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on 17 August 2017
Very good
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on 20 November 2002
This is the fourth and final book in The Artefacts of Power tetralogy (following Aurian, Harp of Winds and The Sword of Flame).
After failing to make the terrible sacrifice that would have allowed her to claim the Sword of Flame, Aurian and some of her friends find themselves trapped in a time breach. They reappear some eight years later, only to discover nothing but chaos and destruction.
Indeed, not only did her failure release the evil-minded Phaerie who, wasting no time, immediately started ransacking Nexis and raping its inhabitants, sowing terror upon the city, but in the meantime Eliseth has also stolen the Cauldron of Rebirth from Miathan and is about to take the last steps that will finally allow her to quench her thirst for absolute power. Aurian has to stop her at any cost if she wants to save the world and the people she loves. Mustering her troops, she embarks on yet another journey to the Southern Kingdoms, towards the final confrontation.
Even though I was glad to read more about loveable characters such as Grince the young thief, Chiamh the Xandim Windeye or Shia the great cat, I was quite disappointed by Anvar's almost complete absence from this volume, for he was my favourite. The idea of time travel was quite unexpected too, and even though it was interesting to find out what Hargorn and Hebba, or Zanna, Dulsina and the Nightrunners had become in the eight years that had passed, this device didn't serve any other useful purpose and might have been more thouroughly explored, used to more enriching ends.
Although I can say I liked Dhiammara as a whole, I also found this volume somewhat messy and rather grim. Too many things happen and it seems that too many subplots have to be solved. And a fairly high number of people die in bloodshed too. Most of all, I found it was a tad insipid and lacked the suspenseful action of Harp of Winds or The Sword of Flame, and finally the end wasn't very spectacular either. Shame, it looked so promising...
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Bought this book to read on holiday having read the previous three books. Found it very disappointing being left with the feeling that Ms Furey wanted to finish the book as quickly as possible. The grand finale was concluded within about five pages. Have recommended that my hubbie (who has also read the previous three) not to bother with this one.
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on 9 February 1999
This was such a let down. Right from the very beginning it felt as though Ms Furey felt that she had to finish the series and proceeded to do so in as slap-dash a fashion as possible. Characters that had previously endeared themselves due to Ms Furey's vivid characterisation lost their personalities and whereas I'd sat through all 600+(I think) pages of Aurian without even the smallest desire to put it down, with this I had to force myself to come back in the hopes it would get better.
It ends with plotlines hovering in the air and trite excuses from characters as to the reasons for this. As the first three books in the 'Artefacts of Power' demonstrated, Ms Furey is a wonderful author and I can only hope that this was an abberation on her part. I would be more than willing to buy this again if Ms Furey would consider re-vamping it, endowing it with a similar magic to that which permeates the rest of the series. However, as it stands it is unworthy.
A huge disappointment.
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on 10 December 2012
When the reader arrives at the start of Dhiammara, you would be eager to get down to what you hope will be a fitting climax to a brilliant fantasy series.

Unfortunately, you get a bit of an anti-climax & a plot that feels rather rushed.

Furey's trademarks are once again fully evident; her fantastic language, vivid but well-paced description, her slight feminist attitudes & characters that are deeply familiar. Furey even throws a couple of interesting twists at the reader throughout, digging out characters the reader might even have forgotten about & throwing them in to have quite substantial effects on the plot. She once again, never shies away from killing off huge characters, keeping the reader guessing.

And yet for all of that, Dhiammara never achieves the heights of the previous three books, with the sense that the plot of Dhiammara could have demanded the page count of the 1st book Aurian, with a page count of over 600, rather than the condensed & truncated 480 of Dhiammara.

The ending comes around quite sharply & concludes utterly & completely, seemingly within a few pages. This leaves so much un-finished or open to doubt. It's highly likely Furey may have had one eye on revisiting the world she created in the Artefacts Of Power series, but either way, Dhiammara doesn't feel like a true conclusion, leaving the reader a little frustrated.

If you have followed the series to the beginning of Dhiammara, you will find everything you're familiar with in the previous books; the adventurous language, excellent description & wonderful characters, but will soon see the 'climax' coming a long way off & be left with a few too many unanswered questions & open plot lines.
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on 19 July 2009
Most people give this book a disappointing but it really was not that bad and if you stop to think about it you will understand what I mean. Most people's disappointment rests on the ending but would there really be enough material for another book? The writer could have made it into one of those annoying stories which goes on book after book and never ends. Lets face it. A good writer knows when to call it quits.
Eliseth did really deserve a slightly more extended battle because she was pretty evil and did a lot of damage. In a way it is quite funny how she finally and simply meets her end although it is a little anticlimactic.
Its a shame that the book did not include D'arvan and Maya negotiating protection for the folk of Nexis from the Phaerie but it was a given. You can make that up in your head. For the purpose of keeping the story speeding along perhaps it was best left out.
I did wonder what happened to Sara. Maybe some of the loose ends could have been tied up better.
All in all it was a fantastic story. From book one in the artefacts of power to book four i could not stop reading. All the different aspects of the story and the characters really captured me. I will definitely read more Maggie Furey books in the future.
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on 11 February 2014
I feel that this book is worth a read if you have read and enjoyed the others in the series.

I'm happy that I read this book and finished the series; however the ending feels very rushed. The last part of the book feels very different to how the books are written throughout as they are usually quite descriptive. Also there are some characters who are mentioned and then seem to be forgotten about as they are not mentioned again leaving you to draw your own conclusions. Overall I enjoyed reading the series but feel that a more descriptive conclusion is needed for me to give it a five star review.
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on 12 December 2000
Sure; Dhiammara ends differently than many other Fantasy books; I consider that a good thing. She leaves some loose ends, only fully concludes half the story, and leavs the rest up to the reader. I admire Furey's style of writing; she's not afraid to let bad things happen to good people, or good things happen to bad people. You learn something about the world.
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on 14 December 2012
I love these books, they are brilliantly written, a pure escapism. Just what you need from a good fantasy novel.
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on 27 August 2010
the last in a 4 part trilogy, t took some finding, it provides a good end to an excellent yarn
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