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on 28 December 2014
Bought for son who loves this series
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on 19 October 1999
As an avid WoT fan, all I can say about "Path of Daggers" is that after reading it 4(yes 4 )times,is "What happened?????". Where have the stunning literary skills of the previous books dissappeared too. This book was written, it seems, just to put out a further episode in what was up until this point an awe inspiring series. This book is a mindless meandering of nothing, better that it was never written and I had to wait another few years for something worthy of Jordan's writing ability than this waste of paper. The only reason it managed one crown is that a few god ideas started to emerge towards the end of the book almost as if Jordan realised that the book was falling on its face and decided to give it a last breath of life. It is only for this reason and the fact that I have invested many reading hours into the series that I will carry on with #9. But should that prove as big a let down as PoD then I think that said Mr Jordan is going to find himself with a very diminished audience.Ok, this is a pretty scathing attack I know,and anyone reading this will probably think the rest of the series is just as bad, take my word for it, it's not. In fact I would and have recommended it to many people and all I will say to anyone just starting out on this wonderful journey, is 'start at the beginning', it's worth it.
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VINE VOICEon 9 March 2012
Over the past few years I've read the complete series (well, the 13 volumes so far published) and a few months ago, to refresh my memory before volume 14 is published early next year - decided to re-read the entire saga. I'd got up to volume seven at around the time I acquired a Kindle and, somewhat naturally, decided to read the rest of the books on the Kindle. Thus this purchase.

Yes, it's an excellent fantasy although, because of the overall length of the entire story, it remains easy to get lost within the various twists and turns - to say nothing of the enormous number of characters - of the story.

Which means that, if you pick up this book without having read the several thousand preceding pages, you're likely to end up getting seriously confused.

But, in my opinion, the occasionally convoluted story line became easier to follow when, with volume 12 and after the unfortunate death of Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson took the helm. He writes with the same fluency and follows the story line brilliantly but manages to structure the books so they flow better.

How he's going to bring the saga to an end is, however, an intriguing thought...
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on 3 October 2015
The story continues apace
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on 3 October 2014
as described and on time
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on 23 December 1999
I have now got to a stage where I have to buy Robert Jordan's books when they come out simply because I feel I have invested so much time in them. The enjoyment factor disappeared long ago. What is happening? - Robert Jordan seems to have lost himself in a cycle of non-existent plots and character stereotyping. If one of the women makes one more "unfathomable adjustment to her clothes" or "tugs one more braid of hair" I'll scream. As for Perrin, Mat and Rand all wishing they had the others knowledge of women - cool idea at the start but it's now so repetitive I feel I could write the lines for him. Inject some of the previous originality please - we're owed that much for our loyalty over the years at least!
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on 13 October 2015
I think that perhaps I may be over generous in giving this four stars, but it did have some good points. As many others have said, there was no Mat this time to save the day with his wit and humour. It was nice to see Egwene getting along and improving, along with the other two “girls” (yes, they’re no longer girls now, are they?! Amazing how quickly they’ve grown throughout the books). The battles were good, but lacked some of the impressiveness of the previous ones.

All in all, an OK filler of a book. Even Perrin’s points weren’t impressive enough to make up for the lack. I suppose I might have been less disappointed if it weren’t for the fact that the storylines have been gradually going downhill for a few books.
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on 6 September 1999
In common with the other reviewers, I agree that this volume drags on the series well past its true end. The best description I can find for it is...total tedium. Bogged down in endless sub-plots, still introducing new characters into a series which already has far too many (so many that most of the interesting ones now hardly appear). If one had not already invested so mch time in following the series, well... If we want to know how it is going to end up, perhaps we should just read Terry Goodkind's series (much more concise), which by some strange synchronicity seems to have much the same characters, intentions and plot. Which way does the telepathy flow, I wonder?
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on 24 November 2016
Gift well appreciated
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on 28 April 2000
I am exhausted....having discovered the Wheel Of Time books at the end of '99 and reading them all back to back. They started well, with a nice blend of action, suspense and intrigue. In the last three books and particularily in this novel the pace has become too bogged down with political and social intrigue... but I am most disappointed that when action finally occurs, ie the battle scenes with the Seanchan, Jordan skips or describes the scene in a vague page or so. Incredibly, I am actually at a point where if Jordan doesn't produce the results in book nine I would go so far as to say I regret my investment in his series of books.
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