven romantic hell.
I really enjoyed her 1st novel, the world she had created seemed fresh and intresting, the twists and turns came from nowhere but didn't feel at all contrived.
HOWEVER this book is the complete opposite, the world has gone from fresh to last weeks socks left under the bed. The characters have changed from intresting into the most hackneyed soap characters. The plot twists have become tangled implausable and just lame.
What a shame, for anyone who has read the 1st book don't bother with this. Just leave yourself wondering as its far kinder.
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