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on 5 April 2017
Another great book by Richard Koch. - highly recommended!
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on 9 October 2014
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on 13 February 2014
Koch has written a lot about the 80/20 principle. First he had some pages about it in his strategy books, then expanding and elaborating on the idea in "the 80/20 principle", seeing it as one of the fundamental laws of business, life, the universe and everything in "the power laws", trying to start an 80/20 revolution with "the 80/20 individual" and his more political and sociological writing such as "the third revolution" and "suciede of the west". More recently he has returned to strategy, finance and management with "the 80/20 manager".

"The 80/20 way" is a slightly different book in the sense that it is not written for a business audience, but rather for people in general. A consequence of this is that the examples are more focused on issues like how to get an education, how to get a job, how to save and invest money, how to build a personal relationship and how to obtain happiness by simple living. In fact, part 2 of the book deal with these five topics in this particular order, which seems more or less like the natural order of how most of us address these issues, and he then illustrates how the 80/20 principle can be used in each particular case.

Interestingly, when Koch writes about self-discovery, authenticity and education, the first of the five chapters in the middle of the book, he doesn't mention his own education at Oxford and Wharton, but rather chooses to illustrate the points by talking about his career as a management consultant and how various experiences from that period helped him understand aspects of himself in terms of why he was now living a different kind of life. As he already talked about Oxford and Wharton in "The 80/20 principle", these new insights was helpful for getting a fuller picture of a man who lives the 80/20 way. When he is not talking about himself, or people like Warren Buffet or Ronald Reagen, most of the people he has interviewed are rather ordinary people with modest ambitions. This is a mixture that works very well, and gives the book great balance.

The first part of the book, by the way, explained the three steps of how to live the 80/20 way. The first step is to focus on the 20% goals that produces 80% of happiness and achievement ("less is more"). The second step is to use the 80/20 principle for finding the easiest way for reaching the goals ("more with less"). The third step is to carry out the plan in the simplest way possible, once again using the 80/20 principle by focusing on the small and easy things that produce great results.

The third part of the book contains a simple template that illustrates how the ideas of 80/20 goal setting, 80/20 planning and 80/20 action can be implemented. An excellent example of a person wanting to become an expert on animal care illustrates how it can be used.

Personally, I think this is one of Koch's best books and it is by far the best self-improvement book I have ever read. His section on personal finance has been of much help for me over the years, which is a summary and a reflective extension of "Your Money or Your Life" (Dominguez & Robin, 1992).
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on 2 April 2011
Curiosity made me read this book. Surprise caught me out when I realised that my well-organised days could be more productive by making some radical changes in my work practices. Unlike most books which seem to re-state the blindingly obvious, this includes case studies which stick in your mind and pop up at times when you're making business decisions - so that it has real usefulness in your working or business life. Of course, these ideas can also be applied to home life, but the book is mostly about getting more work-life balance by simply being smarter about what you choose to do with your time.
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on 2 June 2004
I'm normally sceptical of self-help books but I have read and enjoyed some of the author's previous business books. This book has the same chatty and forceful writing and the more you read of it the more you start to see that this guy talks a lot of sense. It has opened my eyes to changing the way I lead parts of my life and focusing more on what I can get out of life than what I need to put into it.
The most interesting parts I found were the "real life" stories and I'd like more of those. If you are fed-up of the rat-race and open to a new approach to living your life I do recommend reading this.
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on 12 April 2005
I read this out of curiosity not realising the tremendous impact it would have. Not normally one to write reviews I felt I had to make the exception for this book. For me it provided that moment in my life where the light bulb switched on in my head and I said "ah- I get it".
Before, I was "successful" in the traditonal sense. Good job, nice home, a very normal guy. I always strived for more, working hard and generally putting unnecessary pressure on myself.
The book's principle is so simple yet incredibly profound and can be applied to every aspect of life, from daily tasks to life changing decisions.
As a result, I really do so much less, am far more relaxed and only spend time doing things that are really important. The results are great- I'm far more effective - lazy intelligence instead of a busy fool.
I'm not really a self-help type and dislike most other titles out there but this book has really changed every aspect of my life and perspective on it.
I walk around feeling that I know something very few people truly understand which gives me the inner peace others seem to constantly strive for.
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on 24 June 2004
This book tells you to concentrate on the few important things in life. That sounds very obvious but the stories and examples are telling, and the author helps you to work out in detail your own plan to "work less, worry less, succeed more, enjoy more." I've already started and it's early days but it seems to be working.
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on 12 June 2004
This book explains how you can work less and not only enjoy life more, but also achieve and earn more! And it has the ring of truth.
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on 28 January 2005
When we honestly look at how we spend our time, most of it is put to trivial uses, but if fully implemented the 80/20 principle would create a revolution in our work and lives.
When Richard Koch put out "The 80/20 Principle" in 1998 it was classified as a business book, but it was the section which applied the principle to personal life that made it such a big hit. The book made such an impact on me that I included it in a list of the key works in the personal development literature, along with the likes of Stephen Covey, Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale and Anthony Robbins. This list became "50 Self-Help Classics". I haven't regretted it.
True to his own principle of expanding on what works, the author has elaborated on the principle in subsequent books, but I personally do not tire of coming back to the 80/20 principle. Who COULD tire of a natural law? 'Living The 80/20 Way' is written in Koch's usual enjoyable style and is a superb place to start in understanding the principle. It won't take you long to read but may literally change your life. Highly recommended.
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on 1 June 2004
This one is even better than the classic book The 80/20 Principle from the same author.  And it's all about how to improve your personal life.  I've already started to put Richard Koch's advice into practice and I can testify that it works!  And at the same time, it's less effort than before.
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